County Executive Spano Welcomes Court Decision on Conservative Nomination

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Spano_Andy White Plains,‭ ‬NY‭ ‬– ‭The Andy Spano for Westchester County Executive campaign issued the following press release in light of today's Supreme Court ruling validating the Conservative Party's endorsement of County Executive Spano.

"Spano today expressed great satisfaction with the Westchester County Supreme Court ruling that‭ ‬the Conservative Party nomination for his re-election is indeed valid.

"Throughout the legal proceedings,‭ ‬Andy always maintained confidence that the court would support the actions of the Conservative Party at their nominating meeting.‭ ‬He is also extremely pleased the court made no finding of fraud relative to proxy ballots cast in support of his candidacy.‭ 

"Today‭’‬s ruling‭ ‬reaffirms what has already been evident:‭ ‬Andy has been,‭ ‬is,‭ ‬and will continue to be the Conservative Party‭’‬s legitimate nominee for County Executive."
eHeziCounty Executive Spano Welcomes Court Decision on Conservative Nomination

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  1. “Bob, Bob, the big fat slob
    wanders around
    seeking a job
    latte in hand
    tie’s too short
    on his neck
    there rests a wart
    Bob, Bob, the lying swine
    shouts he’s conservative
    but it’s just a line
    hates Italians and Jews
    says cops are queers
    two seconds with him
    and you need ten beers
    Bob, Bob the Zherka man
    screams and shouts
    whenever he can
    makes it all up
    as he goes along
    turns out his meds
    just aren’t that strong
    Bob, Bob the Zherka man”

  2. Ms. T, accountforthis, don’t tell me or anyone for that matter how to think or what issue we should concern ourselves with. This is all smoke and mirrors and it is hard to believe this country calls itself a democracy with all of this tripe.
    As other posters have said.
    One Person
    One Line

  3. “I can tell you that there has been a pattern of little boys and girls found with people close to elected and law enforcement officials for so long that a number of us in opposition research have sworn that someone high up in New York State’s and Westchester’s governmental operations had to be a pedophile.”
    Fois- you’re nothing but a disgusting swine. There is no limit to your lies, your evil and your stupidity. You’re a perfect storm of malevolence and puerile venality. I can’t believe any organization would tolerate the presence of a noisome piece of trash like you. Do everyone a favor and just go away.

  4. Dear Bob-
    I have been calling for decent people to step away from Sam Zherka who I personally believe is evil.
    You respond with some pretend story about some pretend candidate or office holder who has done “worse” but you don’t mention the actual name or crime.
    Typical of you. You tell us you represent the Conservative Party but in fact there is no candidate for any such party.
    Like your pretend crime against some un-named office holder you have a pretend party with a pretend candidate.
    One Person
    One Line
    PS- If you are aware of children being abused and do nothing then you will burn in hell in my opinion.

  5. This debate is pointless for all the “Conservative district leaders” that support Spano. Obv your not a conservative or you are a puppet and do whatever your leadership says. The conservative in the race did not get the nomination, a liberal did. No matter what you say or argue there was corruption and fraud taken place here. Look at their records. It was either fraud or your party is a joke. Now Anon respond to that with a fact…

  6. Ms. Accountability,
    Discussing “dirty laundry” has its value but I have learned over the years not to judge anyone with such a broad stroke.
    And the shock value of your anatomy lesson doesn’t impress me. Believe me, there are things worse than carrots that some of our male and female politicians have been guilty of inserting in their contemporaries (literally and figuratively).
    I won’t bore you with the sordid details. I can tell you that there has been a pattern of little boys and girls found with people close to elected and law enforcement officials for so long that a number of us in opposition research have sworn that someone high up in New York State’s and Westchester’s governmental operations had to be a pedophile.
    By the way, the above fact-pattern keeps repeating itself and there has been reason to believe that recidivism has played a role too in some of these instances of sexual molestation continuing … among men and women.
    … So if you want to talk about scandal, be sure not to leave anyone out, okay?
    There are those who believe that the covering up of these sexual predators had to be someone with control over investigations — and also people with personal access to Federal investigators.
    It’s a mystery why a lot of other corruption has never been uncovered in this county. Yes, it does smatter of conspiracy theories but my heart goes out to law enforcement personnel facing these horrors on a daily basis.
    By the way, it is something our District Attorney’s office has done right for many years — but this obsession with a carrot is distracting from more important criminal investigations.
    A commission on elections would hopefully reform all political parties but I sometimes wonder if we need a commission on law enforcement too.
    P.S. — I really don’t like strip clubs either.

