Selim ‘Sam’ Zherka Found Guilty of Two Counts of Disorderly Conduct in Mount Vernon City Hall Altercation By Hezi Aris

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White Plains, NY — In court papers regarding the case of The People of the State of New York versus Selim Zherka obtained today by Yonkers Tribune, a decision after the trial referred to as Docket #08-5013, the court ascertained that the defendant, Selim  Zherka, violated two counts of disorderly conduct in violation of Penal Code in an altercation that took place in the late morning of October 31, 2008 (date corrected by editor after initial posting error), in the City Hall of Mount Vernon. The violations noted are that Mr Zherka "did refuse to leave the public hallway of 1 Roosevelt Square while yelling at your deponent (Police Officer Morris). 'I pay your fu**ing salary. You shouldn't be a fu**cking cop.' Further, when Police Officer Mossis asked Mr Zherka to leave the area, Mr Zherka said, 'I am not leaving until I speak to the Mayor and the commissioner.'"

Mr Zherka, a/k/a Sam Zherka, asserts the testimony given the court is a "fabrication."

The court found that "the defendant's guilt on both the charges of disorderly conduct was established beyond a reasonable doubt."

The Count found the defendant, Selim "Sam" Zherka guilty on both counts of disorderly conduct on October 5, 2009, in which the Honorable Adam Seiden, Associate City Judge of Mount Vernon, presided.

Sentencing will take place November 20, 2009.

eHeziSelim ‘Sam’ Zherka Found Guilty of Two Counts of Disorderly Conduct in Mount Vernon City Hall Altercation By Hezi Aris

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  1. sam
    your paper talks about parasites and getting rid of them. Why don’t you get rid of your friend first GIULIO CAVALLO. He’s the biggest one you already wrote that why did you stop. ALL THE STUFF YOU WROTE ABOUT HIM WAS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. janet’s office prosecutes crimes..all of them including prostittion and more importantly running a prostitution business….good for her…and as the poster
    above remarked that would be hard to imagine
    if zherka had input into a castro da office

  3. From the NY POST…
    District Attorney Janet DiFiore says two people have been charged with promoting prostitution. She says they ran the operation from their homes in White Plains, recruiting, managing and scheduling more than 30 women.
    Can anyone imagine that Tony Castro prosecuting this type of crime? HA!
    Thank God the voters kicked him to the curb so he can sleep in the gutter where he belongs. Adiós loser.

  4. Edelman, I will take your word that “the ladies aren’t ladies.” However, do I detect a bit of venom getting ready to be “let out.” Contain yourself my good man. The secret is out about the ring of highly paid ladies who provide comfort to the guys in White Plains and you know what Edelman, they weren’t “sammy’s girls.” Wow, it seems Sammy is not the only one running an entertainment business for men. Edelman what do you have to say about that?

  5. the ladies arent’ ladies…and you sir
    are no gentleman..garbage in garbage out
    its the problem with our society everything reduces down to personal animous based on

  6. Melanie, you are funny. I thought there was something else going on between Zherka and Edelman. Now I know that they compete for the say chicks. Edelman recently hurt his hip. I hope he wasn’t heavy lifting, lol. Anon, how can you bash Zherka for moral issues when you might be playing the same game? Are you married to these chicks that are talking the pilates class? Wow, the ladies are kissing and telling now in our culture. What a country?

  7. Hey Grouch, you better watch what you say. Mr. Gotti was a plumber NOT a gangsta.
    zherka on the other hand… he’s just a looser like edelman. They try to make up for their “shortcomings” by driving fancy cars, but the ladies in my pilates class talk, and they both have well, ya know, let’s just say they can’t work the middle cause their things are little.

  8. What’s that comment from Anon mean about “soon” the public will know the results of the Manhattan grand jury probe of Zherka?
    The only way the public will know the results is if he is indicted. Is that what anon is saying? Seems that way.

  9. I’m struggling with why anyone would like Zherka….
    What has he ever contributed to the betterment of another person?
    People admired John Gotti ..some still do…but he was a mobster…a killer…an exploiter of the weak. But people do like and admire mobsters like this. But is Zherka really a John Gotti?
    Zherka claims he’s not a mobster. Gotti made no such claim.
    Zherka is a wannabbee, someone who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. But he’s becoming a joke to most people…at least those who like to see right win out over wrong.

