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  2. to oh stop fighting already…
    you do have your facts backwards..the mayor absolutely lied about gronowski’s budget vote and if I know joan, she is writing her rebuttal as we blog

  3. my correction for my comment at 10:04. It should read “there ARE big typos..”
    if this were a letter going out, you can be damm sure I would have proofed it! As this is a blog, and a spur of the momment posting, errors are sometimes made. However, letters with the city seal are far more serious so no mistakes should be in those letters, please!

  4. It’s good the mayor wrote this letter, since these are his constituents, not just Gronowski’s. He has every right to set the record straight, just as she has to question his performance, although she may have mistated the facts.
    It REALLY concerns me that there a big typos in the letter, some that even change it’s message. Wow, is that a red flag for something wrong in the Mayor’s office as to follow-up. Who was responsible for it, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t allow them to send out letters on behalf of the people of Yonkers again. Get it right, down to the last detail!

  5. poster at 1:19 stated
    “My question is, can any mayor really make Yonkers a better place becasue we havent seen this person yet.”
    Just great—let’s surrender.
    What you’re advocating is we should settle for far less than we deserve.
    This attitude is exactly why we are in the shit hole we’re in.
    And that is exactly what these morons are doing.
    Ask for a little-and they give nothing.
    Ask for nothing-and they take what you already had.
    what we are talking about are GREEDY THIEVING BASTARDS
    If they can’t take this crap head on—-well then–don’t vote for them
    Do the job or don’t run.
    just wait until the end of the year when the crap hits the fan…..

  6. No Gino i think you got it wrong.
    For anything to happen in Yonkers you have to DISMANTLE the entire corrupt system and start again….piece by piece.
    Yes it will take years.
    Let’s start with the Mayor
    Spano is just another messy cog in the wheel.
    He has not proven anything
    My vote is for Joan should she decide to run.
    She has already proven to care about her constituents.


  8. Lake Ave has been a mess long before Joan even got onto the council. It is definitly not getting better. Whoever does care about this city has to point to 1 person in this situation. The buck stops somewhere doesnt it.
    what is Yonkers going to do when it runs out of money this year? Hire a hit squad and tell the cops to stand down?
    My question is, can any mayor really make Yonkers a better place becasue we havent seen this person yet.

  9. Same game all the time
    Blame deflect entertain and appease.
    god forbid anyone ever actually solves a real problem in Yonkers.
    What’s it going to take to pay attention to downtown? Do another 36 businesses need to come and go–or maybe another 8 murders and 21 1/2 stabbings before the Mayor, McDow and the BID have enough statistical data to do anything?
    Good for Joan for speaking up.

  10. joan was in government before sandy was born and in politics before all of them. you keep making this same post…you are clearly Yonkers’ own Rainman…idiot without the savant part.

  11. Sadly, Joan had to be educated once again. Next year, Sandy will not be around to give her the answers to the test. Who will she copy off of then? Murtagh?

  12. Sadly the Mayor has pulled this before. A number of years ago when a development was shoved down the throats of the neighborhood residents, people called the mayors office constantly to complain. The Mayor responded only once:
    He mailed a letter to the local residents blaming the Councilperson for the problems. It was never their fault, it was the Mayors’ for his lack of leadership. Everyone knew it was pure politics, and this letter is the same template.
    The mayor seemingly has a complete blind spot to the “perks” that are doled out that drive people crazy, especially in this economy. It is lost on him the power of the symbolic nature of dealing with them; it may not save much money, but after complaining for over a decade about many of these boondoggles, getting rid of them would make such a huge psychological difference.
    I wonder who his rasputin is who keeps him so oblivious.

  13. I think I have a solution to the problem. Give NASCAR Marty a club and let him patrol during the day and the Chicken Island Brawler, Lopez, can take the night shift.

  14. hey, what do you want …. they only make about $65K or so…do you expect them to be able to proof read or form a sentence without spellcheck….maybe the gum-snapping photographer/leaf-blower girl typed it…

  15. The Mayor should fire the incompetent idiot who typed this letter and use that money to pay for more police. Is speaks volumes that the people he has surrounded himself with are not even capable of sending out a letter to residents without mistakes.

