Westchester County Sponsors Food Drive

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Spano_Mike NYS_Seal Yonkers, NY — On Wednesday, August 19, and Thursday, August 20, the Westchester County government is hosting at two-day food drive to help fight hunger.  The donated items will be distributed through 181 local organizations, like soup kitchens, shelters and food pantries by the Food Bank of Westchester.

"I am happy to open up my office as a center for donation from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on those days.  My district office is located at:

35 E. Grassy Sprain Rd., 406B 
Hudson Valley Bank Bldg, 4th Floor
Yonkers, NY 10710
(Corner of Tuckahoe Road and E. Grassy Sprain)," said Assemblyman Mike Spano.

The number of households requiring assistance has gone up 15% in the past year. Additionally, the summer months have proven to be the months of least contributions to food pantries and soup kitchens.  That being said, I am urging those who can to donate canned and non-perishable food items to this great cause!  

For more information, visit the Westchester County Food Drive's Website at www.westchestergov.com/events_fooddrive.htm, or contact my office at (914) 779-8805.  

As always, if you have questions or comments about this or any other issue, please feel free to contact me at spanom@assembly.state.ny.us.
eHeziWestchester County Sponsors Food Drive

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  1. Have you noticed that every time someone dares to speak the truth they’re now “haters.”
    “I don’t give them hell, I tell them the truth and they think it’s hell.”
    Pres. Harry S. Truman

  2. Oh Mikey please save us, we need you, we are so lost and can’t make it on our own. You are the “One” not Obama, but you Mikey.

  3. Mikey Mikey Mikey, u do nothing for us. You are only in office thanks to Nicky Nicky Nicky. You are a joke, and a mad legislator. Keep coming with these stupid Press releases and try to hide the fact that u do nothing.

  4. I love the haters here, seriously. This is an excellent cause and the same moron’s here must always find something negative to say. It amazes me. I honestly wasn’t going to donate anything but due to the pettiness of these comments, I am on my way to the A&P now to purchase a bunch of food to help my Assemblyman’s efforts. Glad your comments backfired. Thanks!

  5. Real Yonkers Res- I have lived in Yonkers for over 25 years and I stay out of the political game. I am a church going Catholic and proud of it- maybe if you really were, you would have understood my first post.
    Its a nice conspiracy theory you have though, feeding the hungry and trying to take over the world all at the same time when attempting to ruin the state government. All the while sending ‘operatives’ out to defend food drives for the needy.
    Maybe you should take a little time off of blogging and get a reality check.

  6. Haters are no good. Mike, keep doing what you are doing! we need you more than ever. Can’t wait till phill is gone and you are our next Mayor!!!!!!

  7. “Mike could have made far more money in the private sector.” Duh!!! I believe he left public office for a couple of years and then had to coming running back to the public trough. You might be right though with the bad economy, I hear pizza delivery guys are doing pretty good. Truth is, if it wasn’t for his wife’s gig at CBS he probably would need that food.

  8. I am also not fond of the Spano’s or anyone of them for that matter. But point well taken on the hunger drive. It’s a pity all of those critical of this are not out helping others. And they are the very bastards you see praying to God.

  9. Amicone is killing Yonkers!!!
    When will someone step in and something.
    This is not a joke.
    Forget Janine Rose and her News 12 jokesters and there fascination wit Amicone and his lies. FOOLS.
    Amicone is drowning Yonkers. Someone step in and stop him!

  10. Carlo Calvi – You must be a Spano stalker. You’ve been a broken record for a while and you sound paranoid. Why don’t you put your name on the ballot against Mike Spano? If you think that NYer’s agree with your far right-wing ramblings, you are mistaken. Are you familar with the registration numbers?
    Mike Spano has always had Yonkers’ best interests at heart. Mike could have made far more money in the private sector. I am thankful that he chose to follow his legacy and serve the people. Albany needs more people like Mike Spano.

  11. Heather and Yonkers Res are most likely on the Spano payroll to post nice things about Mikey to try to overcome his simplicity and incompetence.
    They may also be part of a political operation which will, sub rosa try to turn Yonkers libeal dem so that NYS will forever elect Dems and Reps will have no chance.
    Just think what that means in Prsidential politics – a guarantee of Ny’s electoral vote for the Dem presdential candidate.
    Electing an ultra liberal pro death and pro gay marriage like Mikey is their objective who will in gratitude along with his brother and father finish off the ruin of the Westchester rep party, which thay have been working at for years.
    Don’t be fooled. Most likely, Heather or Yonkers Res are paid operatives from outside of town.

  12. The man is helping out collecting food for Westchester County shelters. People really need to re-evaluate their priorities before posting negative things on blogs.
    Pick any other article about him to voice whatever political opinions you may have — not one where someone collecting food for the hungry.
    I am really embarrassed for the people who have taken a food drive as an opportunity to bash Albany. I am indifferent to Mike Spano, I just couldn’t keep from writing something after what I read.

  13. Hey Mike,
    Look around Mike, why do you think there are so many people at these town hall meetings! The people are hurting not just the food banks. You people in Albany are taxing us to death. ENOUGH!

  14. I think the average taxpayer needs food assistance, By the time Albany imposes all these taxes on us, there is little money left to buy food.

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