Councilwoman Gronowski Cites Mayor Amicone for Lack of Police Presence in Lake Avenue Corridor

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Gronowski_Joan Yonkers, NY — Yonkers Third District Councilmember Joan Gronowski (3rd District) is calling upon the Amicone administration to immediately return police patrols to the Lake Avenue area of the Yonkers, which has long been subject to rampant drug activity and street crimes.  Ms Gronowski attended a Thursday night meeting initiated by Lake Avenue residents and merchants who are so angry and disheartened by the disenfranchisement of their neighborhood and dismal quality of life that they no longer know where to turn for help. 


Ms Gronowski stated, “This is the third meeting called by community groups, the second in the Lake Avenue corridor I have attended in recent months with no representatives from the Mayor’s Office in attendance, despite their having been invited.  The merchants and residents of Lake Avenue have repeatedly asked the city to restore regular police patrols to neighborhoods which are literally disintegrating due to the gangs of youths who roam in and out of stores at will, intimidating merchants and residents, a large number of whom are senior citizens.  Fearful employees who question whether they can continue to remain employed in an area so vulnerable to crime have jeopardized once thriving businesses”. 

Ms Gronowski continued, “Mayor Amicone has continually and robotically blamed these police cuts on the City Council due to cuts in their adopted budget.  It is unfortunate, and no accident, that the mayor has refused to either attend these meetings himself or send a representative – any one of the abundant highly-paid mayoral aides and assistants on his staff – to account for the fact that the costly take-home city cars, cell phones and bloated administrative staffs in the City play no small part in the fiscal crisis in which we now find ourselves.  We cannot attribute all our economic woes to the global economic meltdown since the City of Yonkers has had the dubious distinction of being under the watchful eye of not one but two Emergency Financial Control Boards due to wasteful spending.  As soon as they leave town we get into hot water again”. 

Ms Gronowski further criticized Amicone for proceeding with a recent two-day festival at Trevor Park, despite the fact that he had canceled the July 4th fireworks citing the costs of police overtime as a prime factor.  She stated, “City crews worked at breakneck speed to clear Trevor Park of the mountainous debris caused by the July storm in preparation for this festival.  I am still awaiting the city’s response as to how much this festival cost the city in police, Fire, Public Works and Parks Department overtime, despite having asked for this information on two occasions and via a Freedom of Information Law (F.O.I.L.) request.  The mayor has obviously made an administrative decision to prioritize neighborhood festivals over neighborhood safety with respect to his assignment of police coverage”.  She also stated that she has submitted a Freedom of Information Law request for the results of a recent Police Management Study, which was done at the beginning of the year."

eHeziCouncilwoman Gronowski Cites Mayor Amicone for Lack of Police Presence in Lake Avenue Corridor

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  1. Joan will always tell it like it is somthing that the Mayor Amicone has never done and never will and he gets away with it thanks to News 12 and the Journal News.
    Keep up the good work Joan you are the best.
    second Generation YONKERS Boy

  2. The Police union should make all members with old and outdated bullet proof vests to not work the line till new vests are issued! The lives of our police officers are not to be played with! Don’t blame the council, just find the $50,000, just cut one of your friends at city hall, Just one! And you could buy the vests!

  3. Ah my good friend get to work, your diseased thinking is exactly the problem in this city.
    What exactly do you mean “If the police stopped doing other stuff” what other stuff do they do ?
    You say there are huge forces in yonkers but if you compare yonkers to the other large cities in the country, the Yonkers police is extremely undermanned. You obviously know nothing about policing and i’m sure you don’t live in one of the neighborhoods that have been affected by the cuts… well I do and i’m tired of having my tax money wasted. I say hire more cops, restore the budget and cut the fat at city hall.
    Thank You Joan for doing what you do. I have to admit that i wasn’t a fan in the begining but you have one me over. I see a great future for yo in Yonkers politics… your no nonsense style is exactly what has been missing here for a long time.

  4. Bring back the Financial Control Board!
    If the Administration and Council can’t find ways of cutting the budget without scapegoating each other, then they need a third party referee to stand up to the politicking and make the needed cuts to save our taxpayers.
    Joan may raise some good issues, but she can’t make changes by herself.
    We need a Financial Control Board to come and make the needed cuts….and change the union work rules!!!
    Police and Fire are needed in this city…but not to do the things that they are doing. We have huge forces with bloated budgets.
    Lake Avenue would be well patrolled if the poice just did policing and stopped all of the other stuff.

  5. I’m impressed with Joans simple and to the point approach she could be an effective mayor
    I’m also dismayed by the silence and absence of the council rep for downtown
    Can somebody wake her up? We are not being represented

  6. Joan thanks 4 realizing there is a major problem on Lake avenue. with ppl like u we can turn this situation around and once again become a thriving area.

  7. she voted no for the amended budget, citing chapter and verse as to what should have been cut before vital services -patronage jobs, cars, phones, suggested downtown waterfront development. pay attention — obviously you didn’t attend any budget hearings. — you were blogging

  8. 1. Check for illegal apartments.
    2. Have immigration agents sweep the area.
    3. Do full financial and other background checks on the slumlords, who most likely are absentee owners.

  9. I haven’t forgotten my own area. I had hoped the revaluation issue might have a two-fold purpose in also uncovering illegal apartments during the process, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. But, it was an unpopular idea and I don’t know where it will go at this point. I will try and separately address those illegal apartments as soon as possible – another unpopular concept!
    Joan Gronowski

  10. dont forget Palisade Ave too Joan, its been messy down there too. Transients all over. The city needs to use the bld dept & FD to uncover over crowded, illegal apts, SRO’s and unstable buildings across the city…
    it will help us uproot the undesirables.

  11. Nothing like government housing, rent control and Section 8 to bring down a shopping district, a school system and a city.The Bronx,southwest Yonkers and the upper Eastside are coming to a neighborhood like ours in Bronxville,Scarsdale and Et Al.Check out how few if any police, firefighters, teachers and other blue collars have moved into the “government affordable housing” that Westchester built.

  12. But can the administration actually stop landlords from accepting Section 8’s????
    I doubt it, but don’t get wrong. It’s disheartening to see this once decent, working class area go down the tubes.
    Arch Stanton

  13. Yes she does. She has single handed taken on the role of councilperson to save us from our crazy spending Mayor.
    As for Murtagh and Spano, you can forget about them.

  14. Lake Ave. has been deteriorating for years. I blame Spencer, Dennis Robertson (who was the Councilman) and Amicone for doing nothing to stop the slide.
    From what I hear, there are Section 8 slumlords who allow loads of illegals and other creeps to live there.
    Good for Gronowski for trying to help this area.

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