Board of Elections Rejects Candidates’ Attempt to Steal Conservative Line

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Burns_Gail Westchester County Conservative Party Chairwoman Gail Burns

White Plains, NY — Attempts by non-endorsed candidates to allegedly "steal" the Conservative Party line as possible write-in candidates have been shut down by the Westchester County Board of Elections (WCBoE). 

The WCBoE recently dismissed an ill-fated attempt by candidates Rob Astorino and Dan Schorr to hijack the Conservative Party line; invalidating two Opportunity to Ballot petitions for the respective offices of County Executive and District Attorney.

Conservative Party Chairwoman Gail Burns commended the Board's ruling and said that the Astorino and Schorr campaigns, known by some to be behind the effort, have again failed at their political maneuvering to allegedly "steal" the Conservative line.
“Candidates Astorino and Schorr led insurgents to circulate petitions under a rouse to defraud unknowing Conservative Party voters into signing against the party,” said Burns. 

"The Board has rightfully dismissed these petitions, which were wrought with bad signatures. I am pleased that the Board recognized these errors and disposed of the petitions before Astorino and Schorr could further dupe the voting public,” continued Burns. 

"This also sends an important message to these candidates that they simply cannot steal a party line for their own political gain," concluded Burns.
eHeziBoard of Elections Rejects Candidates’ Attempt to Steal Conservative Line

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  1. That Terenzi is a has been. He’s too busy hanging around that Calvi guy from Yonkers.
    I think Terenzi is mad at Burns because she rejected his advances. He’s in awe of her political power.

  2. From the decision and I quote
    “There is no credible evidence that any objection or motion was attempted with respect to the form of the proxies. While there was tesitmony by one witness for petitioner, Robert Fois, that an objection was made to the form, his testimony was inconsistant.”

  3. “The Court discredits the testimony by respondent Burns that the rules attached to the petitioner’s exhibit 1 were not the applicable rules of the Conservative Party as she offered no explanation.”
    In other words, Gail Burns did not counter the argument about “the executive committee” with even a plausible explanation of the rules.
    Both her and Gannon did not seem to know the rules.
    In my humble opinion, respecting the decision of the Court, I still believe that they willfully BROKE the rules — and led an entire county committee astray with an arbitrary use of the Conservative Party’s endorsement process.

  4. Eleanor McDonald,
    I must have hit a cord somewhere. Go take your 20 weighted votes and give them to Foxy under the Blarney Stone. You use to stand for the right things years ago, making that pig the chairperson was a disgrace.
    PS: Ed Sheeran gives his regards.

  5. Back when Natrella & Colavita ran that line it was a power to be dealt with, now it ain’t worth #@#$%. So right Joe Shultz.
    The Conservative party is now for sale to the best jobs. (they will even take the crumbs) They are cheap. gail is a disgrace to her father a real gentleman although he could deal with best. These forgeries were a desperation move by the Andy Spano camp.
    Also the fact that Gail is in love with Nick Spano to a point where she would jump off a bridge for him. Nick is another political opportunist. Boy, I think politics in New york State needs a big overhaul. No-one has any ethics. We should all remember in Nov. Vote them all out including Gail Burns as chairperson of Conservative party. Conservatives get organized by next year.

  6. “The only forgeries I know about exist in the volume of proxies put forth for Andrew Spano.”
    Of course, nobody’s counting the dozen or so pre-dated proxies YOU and Fox tried to slip on past everybody, right, BOB?

  7. Any insignificant imbecile can write anonymously…..I write and stand up for what I think… dear imbecile, you would do well to go back in your hole with the other rats and vermin…you and your information of course is outdated material
    Eleanor McDonald

  8. The Conservative party in Westchester has nothing to do with ideology. It’s all about who can get more relatives or municipal employees to become a district leader. Those district leaders carry a certain amount of weight in the commitee based on the prior governatorial election.
    The reality is simple, the total amount of people voting in Westchester on the Conservative line has evaporated by almost 50% in the last 25 years.
    The Conservative line has historically been a place for disgruntled Republicans and consrvative Democrats. Now the line represents a handful of unemployable parasites who think they have leverage over some unsuspecting idiot candidate ie. Astorino.
    Back when Natrella & Colavita ran that line it was a power to be dealt with, now it ain’t worth #@#$%.

