Astorino on Westchester County Conservative Party Endorsement of Spano for County Executive

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Astorino_Rob "The Westchester County Conservative Party was hijacked tonight by those who would put personal interest above fiscal reform.  That is deeply unfortunate for the thousands of Westchester families struggling to bear the highest tax burden in America.  Every person with knowledge of this race knows I am the fiscal conservative. Westchester taxpayers deserve better than what they got tonight.

"Andy Spano's spending policies are antithetical to those who care about responsible fiscal policy.  Mr. Spano raised property taxes almost 60% in the last seven years alone, and he doubled county spending during his 12-year tenure.  His budget is larger than the budgets of 87 nations.  Thousands of struggling taxpayers and small businesses have voted with their feet by moving to Connecticut to avoid the Spano taxes.

"This will not slow my campaign to reform Westchester government and deliver tax relief a single step. We are moving full steam ahead to bring change to this county. "

eHeziAstorino on Westchester County Conservative Party Endorsement of Spano for County Executive

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  1. the complainers are complaining because
    they didn’t get their way…but the complainers didn’t complain when vinny
    natrella controlled the conservative party
    and nader controlled the ind party..they
    never complained when republicans got three
    parties and won judgships…and when others
    like john spencer had three parties and won
    local they realize that the deals they looke the other way for…have
    come back to bite them in the butt…when
    the minor parties saw an opportunity to
    “give” the election to democrats, they
    took it…this should not surprise anyone
    just remember one person has been warning
    against allowing these minor parties the
    leverage to do this for about 10 years..
    but the republican party paid no attention
    as long as they could get the lines..there
    is nothing illegal about what happened the
    other night..some of you are screaming corruption, why didn’t you scream corruption
    before now…there is nothing corrupt about
    taking advantage of the election law
    unless you can show someone got money specifically for giving a nomination away
    and if you look at the conservatives voting
    at convention.thats a really hard case to make…difiore won 4400 to 1200…and
    andy spano won as well…if you eliminate
    the ability of the minor parties to
    cross endorse you eliminate the possibility
    of “corruption” in the process….and this
    time sam zherka, julio cavalo and their
    minions decided that they wanted to control
    the outcome of the election..zherka by shear
    force of his own ego single handedly funded
    the david spano commercials…he used
    his rag newspaper to villify difiiore over
    and over and if you remember he had previously called nick spano a crook and
    a corrupt when given the
    opportunity to completely obliterate zherka
    and cavalo…the opportunity was taken by
    a combination of people in a position to
    do it…westcheseter politics was being
    hijacked by a strip club owner under criminal investigation in manhattan and
    by a man calling himself “doc” running around bragging that he was the kingpin
    of had to be stopped and it was

  2. The political system throughout this country consists of deals made to get people elected. Westchester (and Yonkers)are a part of it. So is Newark, Chicago, LA, Florida, Michigan, and Des Moines!
    Money is part of it…so is power. By the way, the rest of the free world also works this way. And, the rest of the free world is a heck of a lot better than its opposite.
    I repeat. Anyone with Zherka or Cavallo deserves to lose.

  3. I love reading this crap. The conservative party is just a party, folks. It’s like the democrat party or the republican party- both routinely endorse candidates that do not subscribe to the stated principals in their respective platforms. The independence folks back anybody who can pony up enough money to buy off Cavallo. It’s all about backing a winner. And power. And money. Those of you here who want to take the conservative party to task for not backing the twerp for county executive probably don’t even belong to that party. And you almost certainly don’t match in lock step with your own party, either.
    And you other guys are right- Edelman should shut up.

  4. The Spano’s took over the Republican Party in Westchester and used it to make deals for their hand picked candidates, gutting the party over the last decade. They took over thye Conservative Party, through their corrupt hack Gail Burns, and turned that party organization into a pay to play club also. Now the Democrats of Westchester and Yonkers are allowing the Spano’s to take over the Democratic Party. Where are Ken Jenkins, Andrea Stewert Cousins, and the Yonkers Democratic Chair? Have they been bought off also by the corrupt Spano regime? How do they get away with this? Democrats, don’t allow our party to be taken over by the Spano’s. Someone, stand up!