  10. sam is a fraud…he might have had some redeeming qualities had he stuck with his
    original don’t remember it..i do…he condemned cross endorsements and
    giulio cavalo…for what they were…then
    he made his own deal and sold his principals
    out..he lied in his federal lawsuit..and when called on it admitted he brougth the suit because the consultant worked for his
    political does that justify lying to a federal judge…zherka could
    have been a conteneder..he could have used
    his money and his newspaper to acheive real
    reform but he got sucked in by his own hype
    and now he lies fully exposed to the world

  11. i like Sam for one reason only
    he’s calling all you Pricks for what you are.
    rear ends slapped in jail?
    yep there’s more than a few.
    Go Sam.

  12. Edelman, you are easily fooled. This imposter jim jones who posted under the guise that he or she is the real jim jones is a joke. I assure you that I am the real jim jones poster — the same individual who began discussing with you a long time ago when you talked about your then pending hip operation. I am not a lover of Zherka, but I try to separate the person from the problem. I am disagree with the person’s behavior, but I don’t subscribe to throwing out the baby with the bath water. Zherka does have some good qualities also. He is not a jellyfish. I think you ought to respect him for that even though you might disagree with him. To that fake, jim jones, couldn’t you come up with your own name. How about Lucifer as a suggestion. Edelman that is biblical, lol.

  13. the fantasy notion that sam zherka has spent loads to create has got tofall…like the man behind the curtain in the wizard of oz zherka is neither a leader, nor a democrat (small d) his is a small time bit player longing for stardom…he is in a business that he knows will not win him approbation from the community and so, he attempts to hold himself out as some sort of white knight riding in to save demcocracy particularly free speech right here in westchester..when the facts reveal quite the opposite…a bully, and the product of an oppressed society, zherka cares nothing about your right to free speech or to express your views..he only cares about raming his distorted and concocted views down the throats of the gullible…those who may be inclined to read his guardian newspaper and actually believe the garbage that his editor writes week after week..its the old notion of the big lie..if the lie is big enough and bold enough people will want to believe the story about officer ridley being executed in broad daylight..or the one about giulio cavalo being corrupt when zherka himself turns right around and forms an alliance to support tony castro..or the lie spun over and over about how castro being handled by blassberg actually won the da’s race twice until a conspiracy of the commissioner of the board of elections along with other DEMOCRATS IE THOSE OF THE SAME PARTY AS CASTRO, stole the election by fixing machines..or my favorite, that the only reason zherka is under investigation in manhattan for drug dealing and
    prostitution is because janet
    difiore, phil amicone, and mike Edelman instigated the assistant manhattan county da matthew bogdanos to convene a grand jury with zherka as the target..and zherka has the gall to make that statement knowing
    full well as he admits in his legal papers that the manhattan county ada was stationed in Iraq at the time the investigation started….westchester is not an uneducated place..but zherka relies on the least educated and those who are malcontents to circulate rumor, lie, gossip, innuendo, and speculation, and to peddle it as news…its not news…he’s not a journalist and his editor is not one either..these are people who are so convinced that the world is against them and that they are being picked on that there is no boundary to the lengths they will go to attempt to convince others to drink their Koolaid. But now that zherka has been Defrocked, the mainstream media knows his game, they recognize him for what he is…they understand His motivation and they reveal it every time he inserts himself into the news…pretty soon you will be Hearing the official results of that manhattan county grand jury investigation…and then the game will Finally end and the ruse, and fraud,, the chicanery and abuse that has been sam zherka’s MO will be over

  14. From the site:
    “On 4/1/09 at 2:10 p.m. Officers from the Narcotics Unit, while conducting a narcotics investigation, stopped a 2006 Honda Acura that contained two men. Officers determined the driver’s license of the driver was suspended. The driver was arrested; a search of the Honda revealed six bags of marijuana in the trunk. The approximate weight of the marijuana is 5 pounds, with an approximate street value of $25,000.00. The passenger of the vehicle was also arrested; he was in possession of a Vicoden pill in his pants pocket.
    John Campoli, 29 year old male of 45 Ardell Road, Bronxville NY. (Driver of the Honda) was charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle 2nd degree and Criminal Possession of Marijuana 2nd degree.
    Kujtim Zherka, 26 year old male of 73 Olum Road Mahopac, NY (passenger in the Honda) was charged with Criminal Possession of Marijuana 2nd degree and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th degree.
    Both suspects were arraigned in Yonkers City Court on 4/2/09.”
    And there you go. Yet another fine, upstanding relative of Sam’s.

