Conservatives Burn Over Gail By Vox Populi

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Vox Populi Burns_Gail Members of the Westchester County Conservative Party are receiving letters in the mail from Gail Burns, Chairwoman of the Westchester County Conservative Party.

This letter, likely ghost written by one of Nick Spano's operatives purports to tell registered Conservatives that she, Gail Burns, will not be coerced by the tactics of the "political underground." What she fails to tell her membership is that it is she who works underground.

Ms. Burns has been the flame holder for Nick Spano who she believes lights up the Westchester County Conservative Party. Instead, her recent conduct, specifically endorsing the reelection effort and candidacy of Democrat incumbent Andy Spano for Westchester County Executive  over his challenger Republican Rob Astorino has served to torch the Westchester County Conservative Party.

Gail, as always, will be well compensated by Nick Spano; from state office, to city office, to let's see… perhaps state or county office? Her principles are not "Conservative." What she seeks to conserve is her principal! Devotion to Nick, maintaining a government salary, without merit… this defines the faux leader of the Westchester County Conservative Party.

Every single registered Westchester County Conservative Party member can send a message to Gail and Nick by making it a point to vote for Republican Rob Astorino. To do otherwise is to permit Nick Spano, through Gail Burns, to destroy the Conservative Party in Westchester County. We have seen what Nick did and continues to do to the Westchester County Republican Party. What comes after Andy Spano's endorsement… New York State Governor David Paterson?

New York State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long where are you?

eHeziConservatives Burn Over Gail By Vox Populi

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  1. because your choice is a real liberal like spano or a reformer like astorino..the problem with conservatives is that you require purity ..on abortion, on gay rights
    on guns….and when you find a candidate that is fiscally conservative on all issues
    having to do with actually running the government you label them a rhino…thats
    why you can’t win..and that is why people
    like me are independents and vote for the
    best candidate period

  2. How come YOU don’t understand that Astorino is not a “conservative” just because some jackass like YOU says he is. If he’s such a conservative, how come he’s not registered as a conservative? And how do I know he’s not just as liberal as, well- YOU are? Meaning he’s just another RINO like you. Meaning why should I back some loser like Astorino just because liberal ‘republicans’ like you say so when he’s no better than the guy who’s going to win anyway- Andy Spano.

  3. how come you can’t understand that andy spano is a liberal…the biggest spender
    westchester county has ever seen..look at increases in taxes over the time of his tenure…rob has already made clear he
    wants to reform not eliminate county government unlike jack ass sam zherka and
    his blind followers..abortion, capital punishment and gun rights aren’t really county issues and don’t show up as real
    concerns of the voters..but now that
    you mentioned it what are andy spano’s
    positions..if you are a true conservative
    you are simply illustrating the exclusiveness of your positions and why
    the conservative party should not be allowed
    to cross endorse..if you are a spano supporter looking to undermine rob, suggest
    you look at your own guys performance first

  4. I read the Astorino web page and I’m trying to figure out why some of the folks posting here say he’s a conservative. He never uses the word or describes himself as such on the web site. The few specific issues he writes about are things like limited county government, taxes and conservation. That sounds like everyone else out there. And since when is an environmentalist a conservative? He works with catholic radio station- but what are his stands on abortion? His web page says nothing. Is for or against capital punishment? Gun rights? Casino gambling? Is he looking to eliminate county government? If this guy is such a proud conservative, how come he doesn’t say so- and how come he doesn’t talk about the issues?

  5. the end of cross endorsments would mean the
    end of minor party leverage..for example
    rob astorino would have a clean shot at
    andy spano on the republican line vs
    spano on the dem deals would
    have to be made and the fact that minor
    parties could not make deals would marginalize them its not a diversion at is the reality…you can attack nick spano all you want..but its
    not nick spano’s influence that is the problem..if it wasn’t nick spano..and it
    isn’t in the case of the IND party it would
    be someone else making a deal for the smaller party support..look at the working
    families party..they do the same thing but
    on a lesser scale because their line doesn’t
    bring that many votes on election day..but
    julio cavalo was wheeling and dealing as
    the IND chairman for years ..he has been
    dubbed the king maker because without his
    support no republican judge could win..
    with the conservative party support for
    democrats it breaks the stranglehold that
    cavalo had on westchester politics…unfortunately rob astorino
    got caught in the chaos..but lets face it
    as a practical matter no republican should’
    announce for county exec until and unless
    he has the minor parties lined up….
    and thats been the problem for years
    both locally and at the state level..first
    you had to go to the conservative and IND
    party get their support and then come
    back to the republican party to get the nod
    it should not work that way at all

  6. Until you stop “blaming” others, you’ll continue to be unsuccessful. Successful people take action. Not look for others to “blame.” In your case, it’s always somebody else’s fault. You simply lack guts to stake your own claim.
    Nobody will ever accuse Gail Burns or Nick Spano of not having guts.

