Exclusive – Doug Colety Named Republican Commissioner of the Westchester County Board of Elections

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Colety_Doug White Plains, NY — Acid-tongued bloggers have advised that Westchester County Republican Committee Chairman Doug Colety has just been named the Republican Commissioner of the Westchester County Board of Elections. Mr Colety replaces former Republican Commissioner Steve Levy. Mr Colety was prodded to remove Mr Levy at the urging of Westchester County Independence Party Chair Dr Giulio Cavallo. Mr Levy was the former Chief of Staff to former NYS Senator Nick Spano. Dr Cavallo was also instrumental in cajoling Mr Colety to fire Rosemary Gannon, Nick Spano's sister-in-law.

Speculation as to who would succeed Mr Levy ran the gamut from Republican stragegist Phil Gilles, to Westchester County Republican Committee Second Vice Chair Christine Sculti, among others.

eHeziExclusive – Doug Colety Named Republican Commissioner of the Westchester County Board of Elections

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  1. Why can’t Fois keep a job? I am curious if he is unable or unwilling to hold full-time employment. He stikes me as extremely paranoid.

  2. Fois, you are nothing but a paranoid lunatic. Enough with your crap. Now, it’s the MAFIA?
    You belong in a nuthouse.

  3. I listened in shock one evening with a Republican Assembly candidate as a political operative working then directly for Nick Spano described to us in detail how voting machines can be tinkered with …
    … You’re either naive or morally lost to believe it has never happened. I know for a fact that Nick Spano’s closest operatives can and will at least offer to do it.
    It’s an open secret in Westchester politics that seals on voting machines are found broken, that inconsistencies pop up after candidates canvas these machines — and that multiple elections have been suspected of being stolen over the past 10-15 years.
    The more glaring fraud has been with absentee ballots, paper ballots and voter registrations.
    This is ACORN-esque. It’s happening right under the noses of authorities and rarely being investigated. There has already been one instance of Nick Spano’s operatives ending up in court over such corrupt machinations.
    The fireworks start on Friday, with or without intervention by the New York State Attorney General.
    There are skeptics openly stating that the “fix” is in and that Nick Spano has certain people “in his pocket” to an extent where no court or law enforcement authority can rule effectively on these matters.
    I personally don’t believe that there are judges and prosecutors being paid off by Nick Spano and others close to him.
    But I will give you a scoop.
    We have done a “post mortem” on the paper trail and it’s my own opinion that some of the individuals working closing with Spano Incorporated are suspected “fronts” for organized crime family members.
    We’re off to the races, folks.

  4. by the by bob Flemming was the one responsible for the original post regarding
    sam zherka and the infamous “albanian mob
    kingpin” assertion which kicked off all the
    lawsuits…frankly flemming should not have
    his legal defense paid for by the city..he
    was not posting as a city employee at the time..this is not over yet because others
    who were sued may seek indemnification from

  5. “You did enough damage to people’s lives rigging voting machines, altering voter registrations, forging petitions, forging proxies and threatening people every step of the way.”
    OK, Fois. I’ve had enough of your phony fireworks. Enough with the bloviating. Exactly what proof do you have to substantiate ANY of those allegations? As far as I’m concerned, you’re all talk and no substance. Rigged machines? Altered registrations? In what universe do you have evidence to back up your hysterical hyperbole?
    I’ll say it again- you’re full of it. You’re nothing but a bladder of hot air.

  6. Actually, I didn’t run Mr. Fleming’s race after he won the primary. I managed the successful primary operation.
    Fleming lost that election in November on his own.
    It didn’t help that the former Giuliani bodyguard had lied about his stand on abortion. Also, Fleming associates were verbally shaking me down to kiss the feet of Nick Spano — as if they believed that honoring and obeying the State Senator was the only way we could win.
    As an aside, I was personally offended by Fleming’s penchant for scandal. He enjoyed lying about people’s extra-marital affairs and regularly boasted how close he was to Bernard Kerik.
    When it was over, Fleming neither had paid me nor many others — and what started out as a well-intended reform campaign deconstructed into a disappointment.
    It’s a cautionary tale and probably no different from what the Conservative Party is enduring right now. We have too often been betrayed and disillusioned by our leaders and those endorsed by our party.
    This crap has to stop.

