2009 – Happy New Year – 5770

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Shofar Best wishes to one and all for a happy and sweet New Year in which you, your family, friends, and associates may be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life. "Shana tova umetukah ketiva v' chatima tovah."

שנה טובה ומאושרת לך ולכל בני משפחתך


Happy New Year to You and Your Family


eHezi2009 – Happy New Year – 5770

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  1. A very happy New Year for all. May it be filled with many blessings.
    And Hezi, tomorrow, Sunday, it is “Eid ul Fitr” the highest holy day for Islam, marking the end of the fast of Ramadan. May everyone be granted peace and abundance. Amen.
    Margaret Setterholm

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