  7. Just the Facts continues to call out for an end to cross endorsements. Fine and dandy. But that is partly a diversion. Just the Facts does not ever blame his good buddy Nick Spano for once again being as sleazy as sleazy can be and orchestrating this abomination with the despicable Gail Burns.
    To another poster, backing Astorino is NOT supporting Cavallo and Zherka, who are bad news. But Astorino isn’t bad news. Astorino is really a conservative, and should have, would have, received the backing of the Conservative Party if not for the actions of Nick Spano and Burns.
    The Conservative Party looks like the joke of the year for supporting liberal Dem Andy Spano. But with Burns and Nick Spano around, they also support Nick’s flipper brother Mike Spano, who believes in nothing the Conservative Party is supposed to stand for.
    The real blame is with Burns and Nick Spano, although it’s true the Conservative party should should have replaced Burns long ago.

  8. All this talk about Nick Spano yet nothing about the the do nothing queen herself, Andrea Stewart-Cousins? Seriously? Are we that better off?

  9. The corrupt, crooked deal to give ultra-liberal Andy Spano the Conservative line is the last gasp of a dying dynasty.
    Nick Spano, Andy Spano, Mike Spano – their years of corruption and screwing the taxpayers is coming to an end.
    The Spanos have NEVER been about serving the people, the Spanos have been about abusing the trust of the voters for the financial benefit of their family.
    THAT is true corruption.
    Nick Spano views the taxpayers as just an employment agency for his family.
    Andy Spano has bought into this corruption and his days are numbered.
    Change is coming…

  10. Nick Spano = KING of Corruption
    The King of Corruption ordered Ms. Burns to give the Conservative line to ultra-liberal, ultra-corrupt Andy Spano, who is perhaps the one politician in Westchester who can match Nick in terms of corruption and liberalism.
    What a disgrace.

  11. Swingline, What happened to FOR THE PEOPLE part of “politics” you all are just out for your own pockets, To hell with “the people”.

  12. I agree with Joe Shulz. Politics is a rough business. To the winner, go the spoils. There is no crying in baseball and politics.
    Regroup and make change. Stop crying like little kids.

  13. Don’t blame Burns, blame the idiot Town Chairmen who have supported her for years. They all know that she is Nick Spano’s proxy in the party.
    The best way to send a message is to make sure that the so called disgruntled Chairmen get rid of her in next year’s reorganization. The problem is they are a lazy bunch that think they have power because they bring the inept endorsement back to their towns.
    If there are agents of change in that do nothing party then this is the best thing that could have happened.

  14. Jeez, what a crock this article is. Vote for Astorino? Get in bed with Cavallo and Zherka? So we should tag along and support people like Astorino and Castro, who are funded, backed and supported by a porn-peddling, anti-cop loud mouth who sues everybody in sight AND Mr. “Where’s the $10,000 you promised me” Cavallo. You may not agree with the politics of Andy Spano and Janet Difore, but at least they’re not the in-your-face corrupt types this nonsense article is pushing.
    And by the way, Hezi- since when do you care about the Conservative Party, anyway? You just want to see us all plowed under. You’ll do anything to perpetuate this dispute in the hope it’ll damage us.

  15. It’s the Conservatives who got caught snoozing. Gail was handed this job from her father with Nick’s blessing. As if it were a monarchy. She is a puppet.
    The party deserves real leadership. You know someone who believes in the tenets of the Conservative Party.

  16. The Astorino Camp is more upset about the line that he didn’t get than the ones that they did get. Why isn’t Rob beating his chest about the people that are backing him?
    I wonder how hard he worked for the Conversative line. Seems like he expected to have it handed to him. Politics requires work, folks. Sounds like Rob got caught snoozing.

  17. That fat cow Burns, and the overstuffed sausage, Spano should both be tossed from their current assignments and be forced to work for a living, instead of feeding off the taxpayer.

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