Westchester GOP Nominates Bob ‘Giant Slayer’ Hyland for County Board

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Hyland_Bob White Plains, NY –  The Westchester Republican County Committee tonight selected former New York Giant and successful local businessman Bob Hyland to challenge embattled Board of Legislators Chairman Bill Ryan in the November Election.

Upon receiving the GOP endorsement, Hyland pledged, “If I am elected to the County Board, I will take my experience that includes 36 years as a successful businessman, 16 years in the financial services industry and 11 years as a professional football player and apply those experiences to county government. My years in the financial services industry have shown me what families and businesses need to do to survive in today's economy.”

“Our current county government clearly does not understand these issues or they would not be asking to raise taxes and spending. They would not be attempting to raise their own salaries in today's economy. I know that if I ran my restaurant and insurance practice the way the incumbent has run the county legislature, my businesses would have failed many years ago,” concluded Hyland.

Said Westchester GOP Chairman Doug Colety, “We are excited to be nominating Bob Hyland for the County Legislator in Scarsdale and White Plains. Bob’s experience in business and the financial services industry will make him an outstanding addition to the County Board and a breath of fresh air after the scandal-plagued Bill Ryan.”

Continued Colety, “Westchester County needs elected officials who strive to serve the public – not politicians who are obsessed with raising their own salary and amassing their own power. In Bob Hyland, the voters of Scarsdale and White Plains will gain a reformer who will stop the tax madness and restore ethics and integrity to the office he seeks.”

Bob Hyland, a registered Independence Party Member, was born and raised in White Plains and was educated at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, followed by Boston College. After a successful eleven-year career in the National Football League including winning a Super Bowl under legendary coach Vince Lombardi and five seasons with the New York Giants, Hyland returned to White Plains to raise his family and open a family business. He currently is the owner of the Sports Page Restaurant in White Plains and his own insurance practice.

Hyland will be running on the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines in the November Election. District 5 includes all of Scarsdale and part of White Plains.

eHeziWestchester GOP Nominates Bob ‘Giant Slayer’ Hyland for County Board

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  1. Are the Republicans calling Ryan a “giant?”
    If so, that’s pretty dumb. Or maybe it was Hezi’s headline.
    BTW, Colety’s press release doesn’t say it, but the team Hyland was on that won a Super Bowl was the Green Bay Packers. He came to the Giants later.

  2. someone needs to take bill “I am so tone deaf that I want to double my salary in
    a depression” ryan out and Hyland is just
    the guy to do it..

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