Westchester County Conservative Chair Burns Reconfirms Endorsements by Party

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Burns_Gail "Today, once again, the Westchester County Conservative Party overwhelmingly endorsed the incumbent Andy Spano for re-election as Westchester’s County Executive with 71 percent of the vote at a special meeting this afternoon.  In addition, the Westchester Conservative Party also endorsed for District Attorney candidate, Janet DiFiore, and County Clerk candidate, Robert Morabito.

"Andy Spano has championed programs to keep Westchester residents safe. His aggressive stance on getting drunk drivers off Westchester roadways is unparalleled and he continues to demonstrate strong dedication to keeping dangerous sex offenders of the streets.   He has fought at the state level for increased penalties for sex offenders, and at the local level he has worked with the courts to put forth a program to place bracelets on sex offenders so their whereabouts can be monitored.  Under his leadership, Westchester County is still one of the only county municipalities in the nation to enjoy a triple-A bond rating.

"The Westchester County Conservative Party fought back a procedural motion to control the process today by an insurgent group of Republicans.  It was a failed attempt to take over the party," said Conservative Chairwoman Gail Burns. "The Westchester Conservative Party stands by its decision to endorse the best and qualified candidates for elected office.  Today's actions reaffirm earlier decisions made by our party." 

eHeziWestchester County Conservative Chair Burns Reconfirms Endorsements by Party

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  1. Doug is the best thing that has happened to the Party. He has my and every town’s and Village’s committee’s support. Keep up the good work Doug!

  2. From a website Bio of a person named Bob Fois (misspelling left intentionally)
    I’m a writer and realtor, living on the outskirts of New York City at the dawn of this new millenium.
    Single in suburbia (have not met Ms. Right), 45, prone to popcorn, averse to network television and always on the looking for the next big thing.
    Have worn two official professional hats over the years, journalist and political consultant. In addition to penning occasional bits of fiction, I have been known to ghost write for a variety of clients.
    Started as an actor, once taught a foreign language in the Bronx (English) and dabbled in real estate throughout Greenwich Village. Somewhere along the way I actually learned how to write.
    When I am not “civically engaged” in some local or statewide cause, I cann usually be found at a coffee house or library exploring new projects
    Here’s an idea stop hanging out at the Latte Store, get a real job and maybe next time “Mrs Right” sees you first she might not run in the other direction.

  3. and you are the reason that the whole political system is f**k up with your selfish, silly games. What’s the matter with you? Did mother nature cheat you so you need political games to make you feel like a man? You need to grow up and act like a citizen instead of a political hack.

  4. Fois sure throws a lot of nonsense around. When they asked you yesterday for the specific proxies, how come you and Fox said you didn’t know? Now you come on this blog and give some details, but still no names. And were these bad proxies enough to change the results- like many hundreds of them? If there were, how come you didn’t say anything at the meeting? I’ll tell you why. First, you’re full of it. Second, even if all 80 of the proxies you claim were fraudulent were tossed out, you’d still have lost by hundreds of votes. You’re nothing but a lousy agitator and a sore loser.

  5. This whole collecting signatures is like selling girl scout cookies, but at least you get fed from the latter. It’s also pure farce.
    How about moving into the 21st century and allowing anyone who wants to run for office the opportunity to do so. God forbid, then the voters would have a choice instead of the party appointed hacks who have brown nosed themselves to death.
    The only people who are against this are the dems and gopers, who are responsible for the political mobs that they control. It would end the one party system once and for all. You would never have the situation we have now where we have many county seats not even contested as they have been gerrymandered for one or the other on ethnic or racial lines.
    Also the selling of party lines like cheap whores should be illegal. You either run a candidate or candidates. And primaries should be scrapped altogether. One election day and let the voters decide. It would be more democratic and take away power from the 2 monopoly parties. This would be a good thing.

  6. If there is truly forgery on enough of the
    proxies..any member of the conservative party can challenge their validity in
    court..I suggest that a group of the leaders
    who want rob to get the conservative line
    as I do…bring an injunction asap…but
    knowing how the system works even if some of
    the proxies are bad with 71% for spano I
    find it hard to believe you could knock
    enough out to prevail…and at the most
    all you would be doing is forcing another
    meeting with new proxies….once again
    minor parties are taking the choice away
    from the voters

  7. Does anyone use their real name on here?
    It’s like the proxies used to nominate Andy Spano.
    There are nearly 80 signatures that bear no resemblance to their voter registration cards, including:
    (1) Forgeries of people who don’t live in New York State.
    (2) Forgeries of people who did not sign a proxy.
    (3) Forgeries of people who signed other proxies.
    (4) Forgeries of individuals who have stated on their voter registration that they do not wish to be a member of ANY political party.
    (5) Signatures by individuals who are not Conservatives.
    (6) Signatures with handwriting so similiar that anyone could see that the same group of people signed hundreds of proxies.
    There’s even a signature from a town chair whose voter registration explicitely states that he doesn’t live in Westchester County anymore.
    Federal prosecutors have to come into this county and investigate …
    … It’s not that I don’t understand the political “dynamic” Mr. Anonymous. It’s that there is no way that any sane or humane individual could ACCEPT this corrupt dynamic.
    Fraud, forgery and deceit.

