Trend Alert®: Breaking Point – Top Trends 2010 By Gerald Celente

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Celente_GeraldTrendsjournal logo dec 2009 small  Kingston, NY — The first decade of the 21st century is going out the way it came in … with a bust and a bang. 

The Great Recession is not over. There is no recovery. It’s a cover up.  Expect another wave of terrorism. Possibly of 9/11 magnitude.

As well as challenges, also expect profitable and transformational social, health, environmental, entertainment, cultural, business and consumer trends to emerge in 2010.

• The Crash of 2010: The Bailout Bubble is about to burst.  Be prepared for the onset of the Greatest Depression.

• Depression Uplift: The pursuit of elegance and affordable sophistication will raise spirits … and profits.

• Terrorism 2010: Years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq – and now Pakistan – have intensified anti-American sentiment.  2010 will be the year of the lone-wolf, self-radicalized gunman. 

• Neo-Survivalism: A new breed of survivalist is devising ingenious stratagems to beat the crumbling system.  And, they’re not all heading for the hills with AK-47’s and pork & beans. 

• Not Welcome Here: Fueled by fear and resentment, a global anti-immigration trend will gather force and serve as a major plank in building a new political party in the US.

• TB or Not TB: With two-thirds of Americans Too Big (TB) for their own good (and everyone else’s), 2010 will mark the outbreak of a “War on Fat,” providing a ton of business opportunities. 

• Mothers of Invention: Taking off with the speed of the Internet revolution, “Technology for the Poor” will be a major trend in 2010, providing products and services for newly downscaled Western consumers and impoverished consumers everywhere. 

• Not Made In China: A “Buy Local,” “My Country First” protectionist backlash will deliver a big “No” to unrestrained globalism and open solid niches for local and domestic manufacturers.

• The Next Big Thing: Just as the traditional print media (newspapers/magazines) were scooped by Internet competition, so too will new communication technologies herald the end of the TV networks as we know them.

The Trends Research Institute has a 30-year unparalleled track record of accurate forecasts. (Click here) Does your audience really want to listen to “experts” who tell them what they hope to hear, or listen to Gerald Celente who tells it straight and provides practical strategies?

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eHeziTrend Alert®: Breaking Point – Top Trends 2010 By Gerald Celente

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  1. About 20 years ago, there was great book Megatrends, written by John Naisbitt. he wrote another Megatrends 2000 later.
    Celente is trying to be like Naisbitt. The only problem is that Naisbitt was an optimist and Celente isn’t.
    No one wants to sit around thinking about doomsday…except Gerry.
    Some of us “wax poetic”…he “waxes neurotic”…

  2. further it is pretty clear that celente’s grasp of macro economics is tenuous…in the great depression, the Hoover administration did precisely the opposite of what the Fed is now doing..THEY TIGHTENED
    THE MONEY SUPPLY because they were worried about inflation…the Fed has loosened the
    money supply to make sure that there are no runs on banks, to make sure that there is enough credit to keep the economy afloat and to otherwise provide liquidity which prevented a major financial meltdown..
    Celente doesn’t see the forrest for the trees..although we may not have a robust recovery and their may to bumps along the road to full employment etc, celente in trying to hype his investment letter is making statements which have no basis in the current economic data nor which are supported by economic Theory..they are simply his opinions of what he thinks will occurr…those who follow this kind Of hype might wind up making a lot of money if he’s right..the issue is what if he’s wrong?

  3. snake oil once again..the banks are repaying
    their TARPS…they are starting to lend
    credit is loosening…and interests ratea are low and yet celente continues to attempt to scare people into buying his forecasts…no other economist agrees that we are heading for a depression of any kind
    with celente its always apocalyptic..never
    any grey..

  4. Preacher Gerald
    bringing fire and brimstone wherever he goes
    war on fat?
    how about a war on stupidity?
    Celente your truth is CASH baby
    a circus tent
    nothing more
    what a dope
    i can’t believe i wasted my time reading this bullshit.

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