Senator Klein Calls on Republicans to Replace Pedro Espada and End Senate Stalemate

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Klein_Jeff "Ahead of the court’s call for the Senate to negotiate and compromise in order to create a governing agreement, the Senate Democratic Conference proposed a fair and bipartisan solution that would end Pedro Espada and the Republican leaders’ stranglehold on democracy. But our calls have been ignored. Therefore, I urge the members of the Senate Republican Conference to replace Pedro Espada with a leader willing to meet in good faith and find a workable solution.

"It is clear that under the control of Pedro Espada, the Senate Republican leadership is not interested in putting partisanship aside and the people first. They have failed their constituents and their conference by refusing to entertain any proposal that does not give Pedro Espada power to control the Senate and a position one heartbeat away from the Governor’s office.

"I have great faith that many members of the Republican Conference are principled and understand the importance of bipartisanship and cooperation. Over the years, we have built positive relationships with many on the other side of the aisle and we are calling on them to join us so that together, we can execute the duties of our office and serve the best interests of the people of New York.”

eHeziSenator Klein Calls on Republicans to Replace Pedro Espada and End Senate Stalemate

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  1. both espada and monseratte are both criminals and have been voting with dems all along , parker,espada,monseratte you call that change..

  2. They all just need to grow up! This is not kindergarten. The Senate is tied 31 to 31 and the tie-breaker would be the Lt. Governor……………oops, we don’t have a Lt. Governor…..(we have bumbling David) ….so I guess this means either work together or get nothing done and suffer the consequences at the polls. Quite simple, when you think about it…………….

  3. Empty words. Espada wasn’t a criminal and a liar when he was voting with the Democrats, right.
    And now they are willing to work with the Republicans to represent all the people, right.

  4. Sen Klein was either 2nd or 3rd in command and never saw the coup developing-that says Sen Klein was not on point and maybe should look for another line of work because he has failed the people of the 34th District.

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