I Hate to Say I Told You So By Mike Edelman

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Edelman_michael Its been many years since I took the position that the ability of minor parties to cross endorse    major party candidates would wind up compromising the two party system.   

And I took that position over the years

Knowing full well that Republican candidates whom I supported needed first the support of the Conservative Party and then the support of both the Conservative and Independence parties to win elections as the registration edge which the Democrats had continued to increase, it was and is my view that in order for the Republican Party to remain viable it could not give up its right to select its own candidates based on its own criteria, rather than the whim or ideology of any minor party. Moreover the fact that the leaders of those parties had the ability to deliver far more votes by cross endorsing the major parties than were registered to vote in the minor party allowed leverage that was dangerous in that it could result in abuses of power; trading endorsements for contributions all of which would emasculate the party that was most dependent on cobbling together a coalition of minor parties in order to compete with the party that had a registration edge.

This year we have seen the culmination of allowing “fusion” politics in New York which by the way is one of only seven states that  allow this. The Independence Party chairman had been billed as the “Kingmaker” because assuming that the Conservative Party backed the Republican candidate, the Independence party spelled the difference between possible victory and certain defeat. If it supported the Republican candidate there was a chance to win, if not, there was no chance.

This year however the Conservative party decided that it too could play the game, and they ended up playing the game better than Giulio Cavallo could ever play it. By endorsing Andy Spano they made the Independence nomination irrelevant. The Conservate Party has effectively marginalized Cavallo. Astorino got screwed in the process which is really a shame, but having the Independence line is a guarantee of absolutely nothing now.  Some may criticize those who “orchestrated” the “Conservative gambit.” But in reality you can’t blame those who play the game by the rules, because  the rules create the problem. So people can rail against Nick Spano and Gail Burns all they want, but the problem started well before this year. It started when Republicans failed to recognize that dependency on other political parties was a dead end, one that would lead to emasculation and control by the smaller party; the proverbial tail wagging the dog syndrome.Now the tail is the dog,  And unless and until the state legislature changes the rules, the two party system will be totally compromised in New York.

Michael Edelman is a respected Republican political strategist and media commentator.

eHeziI Hate to Say I Told You So By Mike Edelman

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  1. “does us a disservice”..how many republican
    us senators will vote for sotomayor? you do
    not speak for republicans you speak for the
    hard right of the party that can’t seem to
    make the transition from the 1960’s to the
    21st century…that is why the republican brand continues to be tarnished..its becomming a white, southern and rural party
    only…either we start thinking of new ideas
    to rebuild the attractiveness of the party
    to a new generation or republicans will not
    be governing any time soon…same sex marriage will pass in new york as it has
    in other states..it doesn’t affect your
    marriage at all…Sonia Sotomayer is a
    liberal but that does not exclude her from
    serving as a supreme court justice..as
    you will find out from the republicans who
    vote for her confirmation in the senate

  2. http://news.aol.com/article/sotomayor-and-civil-rights/551137
    Sotomator is a radcal left winger who supports reverse discrimination – no two ways about it. Read the link above regarding her counselship to a wacky puerto rican legal defense organization who are on the fringe of society, whether it be white, black or any other minority.
    That’s what you’s have for us through Obama – her and other justices to come just like her or worse. You’re a fine example of republicanism – only in your own mind.
    Add that to your defense of Mike Spano – supporter of same sex marriage for icing on your republican cake.
    You arer a joke. Hezi does us a disservice to allow you to write an article as a rep spokesman as does News 12.

  3. It has just been revealed today that
    emails between palin and mccain’s campaign
    indicated that she was trying to cover up
    her husband’s membership in the alaska secession party which was anti american
    and wanted the state to seceed from the union…the memos made clear that the mccain
    campaign thought she wanted to lie to the
    public and they would have nothing of it..
    this woman is not qualified to hold national
    office and that is the biggest reason the
    mccain could not win…there were others
    like the economic meltdown but if you combine the refusal of the hard right to
    allow someone like tom ridge on the ticket
    with the palin choice you have a very dangerous non traditional republican
    national ticket..that will either change
    in the future or you can forget winning
    the presidency for 25 years

