Yonkers Federation of Teachers to Endorse Incumbent Lesnick for Reelection By Hezi Aris

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Yonkers, NY – The Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) will officially announce their endorsement and support of incumbent Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick for reelection over his challenger Jim Castro-Blanco tomorrow.

YFT President Pat Puleo said that Mr Lesnick has been a proponent for increased education funding and school reconstruction projects.

" …we need him to continue the fight for education, after school programming, arts, music and athletics in our schools,” Puleo, stated in a press release today.

eHeziYonkers Federation of Teachers to Endorse Incumbent Lesnick for Reelection By Hezi Aris

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  1. My son graduated from Pulaski and ended up with 6 certificates of achievement from politicians. Why are children being used by the Lesnicks, Spanos etc. This superintendent has no spine if he allows politicians into the school system.

  2. Puleo and her overpaid bunch know that Lesnick has done NOTHING for the schools other that keep silent while salaries and expenses ran wild during the last several years. How many Teachers and administrators are over 6 figures? Was it 250?
    Reason 684 to vote against Lesnick.

  3. What a shock! (Not). The teachers union endorses a Democrat. Ho-hum.
    This is one of many good reasons to vote against Lesnick.

  4. The Yonkers school system has been improving in recent years. Lesnick has been a big supporter and has been helping in advocating for more money from NYS.

  5. It’s interesting how those who can’t teach are endorsing someone who just can’t learn.
    Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

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