  15. Could that be Kujtim Zherka ?
    A person with this name was part of the absurd (now withdrawn) lawsuit against Yonkers.
    A short while back a person with this name was arrested after a car he was in was found to have $35,000.00 worth of pot and he was found to have Vicodin on him according to police reports.
    I believe this is Sam’s nephew, perhaps a younger brother, not sure.

  16. There was a young man named Zherka in Criminal Court in Yonkers today, represented by a retained attorney. He sure looked like he was was related to Sam. I wonder if he was and what it was all about…

  17. the above poster jim jones is a wannabe, I am the origional poster jim jones and have no love for sam zherka, good that he has been found guilty. No matter if it’s light stuff or not it’s still against the law, zherka is a joke. And to the person using jim jones as a posting name get your own name this one is taken

  18. The violations noted are that Mr Zherka “did refuse to leave the public hallway of 1 Roosevelt Square while yelling at your deponent (Police Officer Morris). ‘I pay your fu**ing salary. You shouldn’t be a fu**cking cop.’ THIS IS THE REAL SAM ZHERKA..AN ARROGANT THUG WHO WANTS TO THROW HIS WEIGHT AROUND.. he acts like a 14 year old petulent child son of the neuvo riche who thinks he is better than everyone else because he parents were lucky enough to be well off.sam hasn’t learned humility or that public servants don’t WORK FOR HIM…they work for the public at large.protecting the public from
    tantrum throwing children like zherka.. those who defend zherka and especially those who think that your looks is an indication of whether you are right or wrong are the same ilk…school yard bully’s who like to make fun of fat kids or weak kids.or kids with big noses…or smart kids and you know what happens to them inevitably..years later when they are not so tough, and not so arrogant, someone or something comes along and knocks the crap out of them.. zherka stands convicted of hubirs, and of being a bully…and the federal judge hasn’t even decided on think zherka would be smart enough to get the hint when The judge warned him and his lawyer that at the very least their allegations were misleading…what
    Were they at the very most..out and out lies…? The only thing birdlike is zherka’s manners, his sense of fair play, his regard
    for others and his humility….and sam .guess what you made your own
    you have to lie in it…told you when you
    brought the weren’t going to
    do well…and each day that is becoming clearer to all of westcheseter

  19. Why don’t we get real here?
    This is nothing about anyone’s looks. This is about a guy who flaunts his position as a tough guy. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and his arrogance goes with that.
    Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler, used to do that.
    Being that Zherka is not indicted, I’m not going to call him a crook. But, he has been convicted, he is certainly guilty of disorderly conduct. And, his political candidates have been rejected by the public.
    And, so what is Sam Zherka really?
    An incompetent politician with such a big ego that he has been arrested and convicted of thinking his stuff doesn’t stink.
    Another moron.
    Maybe he’ll just go away…though I doubt it.

  20. There is something appropriate about Zherka committing his transgression on Halloween. After all, it is the day for ghouls to act out.
    As for Jim Jones, he ordered all those people to drink poisoned Kool-Aid and then shot himself in the jungle, didn’t he?