  16. if Yonkers/Ammicone cut
    Pinto (all waterfront development since its not developing)
    Car usage
    Phone usage
    Slush funds in the BOE
    Illegal Gass usage
    Dave “speaker of the house who doesnt speak anymore” simpson
    Helen “lose the app” Tvet
    Unecessary patronage jobs like Lopez
    Then we can not only fix up the streets alllll over Yonkers, We could add cops, fireman, DPW workers, so on & so forth.
    Last budget, the Mayor tired to pass an increased budget at a time when the world was melting down. Where were his cuts?
    He piled the Pork on top of the old pork.
    Phil, you are not as slick as you think. You are running very thin on the good people of the city and wasting our time with memo’s like this. Instead of firing a missle over Council woman Gronowski, why dont you try doing something, anything…how bout some news on SFC?
    How bout something to get good news comming out of this town? Cna you make that happen or did the council cut that out of your
    Will power?

  17. Amicone is just throwing hay makers and hoping he lands at least onet at this point.
    This guy is a BUM, a lousy Mayor and has really and truly killed the pride of what was once a really potentially great city.
    he should be ashamed that he is going after Granowski – especially since she’s been in her seat for 2 years… this guys been Mayor for 6 years TOO LONG and in city hall for over 15…
    Come on! Whatta you kidding me or what?! What a joke.

  18. give me a break mr. mous…what did she do wrong…she has continued to be vocal about abuse in city cars cell phones illegal civil service jobs redundant departments blah blah blah. what the hell do you expect her to do by herself, the only one voicing these inequities on the city council. who wants to hear from you …you proved what a cretin and low life (excuse the redundancy) you are after a lame attempt to blame annabi for the sins of the father. if you have the balls, answer the aforementioned statements about Gronowski…she has certainly tried to do what she said she would do when she ran for election…and it has cost her dearly

  19. PS: You also can “thank” busing for some of the problem. Gorton used to be a neighborhood school. Now? Ha. And some of that riff-raff infests Lake Ave.

  20. Ted Schekler is right. There is a prominent error in Amicone’s letter. Not just a typo either, but it’s still possible to realize what was meant to be said.
    That said, both Amicone and Gronowski are at fault. Amicone for not making cuts in the City Hall staff at budget time — money that could have gone toward public safety. Gronowski is at fault for a host of other reasons.
    But police OT was out of control and had to be reduced. But all told, the Council also did a lousy job cutting the budget.
    Lake Ave. needs more than a couple of cops. It needs a sweep by Immigration. It needs a serious check for illegal apartments, and all the absentee slumlords should be subjected to background checks, financial and otherwise.

  21. It is Telling when the Mayor is constantly trying to defend himself from council men and women…
    Just proves how weak and stupid he is…

    This guy is terrible. He is hated by the public and can not control anything in this city aside from beating up the small businesses.
    Amicone you suck! We wait your termination anxiously. COWARD.
    cUT THE CARS, PHONES AND USELESS aides. Then you actually may have to be a Mayor and interact with the citizens of this god forsaken city.

  23. I dont think Joan voted down the police patrols per se. She voted to decrease the amount of spending in the city budget overall. She is trying to save the taxpayers. If the mayor is doing everything in his power to make Yonkers safe, then have him cut some of the do nothing friends and family staff and the take home cars, and there will be money to fund 500 more cops.Remember the buck stops with the mayor.Does anybody know if the council have the authority to lay off some of the mayors staff, and direct him to remove the take home cars?

  24. Now phil is concerned for the citizens on this city..WOW, thats a first. What about the citizens in the downtown too? or the businesses across the city? No concern there, only becasue the 3rd district is your backyard and you wantto butter them up for the next reound of elections…I see the game kid.

  25. hey, two of his supposed harem kicked ass…sandy and virginia both beat the party, no matter what the outcome. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, as the song goes.

  26. to anon at 7:44
    And I think you should start paying attention to budget hearings, second floor leech. If you heard anything, you heard her say that the illegal civil servants, cars etc. etc. etc. should have been cut before any uniformed services. This is what happens when your brain turns to mush blogging all day on the 2nd floor. You don’t work for a living, there is nothing for you to do, no self-respect, no thought process. I see early onset Alzheimer’s for the mayor’s office.

  27. Everybody wants the cops around when they need them- nobody, including Joan, it seems- wants to ante up and pay for them. Well, they don’t work for free. If you want the cops, you have to pay for them- or you can just sit around and carp about how unjust the world is and blame everybody else for your penury.

  28. Hezi, maybe Joan will have pity on you and take you home with her for a bowl of soup. She cares for the homeless I understand. But watch your hands and those obscene comments you always make out of earshot about her. She’s a dignified woman. And watch that potty mouth.

  29. I think you need to take responsibility here Joan. I checked. You did vote to cut police patrols. You can’t have it both ways. Public safety is the most important issue in any city or town. You dropped the ball Joan. Did Sandy tell you how to vote again?

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