  7. Speaking of lawsuits….I think that those who support the evil and wasteful lawsuits that Strip Club Owner Sam Zherka has filed against Westchester should move to a communist country.
    I think these lawsuits are evil and are filed by a deeply evil person.
    Both of Sam Zherka’s parents spent years in jail.
    His brother is currently in federal jail in Brooklyn.
    His sister has been denied a carting license in NYC due to possible organized crime ties among other things.
    The address of Sam Zherka’s strip club in NYC was prominently displayed on the pages of a website. That website had a name that was similar to the name of his strip club. That site had many vulgar photos including several with a woman pushing a carrot up her anus.
    Strip Club Sam says that he does not “own” the website. I am unaware of any lawsuit that he filed against the website. He sued the library for gosh sakes !! What does that tell us?
    The costs of the lawsuits that have been dismissed or withdrawn should be paid by Strip Club Sam. The citizens of Westchester should not have to pay for the frivolous acts of a strip club owner who is under investigation for prostitution, drug dealing and money laundering.
    This is the issue that “Mr. Accountability” should concern themselves with.

  8. Issues please. When are all of these asses going to tell us what they are going to do to control the out of control spending instead of all of this party bull$hit?
    Who is going to pay for the fraud on the federal housing. It should be those in the government who committed these acts. It better not be the taxpayer or lawsuits will follow.

  9. I can read too and Rob Astorino won the fraud case for the July meeting.
    Gail Burns will lose the rest of this case when someone appeals, if Astorino and company have the balls (and money) to appeal.
    Let me ask one of you experts the obvious question, since you all seem to know it all.
    If the county committee was ruled invalid for the July meeting, doesn’t that mean the June meeting will be ruled invalid too? No?

  10. Spano’s comment to News 12 was “I was with a friend.”
    Some friend. Our county executive was so afraid of admitting he met with Governor Paterson’s staff AT A YANKEE GAME that he wouldn’t dare say he was with Little Larry Shwartz.
    What a joke.
    His little friend.

  11. I hope they have a Depends vending machine in the men’s room of the new stadium. Enough with these old fools who don’t know enough to leave the stage. Give it up Andy Gump. Put your ears into motion or climb on Tolchin’s broom and both of you fly down to Florida.

  12. 9:11 Its called pay-ball.Andy and Shcwartz get $2,000 seats as a pay off and the giver gets a major contract from the dysfunctional state government where Schwartz is now operating out of.Take me out to the ballgame for some contracts/I do care what I get back/

  13. I was enjoying the Yankee vs Red sox game the other day until I saw Andy Spano on Tv in front row seats about the fourth row. It was hard to watch and see the guy who raised Yonkers taxes 28%.

