Ed Koch Commentary: Keeping Israel Safe Through Deterrence By Edward I. Koch

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Supporters of Israel, Jew and non-Jew alike, are angry that President Obama changed the longstanding U.S. policy on the legitimacy of Jewish settlements on the West Bank.  That policy under Democrat and Republican presidents before him was that those settlements, while “impediments to peace,” were legal.  The State Department under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now refers to such settlements as illegal.  Why is it reasonable for Arabs to live in the State of Israel and not acceptable for Jews to live on the West Bank?

I believe in the two-state solution, and when that takes place, the Jews living in the area comprising the new Palestinian state will have to decide whether to relocate back to Israel or continue to live in their towns as citizens of the new Palestinian state or as resident aliens.  Israel has been savaged at the United Nations year after year by the Arab countries and those that support them, because of the power of oil and fear of Islamic terror.  Few nations have been willing to vote “no” on Arab resolutions denouncing Israel.  The best many nations, who realize how unfair and hypocritical those resolutions are, will do is abstain from voting.

 Had Israel succumbed to fear and desisted from protecting itself by erecting a security barrier that keeps terrorists at bay and by militarily striking those who allow terrorists to use their territory as bases for their terrorist activity against Israel, the State of Israel would have been overwhelmed long ago. 

The New York Times in an article by Ethan Bronner on November 26, 2009, noted the positive effect of Israel’s willingness to defend itself when many other nations deserted it.  Bronner reported, “Through relentless commando operations and numerous checkpoints, the Israeli Army ended suicide bombings and other terrorist acts from the West Bank; since its 2006 war with the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, widely dismissed as a failure at the time, the group has not fired one rocket at Israel; and Gaza last December has greatly curtailed years of Hamas rocket fire, returning a semblance of normality to the Israeli south.  Two years ago, Israeli fighter planes destroyed what Israel and the United States say was a budding Syrian nuclear reactor; and last year in Syria, Israeli agents assassinated Imad Mugniyah, the top military operative for Hezbollah and a crucial link to its Iranian sponsors, a severe blow to both Hezbollah and Iran.  Diplomatic efforts, whether the Oslo peace talks of the 1990s or the Turkish-mediated negotiations with Syria last year have, by contrast, produced little.  Every Israeli military operation of recent years – including the December invasion of Gaza that was condemned Friday by the United Nations Human Rights Council by a vote of 25 to 6 and referred to the Security Council following a report by a committee led by Richard Goldstone – has come under international censure.  Today all are viewed here as having been judged prematurely and unfairly but having delivered the goods – keeping Israel safe through deterrence.”

What if Israel in 1981 had not destroyed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facility and the Allied nations invading Iraq in 2003 had been met with nuclear bombs?  What would our casualties have been then?  What if two years ago Israel had not destroyed, as the Times reported, “what Israel and the United States say was a budding Syrian nuclear reactor?”  Who would be in danger now?

Much of the world has been cowed by Islamic terrorism fearful of the suicide bombers who have struck in other countries, e.g., Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Britain and Russia.  These terrorists seek to bring those countries to their knees.  Israel knows that in order to survive, it must be willing to fight for its very life and freedom every single day.  Its young men and women, while cherishing life and not wanting to die, are nevertheless willing to do so in defense of their country.  For Israelis, there is no other choice.


Remember Carlos the Jackal of Venezuela, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez?  According to The New York Times of November 21, 2009, President Hugo Chavez is “heaping praise” on him, describing him as a “revolutionary fighter.”  Carlos the Jackal was convicted of “the murders of two French police agents and a Lebanese informer in Paris’ Latin Quarter in 1975,” and is now serving his sentence in a French prison.  Said Chavez before an “applauding gathering of leftist political parties from around the world…’I defend him.  I don’t care what they say tomorrow in Europe.’”  The Times reported “Vea, a pro-Chavez newspaper accused of fostering anti-Semitism, closely follows Mr. Ramirez’s life in prison and calls him a revolutionary compatriot demonized in international Judaism’s media campaigns.”

Why do I raise this now?  Because there are Americans like Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey and Danny Glover, who politically embrace Hugo Chavez.  Then there is former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II who until recently acted as a propaganda arm of Chavez by distributing Venezuelan home heating oil to the poor and publicly crediting Chavez for his largess.  Incidentally, in 2007, Kennedy drew an annual salary of $545,000 for running the operation.

The Venezuelan company Citgo recently suspended the free heating oil program in the U.S.  The program had begun in 2005 and covered 23 states and 200,000 people.  Last year, Citgo provided $100 million in heating oil.  According to the Associated Press, Kennedy, as a result of the suspension, “was seeking a face-to-face meeting with Chavez.”  The AP added that “Kennedy also called out U.S. oil companies for not taking part in his efforts to provide heating assistance to low income households.”  Shouldn’t domestic oil companies making billions be delighted to take the place of Venezuela in providing charity to U.S. citizens in need?  Shouldn’t the U.S. government be providing greater assistance to those low income families?  Keeping warm should be more than a goal.

