Ball Runs for Senate

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Ball_Greg Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) yesterday told supporters he has decided to run for the New York State Senate's 40th District in the 2010 election.


Ball issued a statement reflecting on the extraordinary session of the legislature this week which read:


"This week, I attended ‘extraordinary session'. Rank and file members were kept in the dark while Albany's insiders refused to take decisive action. This great state is being destroyed by a handful of insiders; insiders intent on using their public position for their private benefit.


"As an Assemblyman in the minority, I headed to Albany to fight: Fight against the backroom deals, the systemic corruption, and the infamous dysfunction that is costing New Yorkers billions and forcing small businesses out of this state.


"As a candidate for State Senate, I look forward to returning to Albany not simply to fight, but to lead.


"local elections on November 3 illustrated, quite clearly, that there is a huge opportunity to reclaim this state, to rebuild New York in the image of smaller and more efficient government while proactively reversing our state's openly hostile business climate.


"In the State Senate, I intend to do exactly that.


"From the overwhelming grassroots support to our continued fundraising successes I am thrilled at the community's response to my campaign. Yet as I have gone door to door, discussing national issues with voters throughout the Hudson Valley, the conversations have always come back to kitchen table issues.


"Folks don't believe that their kids will have a better future than they have had. They are worried about making their next mortgage payment. They are drowning in debt and property taxes, and many are a few payments from having to sell their home or business and leave New York.


"In 2006 I promised to head to Albany and shake things up, and I have by voting against billions in taxes, standing up to career politicians on both sides of the aisle, exposing irresponsible budgets and using my position in the super minority of the Assembly to be a voice for millions in New York who feel voiceless.


"But the job is not done.


"From property tax reform to corruption in government, the job I set to do in 2006 is still incomplete, and it can only be accomplished by continuing to tackle our nation's most dysfunctional legislature."


"I have had the privilege of working with Assemblyman Greg Ball over the last eight months as he has pursued his dream of serving in The House of Representatives," said Chairman William DeProspo of the Orange County Republican Committee. "Greg's decision today, to set aside his own personal ambitions and aspirations speaks volumes of his character and integrity. His candidacy for the New York State Senate is an exciting one for all New Yorkers and one I personally look forward to seeing become a reality. He will have my full support."

eHeziBall Runs for Senate

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