Castro Serves Notice: “The people are with me!”

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Castro_Tony Castro Files 14,073 Democratic Signatures to Earn Place on Primary Ballot

White Plains, NY — In a show of broad support, District Attorney candidate Tony Castro today filed a petition for a place on the September 15th Democratic primary election ballot with more than seven times the 2,000 signatures required by state law.  Accompanied by his family, Castro spoke at 12:30 PM today at the Westchester County Board of Elections in White Plains.

“As we went door to door to ask everyday Democrats for their support it became clearer and clearer that our message is getting through,” Castro said.  “There is only one lifelong Democrat in this race, there is only one candidate who isn’t beholden to party powerbrokers and there is only one candidate who will fight for equal justice for all Westchester residents – and that candidate is yours truly, Tony Castro.”

“Today we serve notice: justice in Westchester is not the play thing of the powerful and the District Attorney’s office is not a political prize to be awarded in some power-sharing arrangement among the elite … the administration of justice requires an impartial and independent District Attorney with consistent values and that is the kind of District Attorney I will be.”

Castro thanked the “…thousands of Democrats and dozens of petition carriers who got me here today…” and promised “I will not let you down!”

A petition was also filed to secure the Independence Party line for Tony Castro.  Castro is not expected to face a challenge for the Independence Party line so he will also appear on the line in the November general election.

eHeziCastro Serves Notice: “The people are with me!”

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  1. notice that the sarah lawrence student can’t
    articulate exactly what she thinks is untrue
    hopefully you do much better on your term papers

  2. hey lisa…no one told tony castro to accept
    support from zherka..he did it all by himself because that’s the only money he
    has access zherka will be the same
    albatross around castro’s neck as he was
    around robertson’s neck..

  3. Hilary Clinton was once a republican and Ronald Reagan was a democrat for decades. Even Teddy Roosevelt changed parties. The democratic ideal which most defines us as Americans is our freedom of choice. What Ms Rubin is your problem? Maybe you can have the registered democrat Zherka come to Sarah Lawrence and lecture about the exploitation of women in his strip clubs. I am sure he will be a hit on campus.

  4. I think ‘Lisa” is either Richard (I NEVER EVER PASSED THE BAR EXAM) Blassberg, or Strip Club Sam.
    The FACTS of Tony Castro are FACTS, and he is in FACT a two-time LOSER.
    Soon he will be a three time loser.

  5. why don’t you tell us what you think is not you not think that castro and
    zherka have a close association…you think that its ok for a candidate for da to hang around with a strip club owner under investigation in manhattan..want me to prove thats true I have the minutes of the court proceeding in which the manhattan da offered to demonstrate that a grand jury was sitting.. what else don’t you think is true…that castro flunked the bar 5 times…its a matter of record..what else do you believe is not true…that richard blassberg editor of the guardian ran castro’s last two campaigns and is his closest advisor and confident now..its in the guardian in blassberg’s own words..want the issue? so tell all of us paying attention what is it that you dont think is true. And if You think that castro’s being the nominee last two times and loosing by overwhelming numbers Even though he had more democrats by 100,000 then maybe, just maybe the democrats Realized that it was all true and they refused to give him the nomination for a third time Because of all the candidates ever to run for da in Westchester tony castro is the most unqualified. get your head out of the sand

  6. I believe the attacks on tony castro are unfounded and not true, if they were, he would of not been the democratic endorsed candidate for d.a. in 2001 and 2005. the attacks against castro are coming from republican operatives like edelman etc.

  7. the office of district attorney is not a republican or democratic is a law
    enforcement office..the issue is not ideology when you vote for DA it is who
    can do the more professional job…to the student at sarah lawrence do you feel that if a district attorney who is competent and professsioanl, who has the higest felony conviction rates in the state, who is supported by virtually every police group and law enforcement group..who will be endorsed by the new york times, and the local paper, do you believe that simply because she change parties,you should therefore vote for a man who flunked the bar five times, allowed a murderer to go free when he was an ada in the bronx, who
    has no support in the democratic party and who accepts money and other kinds of support from a person under criminal investigation in manhattan for drug dealing and prostitution? other words if one
    candidate the incumbant da regardless of party affiliation is competent and the other is dangerous would you let the fact of a party switch control your vote. Remember this is not a vote on someone
    Who will be passing is a vote on your personal safety

  8. Perhaps Ms. Rubin is not aware that the voters of Westchester have elected to change political parties as well.
    Or perhaps she just likes the strip club crowd so much that she can’t see what the office of District Attorney is supposed to actually do for the citizens.

