An Open Letter to Lake Avenue Community By Joan Gronowski

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I first want to say I am relieved to see that there has been some restoration of police patrols in the Lake Avenue area following the press release I issued after attending last week’s community meeting at the North Yonkers Preservation.

I know you are only interested in getting the police protection you deserve and pay for through your tax dollars – not needing to be subjected to an angry exchange of letters between two elected officials.  But, I must respond to Mayor Amicone’s September 21st letter sent to Lake Avenue neighborhood residences and businesses – at taxpayer expense. Half-truths are lies of omission.  The mayor actually stated that I have “made your neighborhoods less safe”.  I will not tolerate anyone lying about my statements or actions concerning my 2010 Yonkers budget vote, and I have personally paid for this mailing.   Should 

When I voted on last year’s and this year’s budget, I called for the elimination of costly city take-home vehicles, cell phones, illegal civil service employees, political patronage and unnecessary city departments.  I refused to vote in favor of budgets that were balanced on the backs of the taxpayers, with wasteful spending habits unchanged.  I am on record during our budget hearings, both this year and last year, stating that these cuts should have been made before any cuts to vital services.  This abusive spending still exists. 

Yonkers’ financial troubles cannot be blamed entirely on the global financial crisis.  We have had the misfortune of having had two Emergency Financial Control Boards imposed by the State to monitor our out-of-control spending.  I have been in office less than two years and have tried my best to call attention to the excesses of government.  Mayor Amicone has served for almost six years as Mayor and eight years as Deputy Mayor, the position he held when the last Control Board left Yonkers in 1998.   In no time Yonkers reverted to business as usual. 

In October 2008 Mayor Amicone gave management employees Two Million Dollars in retroactive non-contractual pay increases that played a part in the layoffs of police and fire personnel, just two months later and only six months into the 2009 Budget.  Mayor Amicone had ample opportunity to present to the City Council, budgets which finally had political fat removed, but he chose not to do so.  The city council’s reductions in this year’s budget essentially preserved and maintained core police patrol services.  He has also repeatedly blamed the city council for these actions.   According to Mayor Amicone, he is right and seven other elected officials are wrong. 

I will continue to fight on your behalf. 


Joan Gronowski

Councilwoman – District 3

eHeziAn Open Letter to Lake Avenue Community By Joan Gronowski

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  1. HARTNETT IS A POWER WHORE. He’s Flemming bitch and The Flem himself is a wannabe tough guy but he’s a ounk coward like his boss Amicone.
    When their gone we’ll (YPD) be back to where we need to be again.

  2. ok let me throw this out there, the blame lies with the mayor ( and I use that term lightly) and the council ( another joke) but don’t let hartnett off the hook either. There is blame to put with him and his management style. My brother has been a cop here for a long time and he says that hartnett is more interested in his divide and conquer tactics with the PBA and the CLS than he is about crime prevention. The morale and crime numbers have been dimal since he has been here and I would bet that the job offers for other cities aren’t coming in too quickly once people see the mess he has made here.

  3. did Yonkers ever install those gun shot detector thingy’s cuz someone got shot in the back on linden st and they cant find him.
    I wonder if they have them on linden st? I think we paid for them it was on the news?
    Anybody? Anybody? Beuler?

  4. Great question PITT!
    I’m afraid you’re looking for leadership.
    You’ll never have this conversation with this Mayor.
    Yonkers is about laundering federal money through the friends with benefits club for developers. It’s been going on for decades.
    Why do you think there are so many “not for profits” here?
    It never amounts to any REAL improvements for anyone here.
    all the CBDG grants ploughed through the various IDA’s and BIDs
    the BROWN FIELD CLEANUP of Alexander Street
    Does anyone in Yonkers realize this effort has been underway for at least 6 months?
    Who is being funded?
    Where is the money?
    Wanna to talk about corruption?

  5. to Pitt example…
    I hear you, but unfortunately in mayor amicone we have the PITS. I’m afraid he was mutually excluded from your three-pronged approached by virtue of the first tenet – “good leader”. The rest is academic. Like Joan said, 16 years, he helped kick the control board out, voila – we’re in deep trouble. He is as corrupt as they come, so please don’t include him in any future plans for a renaissance in this city. Don’t you think that 16 years was enough, Oh My God, to show the right stuff?
    Unfortunately, the only 20-year plan that is germaine to Yonkers right now is the 20 years of hard time everyone in this administration should be serving.