  5. Only one local leader cast votes for Andy Spano.
    By the way, the vote was close — despite this corrupt mis-use of proxies. Fraud is suspected and legal action is likely forthcoming.
    As it is, Andy Spano will have to pay people to carry his petitions and those “hired guns” will have to beg Conservatives to sign for him.

  6. To Just The Facts….
    Contrary to your beliefs, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Didn’t Amicone take the Independence line in 2007? Did you complain? No.
    So Astorino should have turned it down?
    Zherka and Cavallo are loathsome, but as you have said many times, the Ind. and Cons. lines are needed for someone like Astorino to win county-wide.
    For Astorino to take the Ind. line doesn’t mean he’s owned by Zherka and Cavallo.
    You, on the other hand, have supported Nick Spano for many years, and that is nothing to brag about. As if NIck isn’t slimy? How about Al Pirro and Jeanine Pirro? You supported them too forever.
    You sir, are a hypocrite. And all the talk about the Conservatives giving their support to Andy Spano to spite Cavallo is just a smokescreen. It is b.s.

  7. Ya gotta laugh at anonymous at 6:40. He calls Edelman a RINO. That is true enough, but there at the same time is the 6:40 ‘conservative’ going for liberal Democrat Andy Spano.
    6:40 is right about Edelman, but otherwise is a jerk who contradicts himself.

  8. you guys who think you are republicans are
    not really…you have no history except
    recent history…you allowed cavalo and
    zherka to said nothing
    i was left as the only one to have to
    fight them off…you suck and you got
    exactly what you deserved you are cowards
    nothing more nothing less

  9. This is a travesty. What an oxymoron…Conservatives supporting Democrats like Andy Spano and Janet DiFiore. Also, the fake Republican, Bernice Spreckman who 95% of the time votes with the Democrats and her Boss Bill Ryan’s entourage. When are the people of Westchester County going to vote all these people out of office. People of Westchester County, please vote these incumbents out of office. Being the hightest taxed county in the nation is not something to be proud of. We need to make Westchester County affordable again and we need to bring smart, efficient and government back to Westchester.

  10. Fois is a loud-mouthed, grandstanding moron. He pulled this crap at the meeting last night. The vote totals between Spano and that kid Astorino weren’t even close. And Yonkers wasn’t the only one going for Spano. Besides the fact that my DOG will be County Exec before junior, there’s the whole Zherka/Cavallo thing. For most of us, the opportunity to tell the scummy Zherka cabal to shove it was just too good to pass up.
    Oh, and Mike- do us a favor and shut the hell up already. You’re not a leader. Nobody cares what you say in my party. You’re just a RINO with a big mouth and a spray-on tan.

  11. No, Just the Facts. It is not that simple. It goes beyond cross endorsements. What everyone also sees is corruption and Nick Spano and Gail Burns are front and center on this one.
    You are a permanent apologist for Nick Spano. You will say anything to change the subject from the conduct of Nick Spano and Burns.

  12. the gop destroyed itself when it relied on
    the conservative and independent party’s
    to get its candidates elected…that meant
    that the party got lazy and stopped organizing as long as it had the other two
    cross endorsements nothing else mattered..
    now you see the logical result of that kind
    of thinking..some of you don’t like it..but
    you loved it when you were winning…and
    by the way the pataki people and i had
    nothing in common..

