Judge Colabella Confirms Overwhelming Victory for County Executive Andy Spano as Conservative Party Nominee

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Burns_Gail Courts Put to Rest Contention Over Nomination
White Plains, New York — For the third time in under two months, it has been confirmed that Andrew Spano will appear on the Conservative ballot line as the party’s official candidates for County Executive.

Today, Judge Colabella ruled that the Westchester County Conservative Party's nominating convention was conducted legally and in accordance with New York State Election Law and the party’s nominating rules.  The Honorable Judge Colabella also confirmed that the proxies during the nomination process were legally obtained and executed.
“As I have maintained from the start, the convention was held in accordance with the law and our voted proxies are valid,” reiterated Gail Burns, Chairwoman of the Westchester County Conservative Committee.  “Today, a judge reaffirmed what I have known to be true throughout this entire process.”
“There will always be a handful of party members who may not agree with every candidate on the Conservative Party slate,” continued Burns.  “But to initiate a court action in an effort to overturn a legal nominating convention is absurd.”
“While unfortunate that our party’s nomination process was dragged through the courts, I am pleased that these ridiculous accusations have been put to rest once and for all,” said Burns.
“The Westchester County Conservative Committee has been vindicated.  After all of this nonsense, we are now even more committed to guaranteeing victory for our slate,” continued Burns.  "In response to this decision I call on every town and city leader to unite behind the endorsed candidates." concluded Burns.

eHeziJudge Colabella Confirms Overwhelming Victory for County Executive Andy Spano as Conservative Party Nominee

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  1. “Bob, Bob, the big fat slob
    wanders around
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    latte in hand
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    there rests a wart
    Bob, Bob, the lying swine
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    but it’s just a line
    hates Italians and Jews
    says cops are queers
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    Bob, Bob the Zherka man”

  2. What was the point of asking Robert Capolongo and his wife to object to the valid petitions signed by Conservatives in Eastchester for Republican candidates in that town?
    Mr. Capolongo never asked to be a district leader in Eastchester. He was “placed” as a district leader in Scarsdale by Gail Burns in a neighborhood I doubt he has ever driven through, let alone walked as a district leader or ever organized a meeting in that town.
    This man is a political carpetbagger who was asked by Nick Spano’s political machine to terrorize Eastchester Town Supervisor Tony Colavita and his fellow Republican candidates. I found his objections (which were woefully sloppy) to be a blatant abuse and mis-ise of New York State Election law and a wasteful measure for our courts.
    As Eastchester Town Conservative chairman, I have an obligation to fulfill the will of my local Conservatives — as do other local chairs. Over the past two months, our local candidates have been legally and procedurally harassed by allies of Gail Burns to the point of near-criminality.
    Poor Greg Kane’s authorization was apparently lost by the county chairwoman, despite her claims to the court that his authorization was filed. Other candidates had their endorsements held hostage by the county committee. Candidates in other locations either found themselves facing contrived objections or other time-consuming challenges in court.
    You bet this county committee is corrupt, to the core, and it was the disrespect for local autonomy that finally has been the last straw for some individuals who were even allies of Nick Spano!!!
    I would not be surprised if there are still grounds to remove Ms. Burns and her officers, though I am not surprised her surrogates keep threatening people.
    That’s all you know; to bully, threaten and bullshit.
    We need a commission on elections in our county. We desperately need reform of ALL our political parties. We need open door policies for all political party meetings (thanks for reminding everyone how closed-door it really is) and we need to keep manipulative players away from the democratic process.

  3. “P.S. — I bet they have been forging proxies for years.”
    Yeah, and I’ll bet you’ve been a mentally ill sack of trash for years, Bob. I remember when you used to try and sneak into our meetings so you could write about what happened there. We used to have to throw you out. You finally got yourself elected as district leader- not because you’re a conservative, but because you’re a disruptive, lying, big fat RAT. You’ve always been out to torpedo us. You’ve always shouted, lied, and acted like a total jerk. You wait for the next meeting, clown. You’re gone.

  4. Edelman is right.
    No cross-endorsements for anyone.
    After the State Senate debacle when Golisano (and Bloomberg) brought votes there should have been an immediate call for no cross endorsements.
    You want to protect you “line” – the only way is for no cross endorsements.

  5. Astorino could have ten lines he won’t even carry his own Town. The only way he can win is if KT McFarlene comes in from manhattan and becomes his manager.
    Maybe you can get John Spencer, you remember the guy you tried to screw for a couple pieces of silver to help you with you campaign. What comes around goes around.

  6. too late for that you have a supreme
    court decision which is as we say…
    stare decisis on the issue..you are
    collaterally estopped from raising your
    point.why didn’t your brilliant attorneys
    put it in their legal papers…game over

  7. The ruling made reference to the June 4th meeting in terms of the 3,000 votes.
    Actually, those proxies haven’t been checked yet for fraud at all.
    Are you suggesting, Mr. Edelman, that we should review the June proxies for forgeries also?
    Intriguing …
    … Anyone want to lay bets that the June volume of proxies had as many questionable signatures as the July meeting?
    This is too funny. Brilliant, Mr. Moose. Outstanding!!!
    P.S. — I bet they have been forging proxies for years.