  7. Perhaps we should cut to the chase …
    This conversation is only happening because one or more political operatives who report directly to Nick Spano forged the signatures of district leaders in multiple communities throughout Westchester County.
    It’s bad enough a number of you thrive on corrupting Yonkers. Now you have to interfere with the lives of people in Yorktown, Cortlandt, Valhalla, Mount Pleasant, Rye City, Rye Town, Port Chester, Eastchester, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Pelham, Scarsdale, Greenburgh and many other localties.
    You did enough damage to people’s lives rigging voting machines, altering voter registrations, forging petitions, forging proxies and threatening people every step of the way.
    And now you feign “sour grapes” — playing the victim card — as if I’m part of some criminal conspiracy to expose YOUR wrong-doing. It’s been a fulltime job dodging the personal and professional retribution dished out by you incompetent knuckleheads since 2003.
    You see me relying on patronage, of ANY kind? Don’t lay that tag on me. It would have been nice to work in Yonkers City Hall or a few other places — but I have never lived and died by that petty sword.
    So I publicly suggest that an honored employee of Board of Elections be given his job back — and you get bent out of shape?
    Get a life.
    Get a good attorney too while you’re at it.

  8. “Doug Colety taking a more pronounced role in Board of Elections has more to do with the County GOP chairman finally demonstrating some leadership.
    As for who should be the next deputy commissioner, I would re-hire Chris Delarmi.”
    I’ll bet you would. First, Fois admits this whole Andy Spano fight thing is actually a struggle backed by Cavallo, Zherka, and the Independence pinheads, now he’s giving hiring advice. How much you want to bet Fois’ crew is working with Cavallo on who’s getting fired AND hired over at BOE?
    And it’s NOT all about jobs or power, right Fois?

  9. Doug Colety taking a more pronounced role in Board of Elections has more to do with the County GOP chairman finally demonstrating some leadership.
    As for who should be the next deputy commissioner, I would re-hire Chris Delarmi. The Eastchester resident is trustworthy, highly qualified and does have more experience than most election commissioners around the state. Delarmi was fired Christmas week, 2003 — in retribution for Tony Colavita’s victory that same year. He never should have lost his job and it would be fitting to finally see his return.
    Westchester County needs someone of his ability and integrity at Board of Elections.

  10. It is clear the grand jury is collecting evidence on Cavalo and people like Coletly are clear targets. It has taken long, but anyone and everyone knows how Cavallo operates and now Zherka has control of Cavallo.
    Colety is the one that charges ex judge Allesandro 650,000 to win an election, now he prints for DeFiore and Cavallo will screw Zherka soon enough.


  12. Let’s see. Print jobs make Colety in the area of $200,000. Then there’s the repairman job he appointed himself to last week. Another $67,000. Now Levy’s old job. I’m guessing $80,000. Not bad. Pulling in about $350,000 annually. Cavallo shakes him down, and Colety shakes down candidates. Feds, pleeeeese!!!

  13. how much does coltey make as sub contractor to hudak. he does the printing or at least places it. people are watching you cultey. i hear he even does some of difiores printing !!! what does jerka think of that?

  14. you know what is amazing. coltey selects the commisioner. she selects himas deouty and then hires his immediate family. then they complain about the spanos bob fois is a real hypocrite- when are the minor parties going to have some jobs at the board of elections. “they” say that you must be a rep or dem but it is they who make the rules. it is not true the minor parties can be hired. it is about time we were respected.

  15. Could he be that stupid to put himself in that job without having the votes to remain as chairman. Cavallo will threaten not to endorse any Republican for the next 100 years unless his step & fetch remains.
    The party system is broken in Westchester.The only way to get around it is to run your own candidates and not even deal with the organizations. They are nothing more than shakedown groups to benefit the umemployable.

  16. The difference between the Republican party of today and the days of Tony Colavita is that Tony knew that in order to build an organization you must have a strong army. One of the major rules of an army is that the General makes sure that the troops get feed before the officers. Colety has no credibility, he pushed through the Morabito candidacy against the will of his entire committee. Colety steps and fetches to Cavallo, Cavallo throws him some printing and obviously he needs the money so he jumps.
    The whole thing is a joke, it’s every man for themselves a far cry from the good ole days.

  17. Normally, I would adamantly oppose such a political appointment but the circumstances dictate a change.
    Nick Spano’s crew acted as shadow bosses of the Republican Party and Doug Colety (and prior chairs) were characterized as cuckholded by the usual suspects.
    Perhaps the County GOP chair needs to get in there and assert his presence, especially since such commissioners are traditionally chosen from each major party to balance each other out.
    With Nick’s picks in there, the balance was gone.
    Admittedly, the scenario is intriguing and Colety risks scrutiny. However, I trust that Doug as County GOP chair is establishing a useful precedent (though it must be handled with care).
    Why not allow the Conservative and Independence parties as much a presence in the formal oversight of elections as Democrats and Republicans?
    Don’t scapegoat this change on Cavallo (who actually endorsed a Democrat for D.A.). Republicans needed desperately to have a fair and balanced hand in the process. They were actually left on the outside looking in.
    By the way, it was Colety who helped Conservatives identify several blatant instances of what appears by every rendering to be forgeries. I applaud him for the work he did to more closely examine deficiencies in the process.
    His presence at Board of Elections is a good development.

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