  13. Who “owns” Yonkers?
    The voters … The people.
    Who was chosen by the voters to lead the city?
    Mayor Phil Amicone.
    Why can’t Amicone prevent such a disenfranchisement of the people in his own city?
    The answer to that question has been posed before, so I guess what I am saying is that this betrayal shouldn’t surprise us.
    And it shouldn’t be a surprise to the Mayor, or anyone in his office, or anyone else it happens to …

  14. You will notice once again that the average citizen, and that means the voters and taxpayers, don’t matter at all. Neither does ideology — what a party is supposed to stand for. Instead, games are played to benefit a few insiders for patronage jobs, power and control. The citizens mean nothing to any of them.
    It’s the same in Yonkers, where similar games are played over and again with jobs, budgets and development. The taxpayers always lose.
    That Nick Spano’s puppet Gail Burns was even hired by Amicone says enough about Amicone’s so-called “integrity.”
    Worse, Yonkers taxpayers have been footing the bill for her. Burns’ position is one useless patronage job of many that should be cut to help solve the budget problems. Let Andy Spano hire her to pollute his office.
    Amicone’s proposed budget (better known as “shaft the taxpayers”) is another disaster, and his development dream is falling apart as Cappelli keeps putting Amicone and his crew to shame by getting more and more out of them.
    For the latest laugher, people are now supposed to believe that the acreage downtown is worth just half of what it was worth as recently as April. But hey, let them loan Cappelli another few million while they are at it. Who cares? Certainly not those in charge of Yonkers government.
    Cappelli should open a cleaning business. Maybe he already has. He sure is taking Amicone to the cleaners.
    To the cleaners — Just like Nick Spano and his cohorts like Al Del Bello, Angelo Martinelli and others, including Andy Spano, have done to Westchester County and Yonkers residents for many years.

  15. edelman is way off ground to continue to defend and protect nick spano and janet difiore, edelman is a washed up mouthpiece, news12 should kick him to the curb, fair and balance is needed..

  16. Hey Edelman,
    You sat there 15 years ago when with the help of Pataki’s crew they dumped Colavita. They didn’t like Colavita because he supported an incumbent Republician Senator over Pataki.
    The Spano’s jumped on the opportunity and in ten years bankrupted the organization. They allowed the Democrats to take control of every elected position in the County and never once did I hear you critize there way of doing business. Your only response is the overwhelming majority that the Democrats have in registration. I would love to do analysis of the turnout in some of these democratic strongholds and see if these people really vote.
    The whole system in Westchester has to hit rock bottom and at that time some new blood who are really committed to change will grab the bull by the horns. People are getting tired of hearing from the former coffee boy for Vegari & Martinelli. You ran for Congress 35 years ago, If it was up to me I would get a new voice to counter the Democrats on Channel 12, that guy is too intelligent for you.

  17. Andy Spano, Nick Spano and Gail Burns should all just jump into that big shredder that Andy makes all those robo calls about? I’ll even volunteer to push the start button.

  18. Based on Just the Facts’ comments, no one should blame Nick Spano or Gail Burns. They just took advantage of the situation.
    That’s like saying a guy who walks into a store, sees the owner is in the back room, and helps himself to what’s in an open cash register is just taking advantage of the situation. Don’t blame him, blame the owner.
    No one has disputed the fact that the cross-endorsement system is wrong. It is.
    But to use that to excuse Burns and Spano doesn’t cut it.
    As for Grouch, there is no argument about Zherka and Cavallo. However, to essentially say well, that’s just they way it is doesn’t wash, either.
    “The way it is” has resulted in the suffocating high taxes, the ineffective governments, the abuses, and all the other corruption that has been destroying New York State — from Albany to Westchester to Yonkers and other places in-between. In case you haven’t noticed, NY State is collapsing.
    People like Nick Spano have been part of this huge problem for a long time.
    Andy Spano, Conservative? That would be funny if it wasn’t so sick.

  19. I guess I’m not as naive as some of you. The parties in Westchester have very little to do with ideology…and the third parties even less.
    Do you think Cavallo and Zherka are independents?
    Edeleman is right. The third party endorsements create this stuff. The use of the term corruption is over used. It’s politics…pure politics.
    Is politics corrupt? Sure. So are a lot of businesses.
    But Zherka and Cavallo are among the most corrupt of anyone in this game.
    So, I’m happy with Andy Spano as a conservative. In fact, I think I’ll vote for him on that line.