  4. the supreme court in a 5-4 decision overturned 3 judges in the federal court of appeals…remember sotomayor was upholding
    what was formerly precedent..she was not
    making law from the bench…and she does
    not support reverse discrimination if you
    read her decisions..the problem with knee
    jerk conservatives is they don’t read the decisions and they simply listen to sean
    hannity and regergitate what they hear..
    sotomayor is definitely a liberal..but
    it will not disturb the 5-4 court one
    bit..and there is nothing in her decisions
    that would indicate she is not intellectually able to be a judge…
    so the answer is given that sarah palin
    was mccains choice for VP rather than a
    credible candidate like mitt or tom ridge
    yes i would again vote the same way

  5. How bout it Edelman?
    Are you still proud of you and your family voting for Obama even after his Supreme Ct nominee, Sotomayor, clearly supports reverse discrimination against white people?

  6. your opinion….and you are entitled to it
    the 400,000 households that watch may
    indeed have a different opinion as do
    radio stations all over the nation and
    print media as well..

  7. Why does it say
    Michael Edelman is a respected Republican political strategist and media commentator.
    at the end of the article????
    He is NOT respected
    He’s NOT a real Republican
    The only Political Strategy he has is to come on the Tribune and get into Blog wars with zherka.
    And the only “media” that gives him and air time is Chanel 12 news.

  8. its one reason that independent voters
    are the largest growing registration group
    in the nation..it not about not being
    republican..its about voting for what you
    think is right regardless of label

  9. I know facts are messy but,
    Republicans were in charge of New York and ran up huge loans for the MTA and the state. The Republicans were in control of the state Senate for over 40 years – created all these “special districts” for their friends making over 100,000 per year — without oversight.
    Don’t blame the Dems.
    Edelman has been right on this issue and the State Senate fiasco orchestrated by you guessed it – a third party – this one controlled by Goliasano. This action alone should be the force that eliminates “cross-endorsements”.
    Blaming Democrats is like many Madoff victims who clearly looked the other way while they were making money on their investments. Yes, Madoff was a con man, but a con man that needes what all con men need, a person willing to take the easy way out.
    The easy way out is to blame Democrats.

  10. If Republicans were to become “Democrat Light,” why bother voting for them if they would be almost indistinguishable from the Dems? There needs to be clear differences between the parties. A mish-mash of a gumbo won’t work.
    Besides, NY and California are both huge blue states, and both are in huge trouble. Could it be that lib Dem policies put them in such bad positions? Yes.

  11. Why do you want other persons to shut the f*** up? Don’t you believe in the 1st amendment to our constituition?
    I support the freedom to speak up.
    I support the right to a free press.
    Are you a communist or something?

  12. mike,
    your another idiot who thinks you know the rep party better than anyone else.
    outside of this corrupt city we call yonkers, mike edelman does not exist on any level of knowledge of politics.
    so if i was you, i would continue to accept your questionable consulting fees, tone down your colors and shut the f*** up.
    those are the facts and they are undisputed

  13. when you say “not us” you don’t seem
    to realize that “us” is getting smaller
    and smaller each day..in fact “us” is going
    to disappear if you don’t start to be inclusive instead of exclusive…..what I have to say is about what joe scarborough has to say..along with kathleen parker and
    peggy noonan…..I will take their company
    over yours any day because your narraow view
    of the world is why republicans keep loosing

  14. Great thinking, why listen to anyone?
    After the recent elections the Republican Party has lost the office of the President, has lost the Senate, has lost the House of Representatives, has lost many Governorships as well as many state legislators.
    There is nary a Republican to be found in Westchester and Mike has been screaming for years that the hard side of the party is not helping things.
    So you answer is…
    Forget what you see,
    follow the lemmings into the Sea.

  15. great stuff from a obama voting republican I thought that mcain was your type of republican . you are a turn coat and what you have to say appeals to dems , not us anymore. Not for a long time !

  16. I agree. I also think that primary day should be moved back from Sept. to June where it used to be and where it is in most states. Having it in Sept., protects that incumbent

  17. Mike-
    You are right, we need to eliminate any “cross endorsements”. If a political party does not have it’s own candidates then it’s not an actual party.
    Small parties can be a tremendous help in breaking the swings of policy we see in the sea-saw of American Politics but only if they advance their own true politics by running their own true candidates, win or lose.
    Thanks for keeping it real.

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