  8. Look at that picture…. 🙂
    They say a picture can say 1,000 words but my mother taught me if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So I guess this picture say’s 0 words.

  9. the problem isn’t nick spano..the problem
    is allowing these minor parties to cross
    endorse..it empowers too few people to
    inlfluence important county wide elections
    leaving the voters out of the equation.
    until minor parties are prohibited from
    cross enodorsing these games will continue
    to undermine the two party system..remember
    there are only a handful of states that allow this chaos, and new york sadly is one
    of them…the game was controlled for awhile
    by julio cavalo when he knew that the conservatives would always back republicans
    making the IND line the line that could
    determine the outcome..now the conservative
    party outmaneuvered cavalo and marginalized
    him in the big races. he deserves everything
    he got and more..people in the conservative
    party who are complaining should understand
    the dynamic before they blame individuals

  10. Bob Fois is a loud-mouthed nasty jackass. I was at the meeting yesterday. Spano won by a huge margin. Fois and Fox tried to steal the nominations away from the candidates duly nominated at the last meeting by calling yet another county meeting on short notice. They figured they could get the jump on everyone, get more proxies, and overturn the results. Well, they lost again. Having failed to respect majority rule, and having tried to overturn it, they LOST. When Fois and Fox yelled FRAUD at the meeting yesterday, the people at the table up front asked them for specific objections to specific proxies- like, which ones were fraudulent. They said they didn’t know. Both of them are full of it. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, well- our party has some crazies. Fois is safe, though- imagine how much fabric it would take to cover up all that blubber with a straight jacket.

  11. There is enough fraud in Andy Spano’s volume of proxies to steal an entire election.
    But there is also enough fraud to define for the voters why Spano should have retired. And I’m certain many Democrats feel the same way, since this obsession with control has turned off many in his own party.
    If an three-term incumbent Democrat is so insecure that he needs to criminally subvert the Conservative Party, maybe the County Executive is more vulnerable than any of us realized.
    The voters will decide this debate, if the courts don’t send the “usual suspects” off in shackles before it is all over.

  12. some of you are real haters. but i will just ignore you. it is really getting a bit overused– if you disagree you are corrupt please come up with another line

  13. More Spano Corruption! Nicky and Andy Spano are corrupt to the core and should be ashamed for forcing their radical liberal ideology on the Conservative Party.
    The Westchester County Conservative Party, unfortunately, is being hijacked by people whose sole purpose is to guarantee the employment of Nick Spano’s relatives – not to advance conservative causes.
    Shame on them both!

  14. Stick a fork in that Party… just like the old st. Nick the turkey is done! Congratulations SpaNOs, with the demise of your dynasty Spanos we also start to see the full collapse of the Conservative Party’s functions! Say hello to Julio Cavallo!!

  15. it is amazing when losers write nasty comments on this site. the fact is that 71 percent of the votes went for andy spano is 71 percent fraud? sounds like sour grapes- real nasty sour grapes as well. the question is why did astorino, fox and macdonald call this meeting when they didnt have the votes? buy a calculator

  16. it’s over in the Consevative Party as well – Astorino was making calls himself to Conservative district leaders to get them to give their proxies.
    That just didn’t work. Most people can’t figure out where the propositions are on the machine, let alone aa write-in.
    So ….. to quote one of those News12 analysts from days gone by, stick a fork in Astorino – he’s done.
    Is it a landslide? not if you count winning by 63% of the vote. 100,000 more Democrats than Republicans.

  17. forgetting about astorino and spano for a moment since rob may recapture the conservative line in a write in, the fact is
    that di fiore will win her primary having nothing whatever to do with the conservative party….everyone wants their
    da to be tough on crime including democrats
    and by the way black on black crime is the
    highest by far..so african americans have no
    problems with tough da’s..but tony castro
    on the other hand cannot give difiore any
    difficulty in a primary..and after the primary he will still have the IND line
    and difiore will have the consv line in
    the general so my point is game over
    in the da’s race

  18. DiFiore wins a Democratic primary with the Conservative line … ?
    What consultant cooked up that scenario?
    Also, the resentment by rank and file Conservatives against Andy Spano being on the Conservative line is going to be so rabid by November, she might be wishing she never went anywhere near this debacle.
    Astorino will benefit dramatically by the disclosures of fraud associated with HOW Andy Spano stole the Conservative line.
    Voters are sick and tired of their pockets being picked by the political bosses.

  19. this means that the elections in november
    may be a foregone conclusion, unless rob astorino can win a write in primary which is
    still a possibility.The election for district attorney however is over..Difiore
    is an automatic as she wins her primary
    going away and will have little trouble in
    the general election

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