Mount Vernon Democrats Support District Attorney Janet DiFiore

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MVDemocraticCityCommittee_logo Entire Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Reacts to Mailing;
Disgust at Transparent Attempt to Confuse Voters by Using Profound Tragedy to Garner Votes

Mount Vernon, NY — The Mount Vernon Democratic Party wants to alert the Mount Vernon and Westchester community to the divisive mailing recently sent on behalf of District Attorney candidate Tony Castro by Damon K. Jones who recently moved to Mount Vernon from Greenburgh and is in no way affiliated with the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee or any other reputable Mount Vernon organization.   

the mailing implies that the Democratic Party is responsible for the mailing by using the name “Mount Vernon Democrats”. The Mount Vernon Democratic Party want to make it clear that the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee is in no way affiliated with this mailing and is appalled by the brazen, unethical methods chosen by Damon Jones, someone the party defines and regards as an interloper. The Mount Vernon Democratic Party assert they would never use a profound community tragedy (involving the death of off-duty Mt. Vernon Police Detective Christopher Ridley) for winning votes and they unanimously admonish Tony Castro for allowing his name and image to be a part of such a mailing.     
The Mount Vernon Democratic Party were adamant about making it crystal clear that the entire Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee fully supports the re-election of Janet DiFiore for District Attorney. 

Janet DiFiore along with members of the Democratic City Committee and Mount Vernon community will be present at a press conference to be held in Mount Vernon, Friday, September 4, 209, at 10:00 am  to discuss this transparent attempt to confuse Mount Vernon voters. 
eHeziMount Vernon Democrats Support District Attorney Janet DiFiore

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  1. are tone deaf..zherka inserted himself into the process..someone who is under criminal investigation in manhattan
    a separate jurisdiction..stop avoiding
    the central issue..and that is INTEGRITY

  2. There are plenty of politicians who shouldn’t get anywhere near a grand jury.
    Nick Spano to start.
    I’m not talking about the D.A.’s office either. I’m talking about police chiefs, police detectives and municipal attorneys.
    Neither Tony Castro nor Dan Schorr have aimed their fire right. Everyone’s appeasing the police unions, including Janet DiFiore.
    It’s a sorry state of affairs when none of our candidates want to adequately address police procedure and conduct.
    Case in point was what happened to Stephen Bonura. DiFiore was correct in expressing her displeasure. If anything, she was restrained. The problem is that no one put a microscope on Pleasantville’s elected officials, village attorney and police chief. No one in the press took a closer look at the rest of that police department.
    It’s always the D.A’s fault, right?
    That’s a copout.
    The fault rests with poor training, lack of adequate department reviews and too many elected officials throughout this county who bow to police for a press release (and photo op).
    If government on all levels wasn’t wasting so much money, maybe our tax dollars could go to improving these police departments. We’re the highest taxed county in America yet our elected officials always balk at such due diligence.
    Go focus on blaming Zherka or DiFiore — but things are not what they seem.

  3. Sam Zherka
    I have deciced on the white Elvis outfit with the matching white cape. you know the cape with the gold sparkles.
    Please wear this outfit to the losers ball on the 25th. It would be so nice.

  4. sama zherka is not running…but he is the
    issue…anytime any candidate takes that large a percentage of his money from one
    source, questions have to arise..and in the
    case of tony castro, the question is what kind of debt do you owe to zherka after he
    subsidized your tv, your mailings, and your
    entire campaign..everyone knows that a debt is owed ..and thats the danger of tony castro getting anywhere near the grand jury

  5. They won’t do anything to Bob Fois.
    They’re not THAT dumb. They will beat Tony Castro. They will beat Dan Schorr.
    Meanwhile, these screwballs spreading rumors about Fois will beat themselves trying to prove it. THAT could be fun to watch. They will take an unknown Conservative and turn him into a household name. That is why they won’t do anything to him, unless the knuckleheads are so insurbordinate that they go after him anyway.
    Liar’s poker.
    If they’re SMART, this will be a very boring election.

  6. Inquiring minds want to know why someone so close to the re-election campaign of an incumbent district attorney knows so much about confidential law enforcement matters.
    You’d be amazed who is going to SING!!!

  7. Of course she’s Tracy Everson.
    She writes the same way she worked over every politician when she was the News 12 dominatrix.
    Wait til you see what she does to Bob Fois.
    She lives for this shit.

  8. Are you winning the District Attorney’s race yet?
    I sure hope so. Never seen so much shit laid out a mile long and an inch thick over an election that should have been over in April.
    You would think Tony Castro is some uber Democrat the way you waste so much valuable time going after him. Psst!!! Sam Zherka’s not the opponent either.
    Too funny.

  9. Dear Sam-
    How is you brother Ali Zherka doing in jail?
    Does you mother give him any advice since she has experience in service long jail sentences?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    By the way , have you selected your Elvis outfit for loser day? (election day). I have ask you before to please wear a cape that day as a special message of support from me to you.
    See you in the funny papers.