  9. Dear Barbra Rubin-
    Grow up. Plenty of people change parties. Let me explain, you see not all political parties are like the communist were in Albania. People in America are free to join parties or leave them as they see fit.
    I hope you enjoyed this small education.

  10. I agree Tony Castro carried the democratic banner when it was difficult for a democrat to win, he deserves to win, difiore is a longtime republican.

  11. I’m a student at Sarah Lawrence College,
    the most disturbing issue i have, is
    republicans like spector, difiore and
    spano who are lifetime republicans, that
    join the democratic party for political electability.

  12. It is so simple to understand Sam Zherka
    1. He is under investigation by several law enforcements agencies
    2. Lovette was forced to leave his law firm and is on his own with Sam and if you want to file a case pay 25k and it is done.
    3. Zherka, Cavalo and Agostino are all going down together once the elections are over and nobody will stand near them and they smell like rats they are



  15. castro is a total a lawyer, as
    a candidate..his ethics are horrendous,
    he is completely tone deaf…he is led around by the nose by zherka and blassberg
    you can count on his only significant contributions coming from the tv buy that zherka does on his behalf..only this time
    unlike the robertson campaign , there will
    be an immediate request of the election board and zherka who thumbed his nose at the
    law the last time will be tied to castro
    and that will be the end of the primary

  16. As a long time Democrat, and one who respects the law, I will not vote for Tony Castro unless he publicly diassociates himself from Cavallo and Zherka…and I know that there are plenty of other Democrats who agree with me.
    So, let’s see what happens in the primary.

  17. democrats haven’t recognized castro at fact if they did he would have won
    the election either against pirro or against difiore..democrats shunned castro even though there were 100,000 more of them registered to according to the most famous democratic da, frank hogan
    there is no republican or democratic way to fight crime…just the right way..thats
    why castro looses…palling around with zherka will do the same for him as it did
    for dennis Robertson. And as for janet’s consultant, who cares! Blassberg is castro’s consultant and editor of the guardian who gets paid by thats
    something to be concerned about

  18. Castro got the endorsement of Strip Club Sam.
    So he will lose.
    Case closed.
    Of COURSE after the total humiliation the strip club crowd will pretend that the Ayatollah stole the election and are shocked to learn that an idiot who failed the bar exam five times and was FIRED by the Bronx DA’s office “somehow” lost the Westchester DA’s race

  19. people will generally sign just about anything for anyone..the fact that you have
    to pay people to collect signatures for you simply shows how little support you have
    Plus, when you pay people to get signatures they get bad signatures ie
    People not eligible to sign the petition so I am betting that at least
    Half his signatures are bad. But more importantly…coupled with the fact that castro has a paltry 9,000 in his campaign while difiore has almost half a million tells the story of this years election…castro cannot win, and will not win as soon as democrats learn of his gutter

  20. whether someone was paid through campaign funds or have political jobs (taxpayers $$), the fact that people signed his petition says alot. the democratic machine under spano,ryan and lafayette continue to cost taxpayers millions of dollars in patronage every year.

  21. castro’s filings showed he had to pay to collect signatures. that means he doesn’t
    have any broad support in the party or among the members of the party. His financial filings are proof of his lack of support he has a measly 9,000 on hand, while DiFIore has a half a million.Now Tony needs to answer this question. When he was nominated twice to run by the democrats, was he part of “the elite, power sharing conspiracy” if not, how did he get the nomination, if so, why did he loose twice with registration advantages both times. He lost to pirro when her husband was on his way to jail, and he lost to difiore with over 100,000 more democrats enrolled. And if he was part of that group is he now complaining because he has demonstated he can’t win? Has anyone considered that maybe he is a lousy candidate? and I wonder what a majority of those 14,000 signers will do when the find out tony castro receives support from someone under criminal investigation in manhattan county for drug dealing and prostitution…they don’t know that now because no one has told them..but they will learn it very soon..

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