Attorney General Cuomo’s Public Integrity Bureau Reviewing Castro Complaint

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DiFiorePortrait_5x7_300dpi Castro_Tony White Plains, NY — The Tony Castro for D.A. election campaign today issued a statement by which they assert that "New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office is reviewing the complaint made by the Castro campaign that Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore committed official misconduct and the Westchester Chiefs of Police Association broke several state laws in endorsing DiFiore’s re-election bid. "

According to a letter received by Mr Castro and released today, the complaint has been referred to the Public Integrity Bureau of the A.G.’s office.

Further, "Records obtained by the Castro campaign and also released today, along with statements made by DiFiore and the Association’s attorney, show that both individuals lied to the public and the news media in response to the charges," the Tony Castro for D.A. campaign effort maintains.

"The Tony Castro for D.A. email asserts that, "The documents prove that there has never been a separate, “fraternal” association that made the endorsements as claimed by the Association’s attorney, that the chiefs use the association’s corporate and other names interchangeably and that this one organization is supported by taxpayer dollars."

 “It’s bad enough when police chiefs and the district attorney mangle the law for political purposes,” Castro said.  “But it’s pathetic when they lie to cover it up, especially when they know there are several paper trails.”

“An indispensable part of leadership is having the character to stand up and admit it when you are wrong and to take responsibility for your mistakes,” Castro said.

"Both DiFiore and the Association misrepresented the facts in other ways as well," continues the email message attributed to the Tony Castro for D.A. campaign. 

"DiFiore claimed she had the 'unanimous' support of the Chiefs of Police.  The fact is that no more than 20 of the 44 member departments were present at the meeting when the endorsement was made – less than one-half of the membership.  (By definition, unanimous support would require the affirmation of all 44 active Chiefs.)," continues the Tony Castro for D.A assertion.

The Tony Castro for D.A. campaign asserts that, "DiFiore also told Cable News12 that Castro was relying on an incorrect interpretation of the Election Law.  However, emails and correspondence among the Chiefs show that several chiefs raised concerns about violating the Election Law when the notion of endorsing DiFiore was first discussed in 2005.  Since then, DiFiore became a member of the Association and should have been aware of the organization’s by-laws that prohibit endorsements of candidates for public office – precisely because it is prohibited by law."

 "The claim that the endorsement was made by an organization separate from the one that receives taxpayer dollars in the form of membership fees and expense reimbursements is also patently false," contends the Tony Castro for correspondence. Furthermore, they write, "Under New York Executive Law, a corporation doing business under another name is required to file a certificate with the Secretary of State’s office or the appropriate county clerk’s office.  No such certificate is on file in either locatio

Moreover, the Tony Castro for D.A. point out that, "the tax ID number supplied on the voucher by Harrison police chief David Hall (a former Association president, Republican candidate and current DiFiore supporter) to the town treasurer for payment of his 2009 membership fees in the Association is that of the Westchester Police Chiefs Association, Inc.  According to their 2008 return, the Association has more than $80,000 on hand, accrued from taxpayer-funded membership fees, a taxpayer-supported annual dinner and a private journal.  As a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization, the Association is barred by Federal Law from participating in most political activities, especially endorsements."

“Janet DiFiore has some explaining to do,” Mr Castro said.

eHeziAttorney General Cuomo’s Public Integrity Bureau Reviewing Castro Complaint

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  1. and what about this endorsement tony?
    White Plains, NY – July 30, 1009 – Citing her record of accomplishment, the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police has endorsed Westchester’s District Attorney Janet DiFiore for re-election. The letter on behalf of the President of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, Chief William Kilfoil, recognizes District Attorney Janet DiFiore’s outstanding support of the law enforcement community, as well as her substantial record of accomplishments as the reason for the decision. Quoting from the endorsement letter directly:

  2. ah but sam is trying to get on the taxpayers
    teat..why would he bring so many lawsuits against westchester county costing so far
    several million dollars to defend..where
    does the money come from you think?

  3. I’ve said it before and here it is again. DiFiore has lost the confidence of her own employees. Over 40 of the senior-most prosecutors have left the office during her term. The Detective Investigators don’t leave because the have it too good. Take home cars and $100k plus salaries. Show up late, take long lunches, leave early. I should have taken that job instead! One Deputy Chief lives near Albany and takes home a car! Common Dan!

  4. A.G. Cuomo should look into Nick Spano’s giving Republican-raised campaign money to radical democrats to secure lobbying contracts.

  5. Every time Tony opens his mouth he sticks his foot in it. Tony aren’t you sick and tired of looking and sounding like a dufus?

  6. The fact of the matter is that no municipal union that is under or gets monies from political office holders should be allowed to endorse political candidates. It’s what makes the whole system corrupt.

  7. You all yell about “strip club sam” at least he is not on the taxpayer teat. Don’t forget amiclown took his papers off the street. Cleary illegal. Waste, The list is so long we will all need bigger computers. Amiclown gives another 300thousand to the water taxi knowing it is shutting down anyway????? Were are the FEDs?????????? NJ is just A SLOW START. When is enough enough??????

  8. “An indispensable part of leadership is having the character to stand up and admit it when you are wrong and to take responsibility for your mistakes,” Castro said.
    So Tony please explain your long and close relationship with STRIP CLUB SAM.
    So Tony please tell us if you were or your were not FIRED by the Bronx DA’s office.
    Please tell us if the so called editor of a so-called newspaper was in fact your campaign manager as pandering articles were written in that very rag. Did you or did you not pay for those articles in that rag? Did you or did you not report any of these pandering articles as “in-kind’ donations?
    Do you frequent the place of business of the owner of that rag , the strip club?
    Do you think that strip clubs are a good business for the next Westchester DA to be involved with?
    Do you respect women and girls?
    Do you think little girls should grow up to be strippers?
    Did your supporter, Sam Zherka , fully comply with the campaign laws during the campaign for mayor of Yonkers?
    Do you intend to fully comply with the campaign laws in regards to campaign donations and “in-kind” donations?
    Do you think it’s OK to report donations from multiple business that are closely held by a small number of persons without publicly making that fact clear to the public you hope to serve?
    Do you post ads in the rag of the strip club owner?
    Do you get pandering articles in the rag of the strip club owner?
    Did you fail the bar exam five times?

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