Murphy Calls Foul on New DMV Fees

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Murphy_TerrenceandFamily Councilman Candidate Wonders How Much More Taxpayers Can Take

Yorktown, NY — In an effort to make residents aware of the new taxes and fees being forced on their livelihood Yorktown Councilman Candidate Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I – Yorktown) revealed new DMV fees being enforced by the state.  Beginning September 1, 2009 residents of Yorktown will be required to pay additional fees regarding their automobiles.  As approved by the state budget this past spring, Driver License Fees and Vehicle Registration Fees will be increased by 25%.

“This is nothing more than the state of New York nickel and diming the middle class residents of Yorktown,” Murphy said.  “The reality is, the ruling majority of the town board is willing to waste taxpayer money on unnecessary litigation, but do not have the courage to stand up for Yorktown taxpayers who have become a punching bag for the state and county.”

The 25% increase means Class D diver’s license fees will increase from $50 to $64.50.  Registration fees for an automobile weighing 3500lbs will climb from $45 to $56.  Effective April 1, 2010 all registered vehicles will be required to get new license plates, which will cost $25.

“If these increases were not bad enough residents of Yorktown will have to pay double in order to fund the MTA,” Murphy explained.  “Just when we thought we were through with the MTA high jacking our wallets we get slammed with this.  The MTA should stand for: More Taxes Again.”

For the 12 county MTA region which Westchester is a part of there will be an additional $16 fee on all drivers licenses; translating into $80.50 for a class D license.  For all vehicle registration, a $50 supplemental fee will be added, causing a 3500lbs automobile $106.50 to be registered.

“Albany continues to prove its inability to fix this financial mess,” Murphy continued.  “If we are going to right this ship it has to come from the local level.  We cannot be afraid to stand up to the dysfunctional and inefficient bullies above us.”
eHeziMurphy Calls Foul on New DMV Fees

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  1. As a working class stiff I have had enough of nys bending me over and f****g .every time I turn around it’s a new tax or a toll increase. And the roads are worse then ever with potholes everywhere. And now I have to pay for the damn mta I have never and will never ride a train so why should I have to pay for the miss management of the mta . As a former law abiding citizen I now refuse to register my atv boat and motorcycle I would rather take a chance and get caught and pay the fine then willingly hand my hard earned money over to be wasted by the state .I also evade every toll I can . I say SCREW THE MTA AND SCREW NYS IT IS ABOUT TIME FOR A REVOLUTION

  2. My point is that the banks put the pressure on congress to allow the various agencies to lower the loan standards Clinton and congress could give a rat’s azz about the american dream of home ownership.

  3. Your right Benny, but the banks wouldn’t be able to do the riskie loans if the FNMA,FMAC and FHA all indirectly and directly controlled by Congress didn’t lower the standards on the mortgages the banks sold to them.The Wall St crowd,the home builders and the rest of the real estate industry had Clinton/Rubin,Dodd,Barney Frank,Schumer,Greenspan on their political payoff list.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  4. The banks were all too happy to make risky loans. The riskier the loan the more points they charged. Add the points and outrageous fees the banks charged together it was a nice piecr of change that they made up front. They could care less about the loan going bad because they were gonna sell it and retain the servicing (so they continued to make money even after it was sold)

  5. The Dot-Com bubble was under the Clinton administration.The real estate bubble was fueled under the Clinton administration and Rubin from Goldman Sachs. Rubin went on to destroy Citicorp.Barney Frank and the leftist democrat weirdos urged the FNMA to lower their qualifications for buying home mortgages from banks and other financial institutions.Now Obama is going to finish the job of ruining the country raising taxes during a economic slowdown.And if you believe the taxes will only be on the rich you are going to be unpleasantly suprised.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  6. It’s funny how all the republican trolls were fast asleep during the bush administration and now suddenly they all woke up and can even go back to the clinton administration historically. No mention or even beep out of these buggers, when bush was on his slash and burn campaign of this economy.
    They are all to blame, but those that allowed banks to combine actual loans in with risky loans and they allow the hedge funds to sell them, there’s the problem. For all the talk about fixing this both sides are allowing the same crooks who caused this problem to feed again. Now that’s criminal and they are all aware of it. From Bush to Obama and all those overpayed senators and congress peoples, they know but are so controlled by lobbyists and interests they are but mere whores for a price.
    The banks, socialized under bush should have been allowed to fail. They made risky loans, then they lose.

  7. Condemning all Democrats for the world’s ills is simply shortsighted.
    It was the SEC that didn’t follow its own guidelines. That SEC was under GW Bush. They didn’t follow their guidelines under Clinton either…but blaming only Democrats makes no sense.
    Using that logic, I could blame only republicans for Yonkers’ troubles. We’ve had 14 years of republicans in the mayor’s office…but I don’t blame Republicans in general.
    I blame specific Republicans in the case of Yonkers…and Democrats too.

  8. Pataki and Cheney had nothing to do with the policy of reckless lending in this country and worldwide.The no job, no assets and no money down for home mortgages started in 1997 under Bill Clinton and was urged on by Democrats in Congress and leftist newspapers such as the Journal News.I will agree that the George w.Bush administration and Greenspan, did nothing to stop it, along with the rating agencies,Wall St investment houses and the whole real estate industry that shot themselves in the backside.

  9. 12:24 Do the names Dodd,Frank,Schumer,Engle,Lowey and a hundred other democratic members of Congress who defended FNMA and FMAC lowering lending practices for home mortgages ring a bell with you.

  10. Don’t forget who got us into this mess. Pataki and his Laissez Faire attitude towards developers and the rich. Selling the State for cheap where ever he could.
    And then there’s the last dingbat, the boy who only read the pictures in the newspapers and his indefinite deficits buddy Cheney.

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