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  1. Yea go to Japan, China or Korea and see if you find them bending over backwards to speak to you in English you stupid twit.

  2. I love how America has “twenty” different languages.
    This isn’t liberal or conservative.
    This is America you provisional imbecile.

  3. I think its great that now the K9 handlers need to learn Spanish, Hebrew, Ubangi and twenty different African dialects in order to give a multicultural K9 warning before they can release their dogs.
    Liberal America, gotta love it.

  4. Please investigate fully the nature and origin of the deal Councilmember Pat McDow reportedly has with Collins to rent an apartment substantially below market rate. This building is in her district, is a high end development needing her vote as well as all the other developments there which need her vote.

  5. The feds typically issue several reports during the course of a civil rights investigation. One fed team will review the policies and procedures, and make recommendations in one report (usually the first report, as it was here), and another fed team will investigate the individual case allegations to look for patterns of abuse etc. If this abuse is found, in their opinion, to be department wide, the feds will issue a consent decree and appoint a federal monitor to oversee the recommendations. LAPD went through a similar process, receiving recommendations on their written policies before their consent decree was ordered. That’s not to say that the YPD is guilty of anything, but one report has nothing to do with he other. And a consent decree could still be issued depending on if the alleged cases of abuse show a pattern, or a systemic issue. That report hasn’t been issued yet.

  6. stop the bullshit.
    this report clearly stated:
    DCJS does not come to any conclusion YET about complaints
    stop the bullshit

  7. YPD Vindicated- Can you please read the letter, which clearly states they have not yet investigated civil right abuses.I wouild love to know in what part of that letter did they say “that there are no civil rights abuses”?
    How anyone with an IQ of 50 could read this letter and come away with the feeling that it vindicaters the YPD is beyond belief. It is a scathing rebuke of how the YPD is hired, trained , supervised and disciplined.

  8. No spin necessary my unobservant friend. An IQ of 50 would understand that if the DCJS concluded there were civil rights abuses they would have based their policy recommendations on such abuses. It just doesn’t serve them well to say that there are no civil rights abuses and then announce their policy recommendations.

  9. YPD Vindicated- Read the letter. It clearly states that they have not investigated complaints of YPD use of excessive force. All they have done is review YPD policies and procedurea and have found a multitude of problems with them.
    Please stop trying to spin this into a positive for the YPD. It clearly paints them for what they are- unprofessionnal and confrontentional.

  10. Seriously, there is no way the DCJS would come out with the policy recommendations outlined in this report and then issue a report of widespread systemic civil rights violations some months down the road. It makes no sense. If they had found violations of that magnitude you would be seeing a report that involved Federal monitoring and then this report would be entirely useless.

  11. It’s the same idiots with the same slant every time on this site. Be objective for once. Of course recommendations would be made. At the very least DCJS has to justify they’re existence in Yonkers and at the worst the YPD policy is in need of a total overhaul. The reality of the situation probably lies somewhere in between.
    What you won’t see happen is a declaration of widespread civil rights violations, a Federal Consent Decree, or the installation of a Federal monitor. I’m sure the pending policy changes will be good for the YPD and for the community.

  12. Exactly where in this letter, not report, on excessive force did it say WE HAVE FOUND NO SYSTEMATIC VIOLATIONS OF CIVIL RIGHTS?
    If you take the time to read the letter it is a rebuke on the policies, supervision, training and mindset of the YPD. All the spin in the world is not going to change this sows ear into a silk purse.

  13. It is a lot of Bureaucratic blather really. These people at DCJS are experts at picking apart Police policy and procedure. There isn’t a PD in the country that they couldn’t investigate and make recommendations to. YPD is a big department with a big policy and anyone with half a brain knew they were going to come out with plenty of recommendations on how to update and revise YPD policy. DCJS wasn’t going to say “OK, all is well. Go about your business YPD”.
    The bottom line is that the Feds got dragged into Yonkers by a bunch of idiot “activists” (whatever that term means) looking to make a name for themselves. Then they got here and found that there isn’t any systemic violation of civil rights and they also got blown apart in court at the Simoes trial. Is it any coincidence this report comes out a few weeks after that verdict? I don’t think so.

  14. Spin Spin Spin! This is not the report on the investigation of civil rights voilations. The Feds specifically state that they have not reviewed indivual cases of excessive force. If you read the letter, the Feds are critical of the YPD’s contradictory policies and procedures, their supervision and their interaction with the citizens they serve.
    “The MCRC language reads more like a campaign to treat the
    police with respect rather than focusing on an officer’s duty to
    treat the community with respect.”
    This letter is not good news. It paints the YPD as an unproffesional organization that is poorly trained, poorly supervised and poorly led.

  15. This report is a complete farce. It really shows the incompetence of the federal Governement. One recomendation is to improve relations with the community which is something every PD should be always attempting to do. On the other hand it compliments the PD’s use of Comp Stat. Now anyone who knows and has read up on Comp Stat realizes that Comp Stat causes a strain between the public and the police. For those who don’t know, Comp Stat, is tracking system that follows crime trends by the use of numbers. Basically it is a numbers driven system. Officers are pushed to produce “numbers” which leads to more confrontations with the public. It creates a “Police State” in small sections and does very little in the long term. Its like sticking your finger in the water and then removing it and the water returns and the result is more complaints and distrust of the police. Baltimore attempted Comp stat and soon realised that it is inefective and hurt the public image of the police. Not only that but Supervisors in PD’s then under report crimes. Basically changing more serious crimes to lesser as to not mess up there Comp Stat numbers(I.E. Burglary instead being listed as a Larceny). Some individuals will attempt to present “Numbers” to show it’s effectiveness but the truth is it doesn’t work so don’t be fooled. In closing I’d like to once again state that this entire inverstigation is a farce. It has done nothing to help the PD or the public.

  16. a council person with a subsidized apartment?
    no doubt she made full disclosure of this relationship while voting approvals of Collins.

  17. There is a comment under another thread which says that McDow has a subsidized apt. down at the waterfront. If this is TRUE, the IG should immediately look into it.

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  21. The report is almost exclusively made up of procedural recommendations. Typical Federal bureaucratic stuff, some of which may actually be useful.
    They did praise YPD’s CompStat program as being both efficient and effective, but don’t look for the media to highlight that finding or anything else positive.

  22. Obviously this letter is a prelude to the final report. No federal monitor will be the finding, but the feds will be monitoring their recommendations for compliance on an annual basis.

  23. JN article states:
    “A statement issued this afternoon by city officials noted that no systemic civil rights violations or wrongdoing have been announced by the investigators.”
    and here’s what the report says:
    page two….
    “Our review process is ongoing and we hope to conclude the process shortly. Important aspects of our investigation remain outstanding, however, most notably our review of documents related to specific use of force incidents. Therefore, this letter is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather focuses on significant concerns we can convey based on our review thus far
    of the YPD’s policies and procedures, training curricula, and our observations of officers in the field. Please note that we may identify additional issues as our investigation progresses. This letter is therefore preliminary in nature and does not reach any conclusion regarding any potential violations of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, 42 U.S.C. § 14141 and the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, 42 U.S.C. § 3789d.1”

  24. interesting read.
    40 pages and every paragraph “we reccomend YPD implement policies related to….”
    RIP YPD.
    the day is close to over.

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