  20. excuse me..I have been consistant for over 10 years on this subject..regardless of
    who was in or out of power..cross endorsements should be prohibitied…now it
    turns out the pidgeons have come home to roost…republicans were fine as long as
    they controlled the conservative and ind
    parties..and as long as they got both those
    cross endorsments..their judicial candidates did some others…but slowly but
    surely the minor parties started thinking
    gee..we are the tail….that wags the
    dog..the dog is useless..and this latest
    is simply the logicall conclusion of a very
    bad election law policy..don’t blame nick
    and don’t blame gail…if they couldn’t cross endorse there would be no problem
    at all…it is what it is…no excuses
    have to be made..people will use the tools
    available …when was the last time a republican county leader could not produce
    either the conservative or ind line for
    his county candidates…its all about the
    fact that once you let these minor parties
    control the agenda you give up your right
    to complain about them

  21. Well, Mr. 800 Pound Gorilla, named Nick, this is the best you can do? Ruin another party like you ruined the Republican Party? Once you were a great and powerful senator, now a hollow shill, just making people like Gail Burns and Mayor Amicone look stupid. Our political parties are philosophically based, not just pawns to manipulate, Conservatives and Democrats have little common ground, why force them to twist and grovel, just because you can?
    When you took over the Westchester Republican Party it was proud, we elected the county executive, D. A. and even a governor, and when you and Cavanaugh left, nothing but scorched Earth remained. We supported you all those years and this is your payback, we are ashamed of you, and you should hang your head.

  22. It’s about power, not democracy, and the political Dons want to “fix” each election like an organized crime syndicate.
    Amazingly, Gail Burns not only works for a man who campaigned against such corruption (Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone) but she was given a raise!!!
    Amicone’s political impotence is sadly the result of politically expedient deals to make life easier for a slew of other people.
    I wonder if any of these political operatives and elected officials who benefit now with jobs and positions as public servants will ever take responsibility for the corruption of the Conservative Party.
    No. It’s a paycheck for many of them, not about loyalty or principle, but all this too shall pass.

  23. The reality of the situation is simply, Rob Astorino could not win the County Executive race if had six lines.
    The best way to straighten out Gail Burns is to run a Conservative primary against Andy Spano and expose her party for what it is, a paper thin organization not worth two cents.

  24. Come on, come on. Just the Facts has been spinning for and backing Nick and Mike Spano since what seems like Teddy Roosevelt’s years.
    Whatever they do, he tries to justify, and in this case that includes Gail Burns.
    It’s true about the minor party endorsements. That part of what he says is accurate. But that’s a diversion here because it’s even more true that this situtaion almost shouts ” corruption,” and Gail Burns and Nick Spano, at least, seem tainted with it here. No, it’s more than “tainted.” They reek of it.
    And no amount of spinning by Nick Spano’s long-time apologist Just the Facts will change that assessment. Just the Facts should stop insulting readers with his very transparent and unbelievable attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

  25. A disgusting state of affairs. Spano associated with the word “conservative” is a joke.
    The campaign should be less about how bad spano is, but how corrupt the so-called conservative party is, and it calls into question the honesty of anyone accepting their endorsement.
    All candidiates should distance themselves.
    I know that even the most liberal voters in Westchester realize that spano is an old, ossified corrupt hack. We need new yourger vigorous leadership. But they will never see past the republican label to vote for Astorino. And that is unfortunate because their candidate is so bad regardless of your political views.

