Yonkers City Council Budget Co-chairs to Reconvene Special Meeting on the FY2009-2010 Budget

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YonkersCityHall  Yonkers, NY — At the request of Yonkers City Council Budget Committee Co-Chairs Liam McLaughlin and Patricia McDow, Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick is reconvening the Special Meeting of the Yonkers City Council for Saturday morning, June 20, at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers at Yonkers City Hall for the purpose of voting on the operating and capital budgets, setting the tax rates, and any other resolutions necessary to implement the city budget.

Saturday’s scheduled meeting is a continuation of the Special Meeting held Tuesday, June 16. The June 16th meeting was recessed following the vote on the Mayor’s amended budget. At that time, the vote was defeated 5-2, with only Council President Lesnick and Councilmember Patricia McDow voting in the affirmative.

Minority Leader Liam McLaughlin and Council Member John Murtagh are now considered to be on board to approve Mayor Amicone's Proposed FY 2009-2010 Budget.

eHeziYonkers City Council Budget Co-chairs to Reconvene Special Meeting on the FY2009-2010 Budget

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  1. Well thank God they didn’t touch my DPW job…Were else can I get a job were Im sitting @ the Lake Isle @ 10;30 when it opens..I really appreciate all of Yonkers pitching in so i can continue to keep my tan…Oh Yeah i’m up for a raise soon so you might want to ask your Boss ( Thats If You still have one LOL) if their is any overtime, ,that you will be interested in it..and if you want me to take a couple extra bags of garbage you left out side that will be another forty……

  2. Id rather have lesnick now that the Castro blanco is waiting to possibly win the CP…then its Ammicone rule even after he is done w terms (or maybe not)

  3. i recognize the fact and appreciate it.
    she is the only one on the council trying.
    while she has raised issues, we still have no solutions.
    Sad reality

  4. There is one very clear fact missing from this discussion: the mayor and the city council voted where the votes are. It is that simple.
    The unions and the patronage jobs are the votes in Yonkers. That is what they approved.
    If we want change we need to find a way to bust this problem wide open.
    If not, nothing will change. They will have their votes and we will continue to be screwed.
    While I support Joan G in principal, she is not the solution.
    And I don’t know the answer.

  5. at least the council is doing therejob we can disagrree look at the clowns in albany instead of debatingon the senate floor they debate by press conference. they all should go remember “on day one we will fix albany….it is broken ” !!!!!!!

  6. 12:12 you are asking her to be concerned? Really truly concerned? I doubt it can be possible. If it is true that she has a special “discount” for her rent, how and why was this possible?

  7. Hey McDow you got homeowners in your district when are you going to stand up for them? You never speak out for the homeowners in your district. We do not have anyone representing us and to Mayor Amicone WHY ARE WE GETTING A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE AND WE STILL SEE THE ABUSES AT CITY HALL NAMELY CARS AND OVERSTAFFED!

  8. Why does the city continue to hire police at roadway construction sites? The contractors could easily hire flag persons at one fourth the cost.

  9. Anon and YPD is out of control, you could not be more right! The O/T situation will never change with the YPD. The police can’t follow simple traffic laws,like waiting at a red light they are not going to follow O/T guidelines. To the few tax payers left inthis city, brace yourselves we are introuble!

  10. If you watched a news clip from Ch12 during the budget hearings on 06/20/09 all you saw were the two unions YFD and YPD railing about the loss of their O/T and not about the property tax increase for the homeowner. The sad story is that too many people get sucked into their well rehearsed spin drill. The president of Yonkers PBA does not even live in Yonkers.

  11. The Council cuts in police overtime are window dressing. When was the last time the YPD stayed within their OT budget. I would bet that it’s been at least twenty years.
    Come January the rest of the city departments will have to make cuts again to pay for the excessive YPD OT.