The Honorable Edward Irving Koch served New York City as its 105th Mayor from 1978 to 1989.

eHeziEd Koch Commentary: Keeping Israel Safe Through Deterrence By Edward I. Koch

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  1. The Communists controlling the Democratic Party who call themselves Moveon,ADA,ACLU,Peoples Action Coalitions,ACORN,SANE and a hundred other front names will only come out of the closet when they have complete control of the country.Islamic terrorism is supported by Communists as a weapon against democratic capitalism.Defeat Democrats in the local elections and the Communists will lose their control of the national Democratic Party.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  2. That’s the same commie lie that the military industrial complex has been selling to American politicians since the 50’s. It works for their business interests but is not in the long term interests of this country.
    So you keep believing what you are fed Jack and they will keep making shit loads of money.

  3. We are not there for Democracy.We are there because the S.O.Bs killed 3,000 Americans and will do it again if we leave. Bin Laden hasn’t won,he been living in caves for the last 8 years with his buddy Zarwai.Every night he lives with the terror of Americans blasting him away.America and the world cannot let the Wahabbi fanatics use any country for their terrorist attacks.Your president called the Afghanistan War the just war but now the Communists that put him in power want America to retreat and standby as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda use Pakistan and Afghanistan as training bases for future attacks.Communists worldwide support the terrorists and they want this nation attacked again as on 9/11.

  4. No argument from me, at least, about the bleak future for Afghanistan.
    However, something must be done to clear out Al Q. and the Taliban, and that includes making sure Pakistan doesn’t fall.
    But the Democrats just want to blame Bush and run away (as usual), and they want Obama to be able to kiss up to his far left base.
    That is unacceptable, and neither is Obama’s “strategy” for winning. His strategy means looking for the Exit sign, and costing American lives as he buys time to do so. All for political reasons. That is horrible.
    It’s about the same as when he voted “present” in the Illinois senate about three million times.

  5. We have been in afganistan 9 years…and to not avail..how many more years do you think we should stay there in order to attempt
    to bring democracy to a tribal nation that
    not only doesn’t want it but wouldn’t know
    what to do with it if they had it?…gen
    tommy franks did not give the order not
    to pursue bin laden…it was a command
    order from rumsfeld…it was above franks
    pay grade..but you should know that many conservative writers who are smarter..much
    smarter than I such as george will and
    tony blankely understand that in the end
    the american people have no stomach for
    another 9 years and an occupation…and
    that afganistan is no place to spend
    the blood of young americans unless you’think that we can teach the russians,
    the british, and alexander the great how
    to do it the right way..that is not a republican position that is a conservative
    position which republicans seem to have
    forgotten along with the notion that you
    don’t spend more than you have

  6. 10:39 -John Kerry and his fellow Democrats did that study to cover Obama’s keeping his campaign promise to divert troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.John Kerry has a new war strategy every month.Democrats carpet bombing,Oh you warmongers!

  7. ANON is reading Dem talking points. What a shame for a so-called “Republican.”
    Gen. Tommy Franks blew it at Tora Bora. Franks is the one who screwed up.
    Obama and the Dems are going to try and blame Afghanistan on Bush, Cheney, etc. Obama will do that tonight to try and pander to his left-wing base.
    And “Republican” ANON is going along for the ride.

  8. hey jack bush had the chance to kill bin
    laden at tora bora…he blew it…instead
    they went to war in Iraq…how many kids do
    you want to die for that mistake….we need
    to leave afganistan and then carpet bomb
    al queda

  9. it is acceptable for arabs to live in Israel but not for jews to take arab lands on the west bank because very simply, the state of Israel was created from the british mandate over palestine at which time jordanian arabs now refered to as palistinians inhabited the land…the jewish state was created by the united nations and fought several wars against the arabs who opposed the jewish state then and now..However, the 1967 borders if they now existed would form the basis for a safe and secure Israel…something that a majority of jews in Israel favor..had you told Israel back then that all the arab nations would agree to recognize it, and make peace Israel would have agreed in a nano second…Enter the settlers..these are hard right wing ultra orthodox nut jobs who think that the bible dictates that judea and samaria (the west bank) should be part of greater Israel they support the fringe parties who in order for their to be a government leverage the likud into buying into their radical view of the west bank….This is no more acceptable nor different than the ultra right wing evangelicals in this nation or those in the muslim nations who deny the holocast…it is the same theocratic driven nonsense that exists wherever people take the gospel literally…and most people in Israel would be more than happy to live behind safe and secure 1967 borders….. jewish settlers, however insisting on populating land that belongs not to them but to the remnants of the Palestinians who were there when Israel was created are not being helpful and should be stopped but which prime minister has the guts to stand up to the fringe right wing parties that give him the abiltiy to form a government? It is long
    Past time that American Foreign Policy was a carbon copy of what AIPAC dictates. And in fact American Jews who are Indpendent have formed their own group to counter AIPAC

  10. I agree Israel has “no other choice” but America and the rest of the world including Muslims contrary to Ed Kochs opinion, has no other choice but to kill off the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and wherever they set up a base of operations.On Joseph Kennedy him and his family are a disgrace.Jack Kennedy was assasinated by a communist activist.The only good Democrat, is a defeated Democrat.

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