  8. I hear Mike Spano always wanted to be mayor of Yonkers. Too bad his brother’s machine got stupid and greedy. They just couldn’t lose an election. Had to have EVERYTHING.
    Now little Mikey loses EVERYTHING.
    I’m looking forward to this. So are a lot of other people.

  9. What is it you do not understand about the
    Colabella said, in part, that more than 3,000 proxy votes cast by Conservative Party Chairwoman Gail Burns to back Spano and DiFiore were properly used.
    “The foregoing demonstrates that petitioners had an opportunity to review the proxies and to object at the meeting, but did not do so and, in fact, participated in and ratified the use of the proxies at the meeting,” Colabella wrote.

  10. bob why don’t you be an honest broker
    and address the problem at its source not
    the symptoms..there simply should be no
    cross endorsements allowed….any other
    position is obfuscation by you..ie you
    want the honor of handing out the goodies
    and making the decision….but the problem
    would still exist with or without your
    input…the problem is the process
    not the people

  11. I’m sure Chris Gannon and Gail Burns will be more than happy to supply the names of those people who actually gathered signatures on their proxies.
    There were forgeries. There won’t be forgeries again. There won’t be anymore corrupt endorsement of liberal Democrats (or liberal Republicans).
    I find it humorous that you have apparently won in court and a number of you still can’t come out from hiding behind your anonymous screen names.
    What did you win?
    Andy Spano has the Conservative line?
    That’s a victory?
    What did you win?
    Bragging rights that you can get away with criminal activity? Great stuff to tell the children and grand-children, eh?
    Explain to the rank and file Conservatives and conservative voters, especially in Yonkers, that the liberal Democrat responsible for raising their taxes received an endorsement from you.

  12. “I am not sure whether I need to speak with the Justice Department or the F.B.I., though maybe New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo could still step in.”
    I’m thinking it’s time for you to lawyer up, pudgy. I hear you and your pals are about to be sued over accusing people of forgery. Hope your Mom doesn’t lose her house over letting you live in the basement and use the computer.

  13. Run your own candidate or get lost. This whole cross endorsing $hit is one bug scam, just like everything in this County. Crooked from top to bottom.

  14. Bob-
    you have been running away from the allegations of fraud for months and it’s time to stop.
    As you are well aware the Westchester Guardian ran a long article accusing the Chairman of the Independence Party of taking money in return for the endorsement of that party. Here is a portion of that article;
    “It’s beginning to look more and more as though Giulio Cavallo’s political pimping days are over, and he will soon be trading in his Armani’s for Federal Prison Stripes. We believe what he has been engaged in for several years, in his capacity with the Westchester County Independence Party, comes under the heading of ELECTION FRAUD. He has been the AXIS of CORRUPTION in Westchester.”
    “It is well known that for fifteen to twenty-thousand dollars, or more, Cavallo has put the Independence Party’s Seal of Approval on scores of candidates, including numerous individuals now sitting as County, and State Supreme Court Judges.”
    “In reality, Cavallo is nothing more than a political pimp, and those who have paid him are simply prostitutes.”
    “We are confident, going forward, that not only will Giulio Cavallo, and those who have done unlawful business with him, be apprehended, and carted off to prison, but also that decent well-meant citizens will come forward to fill the ranks of the Independence Party.”
    These are serious charges. Stop running, stop hiding, stop trying to speak in general terms, stop defending a party that you (supposedly) have nothing to do with.
    The Independence Party must be investigated by an Independent Prosecutor to find the facts of these serious charges.
    You, Bob Fois, have an obligation to stand up and join in the call for an independent prosecutor regarding the charges made in the Westchester Guardian against Dr. Gulio Cavallo and the Independent Party.
    I am waiting for you to unequivocally do so. (look up the word before you answer).

  15. I respect the decision of the court.
    I look forward to the officers of the Westchester County Conservative Committee explaining to nearly ten thousand Conservatives why we’re endorsing a liberal “tax and spend” Democrat.
    I’m at a loss what to say to them.
    Any suggestions?
    Since people continue to step forward alleging forgery of their signatures — and the court did not address the forgeries — I expect criminal charges might yet be pursued here.
    But I am not an attorney, nor can I predict what legal appeal or additional oversight could potentially rule on these matters.
    I feel that we need a Federal monitor in Westchester to closely watch all out political parties and every election. I am not sure whether I need to speak with the Justice Department or the F.B.I., though maybe New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo could still step in.
    I am thankful that the judge’s remedy did not discount the alleged fraud (though this does not constitute, in itself, a finding of fraud).
    Perhaps the next step would be for the members of the Westchester County Conservative Committee to appropriately address this alleged fraud, forgery and deceit on their own.
    But I am not holding my breath.

  16. Someone has been saying no cross endorsements for about 15 years now…no
    one seems to listen..maybe after this
    year’s election they will…..

  17. bob…you made a big mistake making the type
    of personal allegations about alleged
    fraud and organized crime..apparently you
    were dead wrong…and that is always
    the down side of bringing a lawsuit to
    prove your political point..ask sammy zherka
    he did the same thing…because when you lose everyone knows you made it up!

  18. Hey, BOB. Let me be the first to tell you to shove it, clown. You and Fox dragged the party through the mud and cost everybody time,sweat and money.
    You’re nothing but a lying, bigoted JERK. So, are you going to go away now, or do we have to toss you out on your fat ass?

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