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  1. How does Martin McGloin come up with these brilliant ideas? They are so rudimentary, but so prophetic.
    Yeah right. Martin, put your crayola’s down and get a job.

  2. “For real and accurate info on crime in Yonkers, ceck out the Facebook page, Yonkers Isn’t Safe. This page was created by Yonkers cops to let the people of Yonkers know the truth about the rampant crime in Yonkers.”
    Regarding the above:how bad is it that the cops on the street are forced to post on facebook. Under EH morale has plummetted through the dept.YPD is not any different than City Hall. A bunch of has-beens and wanna-bees who surround themselves with yes-men and suck-ups. There really was a weenie roast which kinda sends the message that you have to eat a weenie and like it to get ahead. No wonder the real cops are outraged and disgusted.

  3. Everything here is political and nothing ever gets accomplished
    Yonkers political schedule looks something like this
    Summer nothing happens (except back room deals)
    Then comes election time where nothing happens again except more back room deals
    Post election to spring is spent covering the back room deals
    And summer starts again
    The mayor has had a combined 13 years to accomplish development and downtown is worst then when he started.
    13 years!
    And the Council isn’t any better
    When are you dopes going to start working for taxpayers and business and stop the games?

  4. The school system since petrone left has reached its worse. Pierorazio has sent the district into the dark ages Moral is at its lowest point and teachers are doing nothing. The union is running the show as evident by the last contract giving teachers up to a $12,000 raise at some steps for one years raise. Bernie gave them the cash. Petrone gave them 0% for two years and surrounded himself with excellent workers. Look what’s there now.

  5. breaking the list means that they either discourage candidates from taking the job or they may nitpick on prerequisits to rule out people on the list that precede their favored person. It is done quite frequently but, as you know, Yonkers is the poster child for civil service violations.


  7. Hezi, there is another issue looming large on the horizon for you. It’s “Net Neutrality” so that there are zones or regulations where one doesn’t have to pay for internet access. The FCC is drafting these new regulations so that there is a free flow of information. Comcast, Verizon, and all the other telephone giants are against Net Neutrality, and the Republicans are too. They’ve drafted an ammendment to this effect and attached it to an appropriations bill for the Department of the Interior…you can’t make this stuff up. But everyone says it won’t pass since there’s a Democratic majority (whew). I usually like Republicans AND Democrats, but this time it’s an outrageously partisan promotion for private interest groups so we’d all have to pay for the internet some way, some how, they are in our pockets with their obnoxious rate hikes and fees. And this would make a class system of who has internet and who doesn’t.
    See what the candidates have to say about Net Neutrality.
    Margaret Setterholm

  8. Well, They do influence the outcome, Why else does the clown try to keep them happy? Your answers always find ways around the written law with no regard to moral standing. Moose, You are a rodent.

  9. policeman are not precluded from expressing
    their political preferences..the first amendment allows that…ask sam zherka..
    but what they cannot do is use their authority and position as policeman to
    influence the outcome of an election..however as a union or as an
    association they have every right to select

  10. its 2009, whoever designs these graphics needs to get a MAC and take a class on how to use it becasue, while I get the sentiment of the graphic, it makes the site look horrible sine a 5 year old could do a better job. Come on man, step it up.

  11. It should be illegal for pretend parties to endorse, support, or donate to any political party or person running for public office. They are supposed to be running their own candidates.

  12. It should be illegal for police unions to endorse, support, or donate to any political party or person running for public office. They are supposed to be neutral.

  13. It’s amazing how bloggers had a lot to say under the story about police vests, but not one post about the YPD Commissioner going on News 12 on Friday saying that he was buying the bullet proof vests. I figure we can all guess where those nasty posts came from — no posts over the weekend because the mayor’s staff only posts on city time and the taxpayer’s dime.
    Also, the purchase proves that the administration had the money all along to buy the vests and created the issue for their political advantage to get the Mayor’s candidate elected. Sadly, the police unions were suckered right into this and used. I hope the rank and file puts a stop to this and tells their union leaders to fight for the good officers of the city and not take up the mayor’s battle.
    Hezi, where are you on this? No follow-up to yet another hoax played on the people of this city. Shame on Amicone.

  14. i watched the public hearing on Channel 78. Lesnick threw the LPB nominees softballs like “tell me what historic buildings in Yonkers excite you”and some could not think of any. Where did Amicone dig these guys up?

  15. well if this is where the line has been drawn n the sand then let it be. At least lesnick isfighting for something…most times he dabbles in mdiocrity by being wishy washy. The Mayor needs this to help push SFC along, the same project he was adiment about for comming up to 6 years, the same poject that he touted like it was a slam dunk long ago. well this is 1 of many obstacles that have come up and gotten in his way.
    SFC was a pipe dream he sold Yonkers, it could never ever ever have happened w dissident council people. If this is the case then is goes to who that Amicone isn’t a politician or a diplomat, he’s a nothing with MAYOR as title.

  16. If you think this is political, wait until you see the hearing for the proposed IG on Tuesday. I can not see the Council getting of Zisman at this time.

  17. Lets get real. The Board is political in that they have a perspective and Amicone wants to water it down. Lesnick and Murtagh and for that matter, most of the council, do not want the Mayor’s lackeys on the board. It is a political process. The Mayor proposes and the board confirms. In cases like this there is either a standoff or a compromise.

  18. Lesnick has only landmarked two things since he has been on the Council – the Philpse Manor Historic District andthe Wilson Eyers House on North Broadway. He voted to landmark 87 Nepperhan Avenue but only after he had achieved a compromise with the developer and 6 others had already cast votes in the negative. The Council has not acted on the Glenwood power plant and those are the only four applications put forth in the past four years (Boyce Thompson Institute was voted down by the previous council.) Lesnic does not do Historic Tax Credit work in Yonkers beciase of the ethics code.

  19. Bull…If the clown gets this , there will be nothing left in this city. Look at the beautiful old library….beautiful isn’t it. Some thing are worth saving. People on the board must be competent at there job.

  20. Lesnick wants his “greenies” on the board so they will landmark everything and his cronies can line their pockets.
    For a change, Amicone is right on this one.
    Lesnick will block these as long as possible and let the landmarks board floounder in the hopes of getting re elected and getitng his people in so he can continue to make money with his “tax credits” bs.

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