  6. did anyone see the Pittsburge PA G20 summit yest. Pitt, 320,000 people went through a serious crisis after the steel mills closed etc and its being touted as the prime example of city re inventing and using bio tech, & green revolution jobs to replace the old manufactuing jobs lost.
    OK Yonkers, hows does a city likened to Yonkers for its crime and dirtiness jump so far ahead of the other 2nd & 3rd tier cities out there?
    It get a good leader, gets serious about crime, and puts together a 20 year plan!
    A plan, hear that…a plan that can work and is forward thinking for the best of the city. Ammicone are you listening??

  7. Yonkers is a joke all right and someone is FINALLY shining a spotlight on all their bullshit.
    Joan’s critics aren’t doing more than defending failed miserable self-serving do nothing policies at our expense.
    The fact they don’t realize how obvious they are, is a demonstration of how stupid these hacks actually are.
    We see it and we Vote.
    Thank you Joan
    You have more support than you may realize.
    One District 1 Resident.
    Run for Mayor.

  8. A website that maps locations of crime and points to McDow and Annabi’s districts.
    No surprise but check it out.
    McDow: Remind us what your position is on crime, development, landmarks, business— or anything else.
    We really wonder what you do for your money honey.

  9. This city is a n F’N joke.
    I don’t believe Shakespeare could write a comedy about how ridiculous our administration is…
    may be a tragedy???
    Phil Amicone is a laughingstock and Yonkers is paying for it.

  10. to Justin the sycophant..
    Joan knew what she was voting on jusin – it was NOT TO FUND THE LOWLIFES ON THE PAYROLL STILL DRAINING THIS CITY DRY.

  11. I hear that “Fatboy” thinks he’s going to be the next mayor? You’ll have to get off the sauce “Fatboy” and life in the sober lane ain’t that easy.
    BTW How are you doing with that Fire Dept. list?

    BYE BYE PHIL… YOU ARE A DISGRACE AND AN EMBARRASEMENT – it kills me that I have to see you at church when you clearly practice no moral ethics.

  13. I thought we all stopped listening to mous a few months ago.
    the guys is as weird as they come… he is clearly misinformed, he clearll sits in an officer all day (cause he knows nothing about the streets of Yonkers and what people really think, he talks about how he beats up Phil but makes no clear reason on why he would defend him…
    This guy is a coward, with no clear definition of where he stands – a clear flip flopper – probably in life as well, has NO REAL POSITION EVER and most importantly MOST IMPORTANTLY… HE NEVER HAS HIS FACTS STRAIGHT. NEVER HAS HE ONCE HAD HIS FACTS STRAIGHT. This is why – I THOUGHT – we all stopped listening to this poor guy a few months back.
    mous. go to another blog where people actually indulge you in your unintelligent nonsense.

  14. you should be as ill-informed as she is. She’s been in government for 30 years, both city and county. I don’t know what is juvenile about a councilmember who continues to highlight the criminal waste in this city as she has done. She could have sat back on her butt for four years as some others have done through the years, but she hit the ground running and always spoke with facts backing up her position. You truly prove what a close-minded, narrow-minded individual you are. And, as others have repeatedly informed you, you continue to ignore giving her credit for all she has tried to do to benefit this city. Mr. or Ms. Mous, get over yourself. You are not the pundit you think you are. Just a close-minded fool.

  15. I DID criticize Amicone in that post, and have done so many times before today.
    Sadly, it is apparent that Gronowski’s supporters are as juvenile and ill-informed as she is.

  16. to “What do you expect”
    Is that you fatboy Regan? She hasn’t done bad for a former secretary, don’t you think? Smart enough to win a lawsuit against you and your mayor, win a primary, get elected against your hand-picked mannequin candidate Halevy (please don’t ever shake his hand — you’ll need a shower).
    And, if this is you, fatboy, when she was YOUR secretary she was busy running your office while you left EVERY DAY at 12 pm to run Vinni Restiano’s first campaign. And while we’re on the subject of hypocrisy, even though you trashed Ralph Arred endlessly, you were so far up his ass in those early days that you were wearing cowboy boots.
    However, if it is not you with this post, fatboy, it is another political pig on the mayor’s staff and this response still stands.

  17. anon e mous…you never cease to amaze me with your one-sided attacks on gronowski…she has done more in two years to highlight the folly that Yonkers has become under 16 years of Amicone. Moreover, you have proved truly devoid you are of any insight. Idiot – the cop was put back on Lake Avenue AFTER GRONOWSKI’S PRESS RELEASE LAST WEEK……Pay attention you wannbe political observer.