  21. Edelman does look like a meek little bird, but Zherka is no shining star either. I don’t know if his giant nose makes his hairline look like it’s left town, or his baldness makes his nose look huge

  22. jim jones ..your remarks are so antethetical
    to what the huge majority of folks in this
    county and elsewhere believe that there are a testament to the kind of character that belongs to those supporting sam zherka and
    his bullying tactics..something which you continualy avoid in your diatribes..wait until the federal court issues its final decision on mr zherka’s predilection to making up already has warned both
    zherka and his lawyer…and now we just wait
    for the final shoe to fall…then you and
    your followers and mr zherka won’t be laughing..and by the way the american dream
    will be fully realized..that being that
    in the final analysis the law is the arbiter
    of the game not sam zherka or his rag newspaper or his paid editor who spews
    the most outrageous anti democratic nonsense
    to ever see the light of day…

  23. Wow, Anon, you are very talented. You should publish a book of nursery rhymes. Your work is more practical and applicable to today’s society than “the cow jumping over the moon.” I say if the girls allow themselves to have veggies shove where the sun doesn’t shine, then more power to them. After all, they still have the choice to choose their own lifestyles. None of them, to my knowledge, have complained that good ole sam held a weapon to their heads and asked them to acquiesce. The question is your, does your daughter or a relative employed by Sam? It seems, the parenting and cultural condition should have more blame that Sam who succeeds at the American Dream. Isn’t this what capitalism is? Find a product and sell it without conscience or care? Edelman, I have drank the Koolaid? You seem to be so wrapped up in Sammy Zherka failures that, I doubt very much that you have time to enjoy your life. If you were laid out and was told you had only one day to live, would you give a sh*t about Sammy Zherka?

  24. “Sam, Sam, the garbage man
    Pushes porn whenever he can
    Makes the girls strip and pout
    So the dirty old men can cheer and shout
    Sam, Sam, the porno man
    Debases girls whenever he can
    Makes the girls cry and whine
    Shoving veggies where the sun don’t shine
    Sam, Sam, the lawsuit man
    Sues whenever, wherever he can
    Has a lawyer who’s just a jerk
    Doing all of Sam’s dirty work
    Sam, Sam, the garbage man”

  25. Dear Jim “the cool aid mixer” Jones,
    Why should anyone give Strip Club Sam a break?
    Why should someone who has been the victim of a preposterous lawsuit by Strip Club Sam give him a break?
    Why would there be a “swift turn” when most (all?) of the absurd lawsuits that Strip Club Sam filed against Westchester County have been tossed? There was no “swift turn” there was there?
    Sam Zherka was found guilty because he was guilty. That is now a documented fact.
    Why did Strip Club Sam not play his recording that would exonerate him? I look forward to the appeal that should be hysterical.

  26. Edelman, give Zherka a break. Disorderly conduct is light stuff. The politically connected judge who is appointed (not elected to this part-time position in Mount Vernon, whom I should also mention is in violation of the Mount Vernon City Charter whereas he lives in Mount Kisco,but was forced to rent a space in Mount Vernon after the deceased Martinelli exposed him in his paper the Mount Vernon Independent) had to rule that way to try to negate liability on the part of the City of Mount Vernon. Don’t get too happy too soon. Things can take a ridiculously swift turn. Stay tune as the corrupt dealing making are exposed! That’s all folks!!!!

  27. and its only begining..but what zherka is
    really guilty of is hubris…its being
    a bully..its trying to push others off the
    stage so that there is only room for zherka
    who is now universally recognized as a four
    time loser in westchester’s political game
    lost with dennis robertson…lost with david
    spano..then threw him under the bus..lost
    with samuel rivers who was found drunk in a
    new rochelle roadway..and lost with tony castro…who got trounced by sam’s announced we will see what the
    federal court will say about his tactics
    his lawsuit and his character

  28. Reposted by editor due to a glitch in one respect, and as noted by this erudite comment, it has been a trying day at the Y Trib newsroom. Thank you for noticing. Kindly Hezi
    Reposted by editor due to deletion of second posting as follows:
    The date of this incident is posted at October 31st 2009, which hasn’t occurred yet, unless this happened in the Twilight Zone…..hmmm. Can you please adjust your story somewhat around the facts, and it’s also posted twice in a row on this otherwise orderly site. Must be a challenging day there in the news room of the Y Trib. Carry on!
    Posted by: Pull yourself together!! | October 06, 2009 at 04:46 PM

  29. Guess this happened in the Twilight Zone because the date of the incident, October 31, 2009, HAS NOT HAPPENED YET! And, you have this story posted two times in a row…..soooooooo who’s at the computer there in the news room? An alien from outer space?
    anyway, disorderly conduct is commonplace stuff, and it’s not a big deal to be guilty of that now and again.

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