Yonkers Budget to Receive Attention in Albany

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Amicone_Phil Albany, NY — "The New York Senate passed our revenue extenders yesterday," noted David Simpson, Communication Director for Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone. "The mayor has been assured that the Yonkers bills will be among the first that the governor signs.  The comptroller's office has told the mayor that they *will* in fact certify the budget (despite their objections to the serious underfunding of overtime) once the governor has signed the bills.  And the finance department will send out tax bills on Monday once everything is official.  So it appears our budget situation has finally been resolved."

Mr Simpson continued, "However, we are still in a serious cash flow crunch.  The storm and the extended budget delay has dwindled cash reserves.  We are working with the state to allow the city advances on revenues that will keep us operating.  That is to say there's more work to do.

"Finally," notes Mr Simpson, "and the mayor is adamant about this point-no one should come out looking like a hero here.  This whole scenario has been disgraceful and is truly an embarrassment for New York State with one of its largest cities pushed to the brink of bankruptcy over a political power grab."

eHeziYonkers Budget to Receive Attention in Albany

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    I can almost taste the beer as I plan to sit outside and enjoy later! Congrats to thsoe guys for fighting the City and winning!
    The Mayor and Regan must be pissed that Good Beat Evil!

  2. You are right word, these cops working as secretaries are collectively making over one million dollars in overtime. Dont forget that female Lt in the commissioners office. What a waste of money.

  3. We have “cops” working as secretaries for the Chiefs. They are making overime to sit on their butts and eat cupcakes. They even get overtime to work as chief’s aides when the Chiefs aren’t even there!
    Kick these “cops” out on to the street. If they don’t fit in their uniforms anymore, make them get new ones , and hire secretaries at a fraction the cost of a cop.

  4. Wasn’t he the judge who was disbarred for embezzeling money from the PBA while he was their lawyer. Only in Yonkers!

  5. Ex judge Edmund Fitzgerald’s b.s. “Special Projects” job in the YPD at an obscene $200K per year should have been eliminated. Edmund, nobody owes you a city job believe it or not, go to the private sector. This is not a welfare program and the taxpayers are fed up !!!!!!

  6. How much did it cost to cancel the 4th??? Was police overtime 5% or 60% of the cost??? He clearly did it to prove a point….”It’s my city, I will do what I want”…..Great job clown. As I have said…He would be funny if he didn’t cost us so much!!!

  7. Riverfest should have been cancelled last year. Poorly planned throughout. It’s a waste if they do it like that again this year.

  8. McDow sent out a notice that because of the storm, the African American heritage festival has been postponed to August. CANCEL IT! Cancel all the parades that suck up YPD OT. If the fireworks – which honored our country and all Americans – was cancelled, cancel all these ethnic functions as well.
    Speaking of festivals, is there a Riverfest this year? That’s probably cancelled too!

  9. If the public only knew how many cops are actually on patrol, by pct, and time of day they would be horrified. Do a count and see how many are pushing papers, and the public would be screaming.

  10. You guys are absolutely right, he took officers from units that actually do something about crime. The PC is a wimp who jumps when the mayor says jump, he cant make any decisions on his own.By making the transfers, he is only wearing out the remaining officers, plus the overtime will go through the roof. The mayor is screwing the taxpayers of this city, and letting the savages run wild, but he doesnt care because he is well insulated from reality by the 2nd floor friends and family club.

  11. It was the police commissioner decision to take police officers out of the crime scene unit and detective division. He could have taken them out of his office but apperantly he needs police officers to answer his phones.He could have taken them off the boat. He could have taken out of the grant office. But he was obviously told to take them from units which would have the biggest impact on the people. Anti crime and detectives.Because his loyalty is to the adminstration and not the people or the police of Yonkers he did what he was told. This adminstration is the worse ever. If they don’t get what they want they sit around and figure how they can screw people.

  12. Dont worry, the illegal/gang population will take care of itself, they will slowly kill each other off.And, having the police commissioner take police officers out of the crime scene unit and detective division will only make matters worse. After all, you can only spread the manpower so far.

  13. and please tell Simpson to just his trap!
    I am trying to figure out if Phil’s final term is based entirely on…
    leading a city TO RUINS…
    This is a tough one – any help.

  14. and Phil has the time to make the police department go down to the waterfront and make sure there’s no patio or patronage in front of the whiskey rio… something a little wrong here Yonkers???
    This message is brought
    to you by Phil Amicone.
    Put the cops back on the street.
    Get rid of waste on 2nd floor.
    hmmmm wonder whats more important.

  15. Hold crap! FU good post! I didnt see that in the JN. Sick stuff is going here in this city. The South side is going nuts! We need to drag the neighborhood and shut down the overcrowded houses with 20-30 people living in a 3 family. Illegal boarding houses all over S. Yonkers and use fire code as the excuse. While the Landlords take a brunt of the issues, they also must know what is oign on in there own buildings.
    Use laws on the books to Push the Illegals that are out for Crime to move on or back to their home country and just go.
    Sucks to say but its legal and what they are doing is illegal.
    Pick know buildings with Occupancy issues, fire hazzards or elevator problems. DONE! Once the word goes around, we should see a mass exodus of Illegals and criminals. We should make more of a show of it than its really is. If you have not done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about but we must PURGE this place of the elements somehow..Its more pro-active in purpose but gov. is never like that.
    Also, did you see the 75 yr old guy on Nep. Ave got knocked out by a 30 yr old guy over a parking spot. That kinda takes the cake until I saw this article.

  16. …and you can add to that all the waste on the 2nd flr. (Lopez, Peterson et al), the cars, cell phones and many of the other perks.

  17. Uncle rico…
    you can cut the police by eliminating monthly poice precinct meetings where two or three cops are there making 4 hours overtime each month, cut the parades no one attends anymore, cut the community festivals for awhile unless they are privately funded. There’ll still be plenty of money to put cops on the streets.

  18. The Democrat state senator Espada was characterized as corrupt by the Democrats when he voted for the coup and now the Democrats make him their majority leader.There is no shame in Albany.

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