  18. To 9:51 Joan did not cut the police patrols that was a choice the mayor made. He would rather crime go up and the public suffer than cut any members of his family and friends club.

  19. Funny, no one is focusing on one of the biggest problems. Yonkers is controlled by the unions. That’s why taxes keep going up and services stay the same or get worse.
    Yonkers will NEVER improve until the unions are reined in. They have been draining and abusing the taxpayers’ money for a very long time.
    Amicone is wrong for not cutting some dead wood at City Hall, and for not taking more control of the city cars, and so on. But the unions, including the teachers union, have been a big problem for many years.
    But this City Council is nothing but a bad joke. It’s stacked with self-interested and mostly unqualified individuals.
    As for Lake Ave., it’s nice to see some more police presence. That helps, but it doesn’t get near the root of the problem, which has been festering for as long as 20 years.
    Absentee slumlords, illegal apartments, trashy residents, including illegal immigrants, and the dregs from Gorton high school who infest Lake Ave. are at the heart of it.
    Blame busing for turning Gorton from a neighborhood school to what it is now.
    Spencer, Roberston when he was on the Council, Richard Martinelli when he was on the Council, and Amicone all have done nothing to make things better for the merchants and the remaining decent residents of the Lake Ave. section.
    And what happens instead of really fixing what’s wrong? What happens is a juvenile spitting contest between Gronowski and Amicone.

  20. This letter is a plea for forgiveness from Councilwoman Grownowski, nothing less. she is now realizing that there are issues to deal with when you cut police patrols from a budget. Issues like CRIME. But what did the people who elected Joan really expect from a former secretary and glove & shoe model?

  21. Question to the Mayor:
    Mayor, so why DO YOU still allow patronage jobs, take home cars,phones, useless and illegal civil service employess and unecessary city hall departments (ie. Jim Pinto and The waterfront Dev. office)
    Please answer that in a letter to the Yonkers Tribune.
    We are waiting patiently but anxiously…

  22. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Think about this quote for a second and ask yourself if this quote applies to the way the mayor is running this city?
    Joan is one gutsy lady and I only hope she considers running for mayor.

  23. How much does Jim Pinto and anyone else that works the downtown/waterfront area get paid.
    Where is Jim Pinto and what does he do as watefront DEVELOPMENT… is he in the demolishin’ office.
    Just one office of patronage job. DISGRACE.

  24. Go Joan! Keep calling these BUMS out on all their lies. Blame-icone is a flat out scumbag liar!
    He has lied to to this city, the downtown, the union, small businesses and to most importantly the people of Yonkers.
    The truth always rises to the top! He is a BUM, a bad person and should be ashamed that with only 2 years on the job Granowski certainly seems likt the TRUE MAYOR OF YONKERS not Phil of Shit Blame-icone.
    Joan 3
    Amicone 0
    Keep going Phil! Its great watching you being called on your shit to someone you can’t beat up on you coward.

  25. The buck stops with the mayor, only he has the authority to hire and fire, he hired plenty of support staff for his operations and filled city hall with a bunch of do nothing positions. HE refuses to cut the cars and phones but wont. He could EASILY find the necessary money to put the police on the streets, but wont. We need a control board in this city now with the ability to say what positions can and cant be funded and how the citys money is spent. If we dont, watch how much your tax bills will rise next july… I hear 15%?

  26. hey justin and enough from st. joan
    how come your posts always just bash, never answer to the points raised? In this instance, the $2M raises she talks about which were the dell knell in the 2009 budget. Also, this mayor let his commissioner go $20M overtime in two budget years. And you criticize HER? go back to your holes.

  27. the first two idiot posters..she didn’t vote for either budget morons because the political pig hacks were still included. What don’t YOU TWO get about city charters and budgets. The city council, in its limited powers, is supposed to take a stand when a poor excuse of a mayor and man, for that matter, continues to pad the payrolls with unnecessary departments and jobs. She did her best to call him on and. She probably paid, out of her own pocket for this mailing, more money than the mayor ever spent of his own, his entire 16 years in office. He is truly a pig.

  28. Cutting the abusive fat out of a bloated city budget is not cutting police! The clown cut the cops , not the councel. The clown can save millions if he wanted, Instead he wants to blame and blame. Joan keep up the good work!

  29. What a ditz. She doesn’t even realize to this day what she was voting on. Sandy should have explained it to her a little better. Maybe Joan should put down the romance novels and study the city charter and how budgets work.

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