  10. Nice story about your boy castro in todays
    newspapere..seems his kids got 200,000 from
    a client of castro’s who was elderly and infirm..nothing smells about this to you sam
    because for you the ends justify the means
    that is the way you conduct yourself on public make up what you want and
    then peddle it as facts..but the game is up
    for you…you are a lost with robertson, you lost with rivers, you dumped
    david spano, and you are going to lose
    big time with castro..just keep dumping your
    money down the drain sam…no one is going
    to pay any attention to the man behind
    the curtain after sept 15th…and you
    will be made to account for the monies you
    and your friends have contributed to castro
    the public will hear about what a federal
    judge has to say about you..and you will
    be exposed for the fraud you are…in the
    meantime mike edelman only posts under one
    name sam..sorry to disappoint you but
    everyone is on to your game

  11. There you go again the same idiot, Mike Edelman is posting as five different posters again.
    The mailing that was sent out to the Citizens of MT Vernon tells the truth. Janet Difiore has violated the Civil Rights and dozens of innocent men and woman in Westchester County.
    Damon Jone’s statement is right on.
    He tells it like it is.
    Damon made the statement and Sam Zherka mailed it out with honor.
    As far as the Daily News coverage about the cover up of the Ridley shooting, thats right on fact.
    District Attorney Janet Difiore is a fraud, a corrupt republican District attorney, who is a vindictive retaliatory self serving poltiician.
    Sam Zherka

  12. I have said this before.
    Tony Castro is unfit to be a DA anywhere and frankly I think he knows it.
    I think he long ago gave up any hope of being the DA (and destroying justice in the process) and has settled for making the strip club owner happy.
    I wonder if he will show up as a partner to that vile pig Lovette when this is all done.

  13. on september 1st castro issued a press release calling on the ag to investigate
    difiore for using an image of the westchester da’s badge in her poitical materials claiming it was a violation of
    law to use the “state sheild” in any
    advertising..of course castro was again
    wrong in that the badge was a westchester
    county da’s badge used for decades..but here is the kicker ON CASTRO’S OWN WEBSITE
    Today he took the badge off..but guess what
    about 6 reporters were directed to the site
    and know it was there..and a hard copy
    of the site was saved..what a fool!

  14. Castro confirmed yesterday in an interview that he is a wholly owned subsidiary of sam
    zherka when he had the unmitigated gall to state that janet difiore “started the
    investigation” into zherka because zherka criticized her..this has been zherka and lovett’s claim all along..a claim which has been found to be false by a federal judge. a claim which asserts that difiore and
    others conspired with a manhattan ada to investigate zherka for drug dealing and prostitution, but the ada with whom difiore and others supposed conspired with WAS IN IRAQ SERVING HIS NATION..when the
    investigation started…and wiretap orders were signed in manhattan..It’s one thing for sam zherka to make allegations that are preposterous malicious and false in his is quite another for a candidate for chief law enforcement officer who has received a huge amount of his total contributions from zherka and his friends and associates to mouth that same false allegation during his campaign…the bar
    association should sua sponte open a grievance.. As an attorney and officer of the court, castro wears his legal hat all the time…in the absence of any evidence whatsoever and in light of The findings of a federal judge, castro should know better…

  15. The flyer is incendiary and accuses the only white county officer of murdering Officer Ridley at point blank range for racially motivated reasons. It is the same disgusting lie that Lovett and Zherka put in their federal lawsuit which they repeated for the staged press conference in White Plains and the same disgusting lie repeatedly published in the Guardian. Castro will predictably deny any connection to the flyer but we all know that is another lie as Castro is Zherka’s puppet boy.

  16. Richard Blassberg, who is the employee of strip club sam and “edits” the rag that strip club sam gives out, never passed the bar exam , despite apparently graduating from law school. That’s pretty pathetic in my opinion.
    In a recent edition of that free rag there was a long letter essentially stating that the terrorist act of September 11th was an inside job. (Loony)
    It seems to me that what we have here i an alliance of the strip club crowd, professional failures and loons. The bottom of the heap is the “pretend” candidate for DA.
    I say “pretend candidate” because FIDEL Castro has a chance.
    Tony Castro has none. Never has, never will.
    I am certain that Tony is well aware of this and probably has all along. I think his so-called campaign is nothing but a sleazy attempt to gather favor with the strip club crowd and the lunatic fringe.
    Of course it makes sense that Tony Castro looks up the Richard Blassberg because in his demented world Richard Blassberg, who never passed the bar exam, is far above Tony Castro who only failed it five times.

  17. tony castro is not a normal candidate for
    da..he is being handled by richard blassberg
    who thinks he is a strategist par excellance…unfortunately blassberg is the
    svengali that writes for the guardian and
    parrots conspiracy theories about officer
    ridley, please his employer sam
    zherka..but on the issue of mount vernon
    there was a press conference today ..all
    mount vernon democratic leaders, the clergy
    and others roundly condemned the castro
    mailer and his attempt to make it appear
    that he was supported by “mount vernon
    democrats” which is how the return address
    on his mailer read” they were simply appalled that his mailer could accuse
    the white westchester county cop of
    exucuting officer ridley..and guess who else
    is pissed..Officer’s Ridley’s dad

  18. Tony Castro has aligned with Strip Club Sam. It should come as no surprise to anyone that he engages in this type of disgraceful behavior.
    What “normal” candidate for DA would be in the company of a person who is under investigation by another District Attorney for possible prostitution, money laundering and narcotics violations?
    I feel certain that Tony Castro knew long ago that his chance of being the next DA was zero, I think this entire campaign is to impress the rich guy who makes money from the lap dances that teenagers give to fat men.

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