Westchester County Association Forms Alliance with Former Senator Nick Spano’s Albany-Based Government Relations Firm

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Yonkers, NY — The Westchester County Association (WCA) today announced it has taken a major step in strengthening their position as the area's leading business advocacy group by formalizing an alliance with former New York state Senator Nick Spano's government relations firm Empire Strategic Palling (ESP) whose offices are located in Westchester and Albany, New York.

The alliance with Empire Strategic Planning (ESP) is designed to create an “early warning system” to alert the WCA about pending legislation in Albany that impacts its members and the business community. Former long-time state legislator Nick Spano—founder and President of ESP— and his associates will identify and monitor legislative proposals which will enable the WCA to provide input in the early stages of discussion. 

Mr. Spano represented the 35th District in Yonkers and Greenburgh for 28 years, first as an Assemblyman for eight years and than as Senator for 20 years. 

William Mooney, WCA President, said: “Empire Strategic Planning is a very respected firm whose principals have an exact understanding of how the legislative process operates. Drawing on this knowledge, the WCA will gain an advantage to provide our members with pertinent information on a very timely basis. By responding early, the WCA will improve the chances of preventing potentially damaging bills from being passed or, conversely, actively supporting legislation that could be beneficial to our members.” He added: “Nick Spano and his associates can certainly provide us with this capability.” 

Citing just two recent examples, Mr. Mooney stated that the rushed manner in which the MTA Payroll Tax and proposed Commercial Assessment Ratio bill had been handled with little time for response dramatically underscored the need for the WCA and its members to become informed earlier. 

“Given the dysfunction in Albany, the precarious economy and the continued erosion of New York as a business friendly state, the WCA needs an experienced presence on the ground in Albany to serve as its ears and eyes on issues that matter.” 

In addition to monitoring bills, Mr. Spano’s group will arrange meetings between the WCA and leaders in Albany.  They will also provide quarterly newsletters about relevant Albany issues. 

Mr. Mooney noted that the Alliance will be linked with the ongoing work of the WCA’s Advocacy Committee. It will also become an integral component in the WCA’s plans to engage and mobilize members segments such as young professionals and small businesses on issues that matter to them.

Founded in 1950, The Westchester County Association is the preeminent business membership organization in Westchester. It is committed to business advocacy, economic vitality, and to providing a strong and clear voice for the interests of Westchester businesses on a regional, national and international level. Its three major objectives are economic development of the region, business development, and to provide access and interaction with key public and private sector individuals, agencies and organizations.

eHeziWestchester County Association Forms Alliance with Former Senator Nick Spano’s Albany-Based Government Relations Firm

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  1. So he’s still working for business and to hell with the little people. All politicians are the same. Always working against the working man and woman.

  2. Fois- U want to see results,measurable results then why dont you put some heat on Senator Cousins. She is the one thats in office not Nick Spano. He is treated with respect because he delievered for westchester he didnt get elected then go into hiding like Andrea has. Thanks to people like you we no longer have Nick Spano to depend on.

  3. Was this the same Bill Mooney who bailed on Phil Amicone in 2003 when he thought the deputy mayor couldn’t beat Mike Spano?
    Sounds to me like Mr. Mooney is doing precisely the same thing to Rob Astorino.
    The fix is in.

  4. How many years has Nick Spano had this supposed “pull” in Albany?
    As a lobbyist over the past year, he sure didn’t stop the MTA payroll tax. Yonkers hasn’t received any sweeter financial stipend (and that’s a kind word) from the New York State Legislature. The allies of Spano in the State Senate lost control of that legislative body. State taxation and mandates upon Westchester residents has never been worse …
    … Yet we stand back and worship this man like he’s a political god, failing to recognize that he has done us no favors.
    Nothing changes.
    I want to see results, Nick, measurable results — and I can think of a few dozen former elected officials who can do a better job than you helping the business community in this county.
    Bad move by the Westchester County Association.
    They could have done better.

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