Astorino Challenges Spano to Vouch for Signatures

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Astorino_Rob Spano_Andy "Is Spano Willing to Put His Reputation on the Line?" – Rob Astorino

White Plains, NY — "If County Executive Andy Spano is so sure that suspicious signatures used to hand him the Conservative Party line in the tight race for Westchester County Executive are valid, and not forgeries, 'he should put his reputation on the line and publicly stand by them,' County Executive candidate Rob Astorino (R-I) today said.

For Mr Astorino the issue revolves what some Conservative Party member contend are "more than 80 signatures are forgeries."

A lawsuit is pending in New York State Supreme Court over the signatures, and the Westchester District Attorney's office yesterday notified the New York State Attorney General's office about the allegations.

"Mr. Spano publicly scoffed at allegations that these signatures are forgeries yesterday-on the very same day when the Westchester District Attorney notified the State Attorney General about the matter,"  Mr. Astorino said. "If Mr. Spano is so sure these signatures are valid, let him vouch for them. I challenge him to do that publicly."

eHeziAstorino Challenges Spano to Vouch for Signatures

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  1. What is Pelosi hiding in the charts, addendums, and budget impact statements she neglected to include in Obamacare text she did disclose, the ‘yet to be disclosed’ unionization of doctors, nurses, others in the Medical industry text for another law needed to complete Obamacrat reform calling for Socialization and forced unionization, & what about taxes on pages 275, 326, & 349 that wasn’t suppoed to cost even one cent?


  3. bob if you have evidence of a criminal act by anyone I suggest you contact the US attorney’s office if you don’t have any confidence in the DA…because your laundry list is starting to sound a lot like rumor’s
    and allegations contained in the guardian on a regular basis…andy spano is not the problem..the problem is allowing minor parties to cross endorse..the history of this practice leads to the ability to extort
    jobs, money and ideology from the major party…if you fought as hard to ban cross endorsements as you are for rethinking county government you wouldn’t have to rethink county government. As for any relationship with sam zherka you should not be proud to either accept his support, or take his money, because there are things
    you don’t know which will be coming out
    that you do not want to be associated with

  4. We’re not walking down the “un-indicted co-conspirator” path and it is a counter-productive methodology to apply to this situation.
    The only problem here is that Andrew Spano needs glasses and a moral compass.
    As for carrot girl, are you saying that I am guilty by association with a vegetable — or that it is open season to discuss every pathetic disclosure in Westchester politics?
    Okay … I’m game …
    Let’s start with the pedophiles connected to politicians throughout Westchester, men and women.
    Why not discuss the wives of politicians whose whores on call have left them exposed to varying veneral diseases?
    The political operatives and municipal employees having sex with their bosses?
    The money laundering of monies from organized crime family associates?
    The news outlets gaining influence through monetary association with politicians and their donors?
    Too many in this county politically have been in bed with each other, sexually and financially.
    It’s a whorehouse.
    So go preach about carrot girl or a strip club owner — but remember that your “holier than thou” rules of engagement might bite plenty of others in the ass before this is over.

  5. well that little tid bit is most interesting
    I wonder if tony castro will still be taking
    support from zherka once the public learns
    of the website…just really nice for someone who wants to be the DA in westchester don’t you think?

  6. To answer the question about “Carrot Girl” there is an web site that had the address of Sam Zherka’s Manhattan Strip Club prominently featured. After that was noted on public blogs the Street name and number, and the city name were taken down (the zip by the way remained up).
    Sam Zherka claimed he did not “own” the website, and in fact the site was listed under another name. However I am unaware of Zherka, who is an extremely litigious person ever filing a lawsuit against anyone based on the unauthorized use of his club’s address.
    That web site had many vulgar photos and including a series of photos of a girl pushing a carrot up her anus.
    Carrot Girl.

  7. Ted and anon If the Conservative party is a nothing or weak party why does your King want it. And all Fois is doing is telling the truth not winning. How would you like someone forging you name and voting for you. You guys are way off base, you grow up.

  8. Okay
    I’ll correct my previous post.
    “Alleged” pending a request for an independent investigation to have committed forgery (!)
    Sounds much better don’t you think!
    Just Grand boys!
    YOU are Our pride and joy….you are.
    just one stupid F’g taxpayer’s silly opinion.
    if anyone joined me in this i’d just feel ….oh so silly!

  9. The two above posters are clearly deflecting the issue
    Just in case you missed the point: let’s restate it
    You assholes have been accused of forgery.

  10. I have to say – I dont comment on this often – although i have to comment about rob ASStorino. You look like a cry baby! why do you feel as though you should have got this line and no one else need apply? You lost – get over it.

  11. I will not vote for Andy Spano. I haven’t forgot about the 28% tax increase in Yonkers. Time for him and his pal Ryan to go.

  12. Elections should be overseen by civil servants like they are in every other world democracy except here. It’s then up to the individual party (singular in the case of the US, as we have the single party system here)to monitor the elections.
    What we have here is a political tit, that all feed on, and it’s why the cost of all government is outrageous.

  13. Yeah, Bob- right. All elections are fixed. And the endorsements are rigged. There’s no competition between parties- just secret, back-room deals in smoke-filled rooms that deprive, honest, hard-working folks like you of their legitimate choices at the ballot box.
    Oh- wait. I forgot. You’re a loony liar and you’re essentially an unemployed loser and ne’er do well.
    Never mind.

  14. Bob-
    Get a candidate and an actual party and then you can win or lose and stop whining.
    You seem to be kind of slow on the uptick to me. You personally wrote at the end of your blog above “someone has to hold this three term incumbent accountable”.
    Ummmm……yea…..the voters do. And they keep re-electing him. That ain’t brain surgery there Bobby.
    If you don’t like that then why not stop working for a Pretend Party and start working for a real one with real candidates and get one of those real candidates elected?
    Then you can stop crying about what real parties do, and what real candidates are elected to real positions.
    I understand that “Carrot Girl” is available to run on your ticket, why not give her a call? If you need her number your friend might have it.

  15. The reason Andy Spano has left us the highest taxed county in the United States is that there is no oversight.
    There is no competition. Elections are fixed. Endorsements are rigged. Democrats broker non-aggression pacts. Deals are cut under the table for favors.
    It’s not mystery that former Spano mouthpiece Larry Schwartz (who was rumored to have been Deputy County Executive) negotiated most of these political deals for Andy Spano (with much help from Nick Spano).
    When there are no competitive elections, there is nothing keeping a politician like Andy Spano from raising our taxes.
    So what’s happening with the Conservative Party has a direct connection to how Andy Spano has picked your pockets. He’s either incompetent, blind to the waste in government, or he is crookedly spending our hard-earned cash like a drunken sailor.
    The only game being played here is by those Democrats who stand behind Andy Spano with the blinders on. I’m still holding out hope there are some Democrats in Westchester with some fiscal common sense.
    As for Andy Spano, he’s morally vacant if he can’t SEE the fraud in those proxies.
    Someone has to hold this three-term incumbent accountable to his sloppy management of county government — and he owes the voters of Westchester an independent commission on elections.


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