Senator Schumer Endorses Westchester County District Attorney DiFiore for Re-election

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White Plains — New York's Senior U.S. Senator Charles Schumer today endorsed Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore for re-election citing her strong record of accomplishment as District Attorney, and her years of legal and judicial experience. 

"Janet DiFiore has been an effective partner on criminal justice initiatives, bringing together federal and local resources for the benefit of Westchester residents," said Schumer during a news conference October 3rd in White Plains. "We have worked to combat gun violence in our communities, to make our communities safer. Responding to mortgage and real estate fraud, District Attorney DiFiore has worked with local, state and federal agencies to investigate cases that threaten the vitality of neighborhoods. I am pleased that the Fighting Real Estate Fraud Act, which I introduced this week, will enable local prosecutors to enhance their efforts."  

Senator Schumer also applauded DiFiore's leadership in achieving one of the highest violent felony conviction rates in the state. Said Schumer, "Violent criminals do not belong on our streets. They belong behind bars."

Said DiFiore, "I am pleased and proud to have Senator Schumer's endorsement. He has been a strong partner on so many levels, all designed to make Westchester County and New York State safer. In the fight against guns and gang violence, Senator Schumer has worked toward providing reimbursement for witness relocation. Also, his foresight to provide local law enforcement with additional resources to pursue specialized investigations involving mortgage fraud greatly enhances our ability to go after unscrupulous people who are preying on unsuspecting homeowners."

The Fighting Real Estate Fraud Act of 2009, introduced by Senator Schumer in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, will establish a competitive grant program in the Department of Justice for local District Attorneys' offices to fight real estate fraud.

eHeziSenator Schumer Endorses Westchester County District Attorney DiFiore for Re-election

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  1. Schmucky Chucky? She’s really grasping for straws now. She must’ve heard about the television and newspaper spots coming out that are going to embarass her and she’s running scared now

  2. Excellent observation..but it misses the
    point…westchester is a democratic
    county…in fact non party registered
    voters are left of center by a large
    margin..check the margin of victory
    for schumer in the last election..and
    check his approval numbers..frankley i
    can;t stand him but that would never stop
    me from recognizing his political value
    in a three way race..don’t forget ..castro
    still has 2 lines…schorr has one..
    what none of you understand is that with
    a third party candidate in the race
    it reduces the universe that is available
    for the major party this case
    from 100 to 94% or
    given the 125,000 democratic voter edge
    and given that schorr does not have either
    IND or becomes even more important
    that democrats vote for difiore.not less..
    because now she merely needs to get 50%
    of the 94% not voting on the ind or consv
    line..which is 47% plus with a
    125,000 vote democratic edge getting as
    many democrats to vote on the dem line is
    worth more than usual…proportionately
    that is…any questions

  3. edelman can you inform her that the
    democratic primary is over and she
    does not have to continue to seek
    endorsements from leftist liberals.

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