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  1. Uh, excuse me 4:38, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Mikey was PART of the process, he didnt do it on his own. Dont puff him up with misrepresentations.
    Don’t believe me?
    The is the direct quote from the email I just got from him (well from his handlers anyway):
    “Assemblyman Mike Spano (D, C, WF-Yonkers), working with the Assembly and Senate delegation that represents Yonkers, announced that in a marathon session ending only moments before 6am this morning a deficit reduction plan was passed that reduces the state budget deficit and saves New York taxpayers millions of dollars. In the Governor’s proposed deficit reduction plan, Yonkers was slated for a $16 million mid-year cut to municipal and educational aid if approved. The Yonkers delegation was able to restore $15 million of the $16 million proposed cuts which in turn saves the City from devastating effects.”
    So please show me where he takes the credit that you attribute to him. He doesnt, so why are you pimping him?
    He is doing nothing different that the scarf lady, Stewart-Cousins does in taking credit as part of the “delegation,” even when she has precious little to do with something. Or anything for that matter. Did you catch that scarf she was wearing this afternoon? She looked like an idiot.

  2. Hey Marty – With the news of Mike Spano being able to make sure that Yonkers secured an additional 15 Million from the gov’s proposed 16 Million of cuts that he wanted to take from Yonkers. Shouldn’t it be Mighty Mike!!!??

  3. Oh really! Where the hell was he at budget time? When it came to fighting for the “grassroots” he certainly didn’t get behind Gronowski & Annabi. Instead he put on his cape and flew away. The guy is a chameleon at best and an out and out phoney at worst.

  4. Murtagh is a good and decent man.
    He understands that he was sent to the City Council by the grassroots, and that he reports to them, not the mayor or anyone else. I’m glad we have him working for us.

  5. the council has not had a chance to either support or go against Murtagh since he has taken the ball and ran with it himself, without even approaching his colleagues. He is self promoting which is what he does when he gets into campaign mode, which he is doing not for mayor. Not bad..sleep for two years, campaign. He has been in hibernation for a two years, missing meetings, watching from Chuck’s office, leaving midstream without notice. So he must have some energy stored up for these board of ed performances.

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