  14. Hey wait a minute ..i have been calling for
    an end to cross endorsements for over 10 years how does that equate with whether or
    not the process as it stands now is being
    compromised..its a bad and others blame the current people in control
    it would be no different whomever was in
    control..because it is the process itself
    that has to be changed…and this year
    the number one priority of everyone should
    be to keep tony castro away from the da’s
    office….he is dangerous and cannot be
    allowed to control the grand jury in

  15. Bob
    Not one witness in court to forgeries-why because there wasnt any-the reason your upset is because you got beat not once, not twice but now with the decision three times-keep making false acusations and they will come back to bite you. Funny how you have not commented on the Opt to ballot go take a look at the petitions 20 Signatures filed by you with the wrong town-couldnt even get that right-amazing-

  16. Congratulations Andy from one of the many District Leaders who voted for you. I apologize on behalf of the committee for the behavior of Mr. Fois and the others like him. He is not representative of the good people on our committee or in our party. We do believe in, and respect, majority rule in our party. Please bear with us at this difficult time. There are individuals like Mr. Fois in all organizations. Please do not allow him, and those like him, to affect your view of our party.
    The best of luck in the up coming election.

  17. Hey Bob-
    What’s the problem with you? Why are you dodging the issue of fraud and yet you seem to be speaking about….fraud?
    What’s up with that?
    The following is part of an article from the Westchester Guardian as you already know.
    “It’s beginning to look more and more as though Giulio Cavallo’s political pimping days are over, and he will soon be trading in his Armani’s for Federal Prison Stripes. We believe what he has been engaged in for several years, in his capacity with the Westchester County Independence Party, comes under the heading of ELECTION FRAUD. He has been the AXIS of CORRUPTION in Westchester.”
    “It is well known that for fifteen to twenty-thousand dollars, or more, Cavallo has put the Independence Party’s Seal of Approval on scores of candidates, including numerous individuals now sitting as County, and State Supreme Court Judges.”
    “In reality, Cavallo is nothing more than a political pimp, and those who have paid him are simply prostitutes.”
    “We are confident, going forward, that not only will Giulio Cavallo, and those who have done unlawful business with him, be apprehended, and carted off to prison, but also that decent well-meant citizens will come forward to fill the ranks of the Independence Party.”
    So Bob, you complain and complain and complain about some alleged fraud that happened this month and yet you simply will not join in a call for an Independent Prosecutor to investigate the charges against Dr. Giulio Cavallo that were made in the Westchester Guardian.
    Why Bob why?
    You claim to be part of the Conservative Party, and the Independent Party would be NOT your party right? This would be a party you oppose, right?
    Why do you not call for an Independent Investigation into a party you oppose when the allegations are so serious? Why Bob why?
    Is there some reason you insist on avoiding the question or find the need to give a
    “Miss America Answer” (I want all crimes on earth to be investigated.)
    Why don’t you say that the allegations made in the Westchester Guardian are serious, they are crimes, if true, and that these specific charges must be investigated by the New York State Attorney General?
    Why Bob, why? Please tell us because it makes no sense.
    If you took out the name Independent Party and replaced it with Conservative Party do you think the members of the Independent Party would run and hide from the question?
    I think not.
    But you seem to run from this. Why Boob why?

  18. Hey Moose …
    … Your response is precisely why Andy Spano never should have been endorsed by the Conservatives in charge.
    You preach against cross-endorsements but all you seem to want is another elected fixed.

  19. Hey Fois would did you vote for chairman last year. Shows some guts next year and put some real leadership at the top. I don’t mean Foxy, he wants to drive Nickie around when Mikey becomes the Mayor of Yonkers.

  20. The court did not address the fraud. It did not rule on the fraud. It did not speak to whether there was or was not fraud.
    Why is Andy Spano’s campaign expressing relief that there was no “finding of fraud” when the fraud itself was not joined with this case?
    There were forgeries.
    There are journalists who witnessed statements by the victims of this fraud. There are publishers who allowed the publication of these statements by the victims of this fraud.
    There was fraud.
    The court did not make a determination on fraud. To the best of my knowledge, the court offered no relief on whether or not there was fraud. Obviously, I’m disappointed in the judge’s ruling but I accept its wisdom.
    I look forward to Conservatives conducting their own due diligence in the coming days.
    Perhaps every single person who was alleged to have signed a proxy for the June 4th meeting should be contacted — and wouldn’t it be something if we found forgeries there too?

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