Assemblyman Spano Reminds Public of $9.9 Billion in Unclaimed Funds

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Spano_Mike Yonkers, NY — Assemblyman Mike Spano (D/C/WF-Yonkers) is reminding New Yorkers that the state may be holding some of their unclaimed money. There are $9.9 billion in unclaimed funds that are available for retrieval at no expense through the state Comptroller’s Office.

 “Now more than ever, every dollar counts,” Spano said. “Many New Yorkers are unaware that the state could be holding their outstanding funds — sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars.” 
There are several ways that accounts become unclaimed, Spano said, such as forgetting to cash a check, moving without receiving a utility deposit refund, or leaving a job without picking up the last paycheck. State law requires banks, insurance companies, utilities, investment companies and many other businesses to surrender inactive accounts to the Office of the State Comptroller, which serves as custodian of this money until it is claimed. Typical claims are between $50 and $100, but much larger recoveries are not unheard of.  Last year, a total of $194 million was reclaimed. 

While there is no fee to reclaim funds, private companies can charge up to a 15 percent finder’s fee, Spano warned. To avoid the expense, deal with the Comptroller’s Office directly. 

“I encourage all New Yorkers to contact the Comptroller’s Office and reclaim what is rightfully theirs,” Spano said. 

To find out if you’re owed money, visit the comptroller’s Web site at, click on “Search for Unclaimed Funds” and type in your name. You can also call the Comptroller’s Office at 1-800-221-9311 from 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. 
eHeziAssemblyman Spano Reminds Public of $9.9 Billion in Unclaimed Funds

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  1. One of the biggest sources of unclaimed money? Forgotten bank accounts.
    Due to the large number of failed banks in recent months, there’s an important issue regarding FDIC insurance depositors need to be aware of.
    Depositors must claim FDIC insured accounts within a specific time period, or face possible forfeiture of their funds.
    This situation occurs when you (or a deceased family member) are entitled to an account at a failed bank, and don’t know it.
    How is this possible?
    First, the original bank may have been acquired by one that was subsequently closed by government regulators, which occurs without advance notice. There have been hundreds of mergers and acquisitions over the last several years. For a list of failed banks and the institutions they have acquired over the years, go to:
    Second, brokered CDs and retirement accounts are on the failed bank’s records in the name of the broker, not the individual owner. It is the broker’s responsibility to initiate the claim, and the FDIC will not contact you.

  2. Shame that there is nothing to lobotomize on Mr Stick, since it might have been helpful.
    Go ahead Stick, you and Mikey Spano look up that word.

  3. Even while sitting on Bernadette’s shoulders, Carlo Calvi doesn’t measure up.
    On a happier note, at least he watch a parade with Ms Lawler’s help.

  4. Dear Stick,
    You should take advantage of the offer for people like you from the local medical centers.
    You qualify for the free brain scan.
    The offer is extended to those who have nothing to scan.

  5. Carlo Calvi had the opportunity to run against Mike for Assembly last year, but he hid behind Jim Faulkner instead. Carlo’s hobby in running his mouth against all things Spano. Jealousy is an ugly trait. The little guy won’t ever stop. He’s been that way for many years. He’s all talk and no action.

  6. This is an amazing news story. How exciting!
    Mike Spano finally figured out that there is an unclaimed funds website through the NYS Comptroller’s Office.
    After being in existence for about 15 years, Mikey found out about it.
    This is truly the kind of news that excites the people of Yonkers.
    Forget that we have dysfunctional government, that we are taxed to death at the highest rates in the country, that the city is rampant with crime, that there is a broken and failed school system, that the city is broke.
    That’s all boring, inconsequential stuff.
    We’re glad that Mike broke this story. Can’t wait to see it on the network news tonight. Maybe CNN will pick it up for national coverage.
    Mike, there is also a pothole on Yonkers Ave. Please do a press release on that too.
    This is truly the kind of guy we need to be our Mayor. Maybe if he gets there he can discover a few other websites like Amazon, ebay, yahoo, etc. and break the good news to us.
    He might even figure out that the City of Yonkers has a website and share that with us poor slobs.

  7. Hey Stickman,
    With your logic it wouldn’t be hard to believe that you may be the only person who survived a partial birth abortion and was born without a brain.
    Calvi would blow Mike Spano away. You must be from out of town or from outer space.
    Aren’t you aware that Nicky’s two losses (he lost the first time against Cousins but got elected) and Mikey’s loss to Amicone show that Spanos are toast against intelligent candidates.
    They just don’t have the grey matter to take on the likes of a Calvi. Calvi could probably win even if he raised less than $3000 for the campaign.
    Imagine a debate between Calvi & Mike Spano. Mike probably wouldn’t even understand the words that Calvi uses, if he didn’t chicken out of the debate beforehand like his Daddy did when he ran for County Clerk.

  8. If Carlo Calvi ever ran against Mike Spano, Mike would win every single line. Including the REP line. Carlo would be lucky to get 25% of the vote. Of course, Carlo would not be able to raise $3,000 for a campaign either.
    As for the previous post, son’t those views belong to the current President of the United States?

  9. Is it true that Mike Spano voted in favor of same sex marriage two times in the last two years – once as a Republican now as a turncoat to the Democratic party?
    We know he is an aggresive supporter of partial birth abortion. For those who don’t know what that is, rest assured it is the most gruesome form of torture on a full term fetus.
    A late term fetus (sometimes 9 months) is induced through the birth canal until its head is visible, which is then crushed and its brains sucked out of the skull. The baby is then “born”.
    It has no place to go but into the next world.
    Spano has got to be a very low person to support these two far out weird concepts.

  10. Carlo Calvi does not even rate as a Has-Been. He is a Never-Was. Today Carlo is nothing more than a bitter little man without an audience. He had a shot in Westchester politics, but now he is a spectator because of his lack of talent & professionalism. Carlo Calvi only makes noise. Never results.
    His jealousy of all things Spano would make Napoleon roll in his grave.

  11. Mikey’s borrowing this idea from Carlo Calvi (don’t think he’s related to Mikey’s wife).
    When Calvi was council member he cross referenced the database of his constituents with the unclaimed funds website.
    Then he printed out the claim forms for each person and mailed it to the person who only needed to sign the form and submit it to the Comptroller’s office.
    Calvi did that with a lot less staff than Mikey has.
    Why not get off your butt and really do something to help people. Call Calvi if you can’t figure out how to do it.
    And try to stop pandering for votes with naked press releases. We don’t need you to tell us that:
    “Now more than ever, every dollar counts,”
    Th Spanos ain’t hurting because they suck the public teat dry.

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