  12. We are in a recession and barely making ends meet. The city budget continues to grow and the sacred cows in the city and b.o.e also continue to grow. Yonkers is a dsyfunctional gov’t full of waste and corruption, when will this city council of cowards stand up for the taxpayers and CUT this mayors budget..the only one’s getting tax relief are the wealthly developers…

  13. Come election day, remember who voted for this tax increase, and vote against them. Make sure they NEVER EVER hold a elected office again.

  14. This tax increase is actually more, since it does not figure in the loss of the STAR rebate. I agree with above, time for a control board.

  15. Start hounding State Comptroller DiNapoli’s office with calls and e-mailes demanding a Control Broad in Yonkers. This is serious folks. These people are ignoring the financial reality and we are all going to pay for their ineptitude.

  16. Perhaps the IG and the AG should be notified about McDow. Meaning Zisman and Andrew Cuomo.
    As for the budget, once more the circus came to town, complete with a full array of clowns and monkeys. Just pathetic. There must be a protective circus tent around all the employees of the city of Yonkers.
    That’s because this severe recession hits and hurts everyone but them.
    Life goes on as usual for those who work for the city of Yonkers. Recession? WHAT recession? Oh, THAT one — the one that only affects the Yonkers taxpayers and the rest of the United States. But not us!
    Horrible job by the Council. Horrible job by Amicone. Typical for all of them.
    The unions also did their usual goon routine, and the Council did its usual “Greek” routine while bending over for them.
    This lousy outcome was predicted on this site weeks ago by a number of posters. And the game goes on. And the taxpayers continue to be shafted.
    They all laugh at the taxpayers. They truly do. They continue to run what is nothing more than a con game on them. And Chuck Lesnick makes John Kerry look consistent. Along with the name Chuckles the Clown, maybe Lesnick also should be called Flipper. He is just awful.
    But Lesnick has plenty of company, both on that dreadful Council and in Amicone. With the nauseating quality of government Yonkers has, it is no wonder the city is in the poor shape it is in.

  17. On Election Day, I always seek candidates who:
    Qualify as low income
    Live in a luxury waterfront apartment paid for by taxpayers
    And is capable of voting approvals without full disclosure.
    exactly the person we all need to vote the budget of the 4th largest city of NYS

  18. Well this raises another question: should she recuse herself from voting on these waterfront projects? She does alot of yaking about the “communitttttty.” All she really does is appoint people to the Human Rights Commission and does alot of taking about “affordable housing,” but it looks like she’s the only one getting it.

  19. do you want to know why she gets apt for 600 because in order to build federal guidlines require that x amount of apt be for low income people….this is of coarse mcdow….she does not have to show all that under the table money as personal income….HEAH WE MAKE THE RULES>>>>

  20. Sandy Anabboooooooo was BOOOOOOOOOOOED at the City Council Meeting every time she opened her mouth…..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sandy

  21. No wonder why she doesn’t support the businesses and supports these transients residents… another Collins-Hudson park Puppet!!!

  22. I agree with the posters above asking about the arrangement that Councilwoman Pat McDow has with Collins, so that she has an apartment in the new developments on the waterfront, with a view, for $600 a month. That’s more than $1,200 LESS than market rate. In one year, that’s $14,400 savings annually for her and for what does she “qualify” for this arrangement?

  23. As usual, the woman Gronowski & Annabi. Murtagh is a balless wonder, Liam has his head up his arse and Dee does her usual kabuki dance and the taxpayers get screwed. Nothing new here.

  24. Is there some kind of quid pro quo between McDow and Collins? This so-called Dem., always seems to vote with the Repl. mayor.

  25. They will just vote for the bs…How do council members change there vote on a handshake with NO benefits to the community…FEDS FEDS FEDS……The poliitics run the show not the government It has been all about there own pockets for years! HUD 108 baseball illegal loans all proven…. nothing done. STOP PAYING TAXES STOP PAYING THE BID were are the missing computers???

  26. why be so negative the council is doing its job. usually they move so slowly but this time they are showing that they can be responsible

  27. I thought that the news was that McLaughlin and Murtaugh and Barbato had grabbed Lesnick and McDow to vote an alternative budget.

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