  26. What we say here on the blog is not the way
    the public will view this…we have a certain inside baseball knowledge that most
    do not…honest conservatives will carry petitions and if they don’t it won’t matter
    because its not that andy has the line..its
    that rob does not…and without a wilson
    pykula he cant get the line or run a primary
    just a write in..and they never work certainly not county wide…the bottom line
    however is that grouch is correct…I personally have been fighting off cavalo
    zherka and blassberg for several years
    warning that they are corrupting the process
    with the cross endorsement
    the conservative party has done the county
    a big favor by removing cavalo’s influence
    and trumping him on his own territory,,
    honest conservatives will recognize this
    fact…because i intend to tell them

  27. Honest Conservative won’t carry petitions for any Democrat who was endorsed last night.
    Eastchester won’t carry Andy Spano’s petition nor will we get signatures for anyone who condones this criminal manipulation of a political party.

  28. Mike, I think you just hit the key point.
    This hurts Cavallo and Zherka politically…and that’s very good.
    I don’t know if it was planned or not…but it is a beneficial consequence.
    BTW, Andy Spano was probably going to win anyway..and once Astorino took the Independence Party nomination, he lost me.

  29. its not about corruption…its about letting
    minor parties have too much power and allowing the leaders to act in their self interest ..cavalo is a perfect example..but
    he is now screwed…he is officially out of
    power and so is his bedfelow sam zherka..they have been kicked off the stage
    along with tony castro, dan schor and
    david spano….and if gail accomplished
    that good for her and the party

  30. Is this the Gail Burns I see at Sacred Heart? I hope not.
    Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.

  31. You’re partly right, Just the Facts. But you have ignored the corruption issue. It’s there, and it’s clear.
    This isn’t really about the Conserative Party vs. Cavallo, and you know it. It’s about corruption, and the names of Nick Spano and Gail Burns are all over it.

  32. its all about cross predicted they have virtually destroyed the two party system,,cavalo thought he was king
    sh…t selecting the candidates he wanted
    to win who needed the IND party line..but
    the conservative party not to be outdone
    took that title away from him…why should
    the conservatives sit back and let cavalo
    rule the they did not…now dan
    schor is out…tony castro is out..
    and the people of westchester have no
    contested election this year..what a joke
    but its all because this state allows these
    crummy little parties to cross endorse

  33. Yonkers Ned at 6:27 is right.
    This is a very bad situation. Astorino also is 100 percent correct. And in Yonkers, Amicone should be ashamed, but won’t be, that he hired Gail Burns in a patronage deal with Nick Spano. Also, to make it worse, Amicone doesn’t want to cut any of his patronage hires in the very serious budget crunch.
    This is the same Gail Burns, of the so-called “Conservative party,” who follows Nick Spano’s orders — and who also endorsed Mike Spano, who flipped to become a Democrat and who is in favor of gay marriage, and who also will not oppose partial-birth abortion. But he gets endorsed by the Conservative party. What a disgrace. State Chairman Mike Long should do something about this.
    This county and the city of Yonkers are a mess. Astorino got screwed, and hopefully the US Attorney will be looking into all of it. The stench of corruption is both obvious and almost overwhelming.

  34. Pay to Play politics at it’s worst. Larry Schwartz deliver state lobbying contracts to Nick Spano, and Andy takes care of jobs for the Spano brood. Isn’t this what U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is invetigating and indicting politicians for in Illinois? Where’s the NY Southern District U.S. Attorney on this farce? Everyone knows what’s going on with the conservative party lines and Spano’s hack Gail Burns. The only thing that the corrupt Nick Spano has bought Yonkers in the past three decades is the death of honest politics. Disgusting.

  35. Absolutely disgraceful. Nick Spano, Andy Spano – they are both the same. Washed up, out of touch has beens who are only concerned about their own personal power.
    So Nick and Andy made their deal at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers of Westchester County.
    But the taxpayers will revolt. And the Spano name is tarnished and they will not win another election in this county, no matter what their party label is.

  36. Hey ASStorino – why don’t you do all Westchester residents a favor and move to Connecticut? Maybe all of those people who moved there from Westchester will elect you county dog catcher or something – oh, wait a minute — Connecticut doesn’t have county governments —- maybe you could get a job with the state of Connecticut shoveling up road-kill on the roadways….get a life!!!!!!!!!!!

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