State Legislature Approves Legislation Sponsored by Sen. Stewart-Cousins and Assemblyman Spano

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Stewart-Cousins_Andrea Spano_Mike Albany, NY — State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/WF – 35th District) and Assemblyman Mike Spano (D/C/WF – Yonkers) announced today that legislation they sponsored together was overwhelmingly approved by the Senate and Assembly.  Senate bill 4392A/Assembly bill 5493A will resolve the ongoing parking problem for residents in East Yonkers by establishing a residential parking permit system near the Yonkers Raceway and Empire City at Yonkers

“Passage of this legislation was extremely important to the residents of  the  area  surrounding  the  Raceway  who  continuously have difficulty parking  where they live.  I was pleased to sponsor the bill which provides a solution to this ongoing problem,” Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins stated.

Assemblyman  Spano  stated,  “The  residents  who  live  near Yonkers Raceway  often  have  trouble  parking  near  their  homes  which  is  both inconvenient  and dangerous.  The permit parking system will guarantee that those  living  near  Yonkers Raceway have access to the street parking they deserve.”

Senator  Andrea Stewart-Cousins said that the benefits of the parking system  will  be offered to the residents of five streets and approximately 260  homes.  The included streets are Belmont Avenue, from Orient Street to Yonkers  Avenue;  Boone Street, from Central Park Avenue to Dead End; Clark Street,  from  Central  Park  Avenue  to Orient Street; Loring Avenue, from
Central Park Avenue to Orient Street and Chamberlain Avenue, from Belmont Avenue to Central Park Avenue.

Local residents have also reported littering and excessive noise from Raceway patrons, as well, Spano said.  The result of this parking permit system will help keep the streets safer and cleaner, thereby preserving the quality of life of this residential community.

Senator  Stewart-Cousins  and  Assemblyman  Spano concluded that the shortage  of  parking and noise and pollution in the Yonkers Raceway/Empire City area has been a problem for some time now and we commend the residents of  this  area  for  making  us  aware  of this problem and pursuing a fair solution.

The  legislation  will  now be forwarded to Governor Paterson for his approval.

eHeziState Legislature Approves Legislation Sponsored by Sen. Stewart-Cousins and Assemblyman Spano

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  1. Hoboken Mayor Arrested
    Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 8:39 pm under U.S. News Buzz up! (5)Hoboken Mayor Arrested
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    Among those arrested this morning were Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano and Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, authorities said.FBI and IRS agents are making the roundups all across the state in what is being described as one of the biggest investigations of its kind in Jersey’s scandal-plagued history.
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    Arrests and searches are underway across Jersey City, Secaucus and numerous Hudson and Bergen county locations.
    In past years, New jersey has seen more than 100 corruption-related arrests of public officials. No word on the specific charges against those being rounded up today. A press conference is expected later today.

  2. There is NO denial that Yks. is a mess and crime is on the rise and the current mayor is a failure, but to suggest that Mike Spano is the answer is a stretch.

  3. don’t hate! angry hater @ 7;39am…
    Spano will clean up Yonkers as best he can after Amicone’s disasterous debacle of a term in office … I don’t know if eating free lunch and dinners at X20, shutting down small businesses and killing the waterfront project wa in the job spec as mayor…
    8 people shot this month in Yonkers! lets cut more cops hater!

  4. Politico, Oh yes, Mike will put on his cape fly off a bldg. and save us. Save yourself you kool aid drinking idiot. Grow up and save yourself you dumb ass Spano Groupie. Mike does not give a rat’s ass about you my friend. Like all pols. he cares about himself and his “family.” We already have a messiah and his name is Obama. We don’t need another one.

  5. Mike make Amicone look like the idiot that he is!!!
    Kick his ass all over Yonkers.
    We Support Spano all the way!!!
    And John Rubbo! – who deserves to win more than anyone running in any election!
    Hey Phil go for another cut. The comb-over is outdated you spineless wimp.

  6. Mike for Mayor!!!
    Amicone goes to jail. He’s a spineless BUM.
    Jim Pinto his lieing SCUMBAG COUSIN WILL BE exposed!!!

  7. If they didn’t have illegal 2 and 3 family houses then there would be enough parking spaces. This is more of usual nonsense. How about passing a bill to get money for the school system from raceway? No. Instead we are given this old b.s.

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