Ramrod Amicone Has Selective Memory By Anthony Merante

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Merante_Anthony In the Monday, August 24, 2009 Journal News article “Ridge Hill to oOpen in 2011” Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone criticized project opponents for delaying the start of the construction. I take great exception to that remark.  The Mayor has forgotten that the action taken was in response to a ram rod approach to push the project through. As one of the so called “opponents” I wanted answers to many unresolved issues surrounding the project.  I could not allow Yonkers to sign an agreement with a seasoned developer without having those issues addressed up front and in writing.  Would you let a contractor perform a major job on your home without your requirements in writing?  I don’t think so. 

The most pressing issue was traffic. I wanted roads built, at the developers cost, to alleviate traffic on Tuckahoe Road.  You and certain Council members wanted the community to sign off now and fix the traffic problems later.  Are you kidding? And at who’s cost? 

In the end the citizens got stiffed and the project was approved without the traffic concerns resolved.  However Mr. Amicone there was a lesson learned. You learned that a strong group of citizens can put up a resilient fight if you don’t ask for community input. 

Had you and those certain City Council members not been so anxious to move it fast and furiously through, with community input, it would have been resolved in a timely manner.  

I am ready to fight again to obtain what’s right for ALL Yonkers citizens.   

The writer is a Republican Primary candidate for Yonkers City Council in the Sixth District. 
eHeziRamrod Amicone Has Selective Memory By Anthony Merante

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  1. The audit says the city is giving out money with no accountabilty to the taxpayers. Not collecting moneys from there friends, they can’t even explain were it is going or to whom (shhh….) Sound like the same as 07 and still nobody is in jail…..Go figure…Same as the cars, nvally, sfc, yonkers baseball, ridge hill…………FEDs clearly are not helping, all of these years later…WHY???

  2. and for all those in the know the HUD audit is a fraud, just like those who published it. It was done to please the politically connected. Everybody knows this.
    As for RidgeHill, the City got nothing and will get nothing out of it. What a fraud it is also.

  3. Anthony threw himself under the bus. First he said he would not run,(publically I might add) then after they had chosen another candidate he changed his mind.
    And since I was at all the Ridge Hill meetings, I have to say that he did come out in support of the residents, but so did John Larkin, and many other good people. If Amicrony had only tried to work with the residents instead of dismissing them and telling the Reps. from FCR not to talk to us, then this project would have been started a long time ago. So Amicrony held it up himself and now blames the community.
    What a phony!

  4. huggin’ n’ kissin’ the barbatos. Remember the republican party threw anthony under the bus in all of this. They took on larkin as a surrogate and are promoting him, including phil. As a life long republican I am ashamed my party would do this. Where are all the others out there who know this is wrong?
    I can’t vote for winnicki so I won’t vote at all.

  5. Hezi is great!
    could not have said it better than any of the acid-tongued bloggers.
    RAMROD… how great!

  6. I lke what this guy has to say. He was there to see how a terrible project got slammed through because this mayour wihes to honor himself. I was at an SFC hearing something like 4 years ago and it was said then that this project would be going through anytime (then)
    I believe this was 2005, Does only SFC have to be allowed to happen? What about the individual small property owner? Why doesnt the city incentivise them to fix some of the existing properties downtown? How about some parkland with a tree or 2 and some grass???

  7. What a disgrace. Complete and shameful disgrace.
    And Phil has yet to take any accountabily. He continues to Lie adn Blame.


  9. I always wondered further back than that, WHY would Yonkers develope RH and take THAT time & effort on behalf of the city’s expense and let the DOWNTOWN ROT for another day?
    RH was nothing, the downtown was existng. Imagine if they DIDNT waste their time on RH and got the approvals for Downtown when Ridge Hill got theirs instead? 6 years ago when the Economy was FAT! Cranes in the air, and some buildings completed.
    A vibrant downtown
    A Newer downtown in an existing Downtown
    Point being, RH and FCR is a financial mess
    SFC is a financial mess
    Yonkers NY is a financial Mess
    Guess who pays?

  10. Anthony,
    Don’t be shocked if this project does not open in 2011, and their alleged list of tenants is quite questionable at this time.
    For one, National Amusments is selling it’s
    lease option for Ridge Hill. Only a few short months ago was Phil telling b.s. that the site would open for the 2009 holidays.
    Just look at the mess with Ratner’s Brooklyn project, including their sleaze lies about providing affordable housing.

  11. So is it true that DMV is moving into the
    I Park complex on Nepperhan Avenue??? The entire reason DMV was relocated to our downtown years back was to attract people to the area, it makes no sense to pull any government agency out of the inner city unless the need to do so is pressing.
    Since other businesses are folding up around the waterfront, why lose another entity that draws hundreds of people per day including many employees??
    Or maybe somebody wants to help their buddy Mr. Cotter fill vacant office space????
    There is barely any parking at I-Park also…
    Arch Stanton

  12. He has strangled downtown at the taxpayers expense. Is he still on the board of directors of the “for prophit” yonkers baseball? created by the IDA?

  13. Anthony if you only knew how much we got for Ridge Hell, you’d even take greater umbridge with Ram Rod Amicone.
    And speaking of getting stiffed, wait until you find out that the City actually got Bubkas for the whole kit and kabodle.
    The truth will come out in the end and Amicone will be seen has a big Liar.

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