  9. Hey 7:14 – In next year’s meeting, please wear your powdered wig and ruffled shirts. I love a posting with that issues challenges and it signed by “anon.” The fact is that the majority of the CON party members support Gail Burns. On this site, we have 2 unemployed mice that roar. I’d rather have them here than stalking playgrounds.

  10. never thought anyone would want to be the next mike edelman..they would have to be
    nuts to put up with the back and hip issues!!!

  11. never thought anyone would want to be the next mike edelman..they would have to be
    nuts to put up with the back and hip issues!!!

  12. never thought anyone would want to be the next mike edelman..they would have to be
    nuts to put up with the back and hip issues!!!

  13. Gail, the only thing that I could say now is that I will pray for you. You have proved that sometimes evil triumphs over good, but in the end, righteousness will prevail. You have aligned yourself with a person or persons that do not nor never will have any semblance of agreement with our party’s platform. How do you stand on fiscal responsibility, abortion, same-sex marriage issues? I challenge you to say that you can go down every point and agree with the rest of us, those that hold to the ideology of our founder. May you find unrest in your spirit until you forsake your cheating and lying ways.

  14. Rob Astorino could not mount an effort to be dog catcher in his own Town. The morons that he had running his so called “insurgency” would not know enough to get out of the rain.
    Hugh Fox only got involved in the Conservative party because he knew that the political leverage could keep him in charge of Local 456. No credibilty, former Nick spano step & fetch.
    Rob Fois is scary, wants to be the next Mike Edelman of the County. Eleanor McDonald is still waiting for Tara Circle to make a comeback.
    Let’s see next year when the next Conservative reorganization happens. They will all be in bed together looking to pick up whatever patronage droppings Andy Spano can send their way. What a joke.

  15. The only forgeries I know about exist in the volume of proxies put forth for Andrew Spano.
    I know of at least one journalist (who writes for Hometown Media) who personally verified at least one instance of forgery. There are many more instances of fraud/forgery, to the best of my knowledge, and at least 80 or more alleged instances of inconsistent handwriting that a first grader would know is forgery.
    This is not rocket science, Mike.
    But we must for now rely on the judgment of the court, not only about the alleged fraud but also the apparent mismanagement of the June meeting. I’m not an election attorney. I won’t pretend to know the answers — even though everyone else is asking the questions.
    There are no forgeries or fraud of any kind within the volume of proxies or signatures for Rob Astorino. There was no fraud or forgery within the volume of signatures fora write-in effort.
    As far as I know this evening, there is no formal determination yet on the alleged fraud and forgery in the above-mentioned proxies for Andrew Spano.

  16. What doomed the write-in effort was a handful of local chairs who never showed up. They know who they are. They betrayed a lot of honest Conservatives.
    The only stealing in this election happened on your watch, Gail Burns. You’re a dishonest woman. You have disgraced your father and disgraced your city.
    Your infatuation with Nicky Spano is all that remains of your father’s legacy. The worst part is that you’re never organized and you suck at managing a meeting.
    If the late Vinny Natrella was still around, his tears over what you did to his friendship with your father would say it all.

  17. 468 signatures where filed the board sustained 276 objections leaving 192 valid signatures-the Republican Commissioner and Democratic Commissioner agreed-

  18. 417 of the 468 signatures were perfectly fine and dandy.
    The rest were technical errors, oversights, unidentifiable but thankfully NO forgeries.

  19. Yes Gail, the Conservative Astorino tried to “steal” the Conservative line from the left wing senile Spano.
    I think I hear a Keith Olbermann ‘special comment” coming…You Madame are….

  20. Does Gail Burns still have a job in Yonkers City Hall?
    I have been away on vacation. I figured she would be gone by now. I didn’t know dirty rotten turncoats get rewarded with job security.
    Maybe Mike Spano won in 2003 after all.

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