Breaking News: Yonkers Police Officers to Get Measured for New Protective Vests By Hezi Aris

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Yonkers, NY — Speaking on behalf of Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett (pictured) late this October 7, 2009 afternoon, Detective Sergeant Patrick McCormack, of the Commissioners Office advised that purchase of 94 protective vests for Yonkers Police Department personnel wearing vests that have expired fives years beyond their respective expiration dates will soon be replaced. The 94 vests being procured for the YPD personnel consis of 70h vests that have exceeded 10 years in age or close to it, and the other 24 vests will soon reach the 10 year time frame. The vests have an expiration date for which they are not considered of value for protective use when 5 years old. The vests being now in the process of being replaced are 10 years old. Time and sweat cause the vests to deteriorate over time.

In order to get the new vests teams of officers will attend the Training Division where they will be measured for the news vests. The fist day upon which measurements for the new vests will be conducted is on October 13 and continue through through October 26. Fourty days after each specific group of measurements are taken, those vests will be delivered to the YPD. This process will be repeated until all measurements are made and the final set of vests will be delived 40 days after October 26. One may infer that all those that presently possess or about to possess a vest that is 10 years or older will have gotten a new one by Thanksgiving 2009.

A memo to the process and protocol mentioned herein will within days be circulated to YPD.

The most exciting news is that Commissioner Hartnett will endeavor to have vests replaced after 5 years of use.   

eHeziBreaking News: Yonkers Police Officers to Get Measured for New Protective Vests By Hezi Aris

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  1. hey frustrated, your post at 1248 am — you should have put the bottle down sooner and went to sleep. Other than that if you are so frustrated, MOVE OUT, there is nothing keeping you here… if yonkers is so bad then take a hike moron

  2. Don’t forget name badges. When is the last time an officer in Yonkers has been shot? Stop waisting tax payer’s money on illegal stop and frisks, false arrests, racial profiling, malicious prosecution, coerced plea bargains,steroid gun carrying cowards and cops drinking alcohol beverages while on duty at Pat Reynolds on South Broadway in Yonkers.
    Mayor Phil I’m a Phoney and Police Schememissioner Hartnett need to resign and take the NAACP with you. What a joke.

  3. So the Council was not delaying the purchase of the the vests. The Unions were just trying to attack Lesnick on behalf of the Mayor.

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