Trust, Honesty and Deception By David Hackett

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Property owners trusted [Yonkers] city officials and SFC [Struever Fidelco Cappelli] that they were getting a fair deal with this [the SFC Yonkers Inc.] development [project] only to learn later we were only pawns being used to further their own goals.

By offering a fair price on my properties, [I would be receiving] a price that would enable me to purchase another building, move, and set up [eleswhere, but now I] find this was not the case.

My contract was canceled only days before the project was approved. …Another offer was put forth. [It was at] a price for the purchase of my building that was not only a complete joke, but would not even allow me to purchase a co-op or condo.

I purchased this 8,000 SF building that is located right along the Saw Mill River that is peaceful and beautiful at the same time over 10 years at the same location for 15 years building my business; employinh Yonkerts resident [throughout those years]. I invested well $250,000 in improvements on my bridge, facade, roof, and interior of the building because I was investing in my future.

When the SFC [Yonkers Inc.] project was proposed, I felt it was a good thing for the community, and I was offerd $2.4 million for my property. When I signed the contract over 2 1/2 years ago, I felt I would be able to find a suitable replacement to continue doing business.

Not more than three weeks ago, I was offered 550K for the same property and felt like i was robberd.

How can I replace the serenity of this property [of] this size, and the parking, with storage for all my equipment and materials, with such an embarrassment of a proposal. Yes, I was embarrassed to be offered such a price.

I did not want to tell my employees that their  [future] and mine , looks grim, …that we might have to rent a property or even  worse, go out of business.

Honesty and Trust

My employees know me as a honest person and trust me with their future.

How can I find a location like this with a river , trees, parking, and an 8,000 SF building and move with such an offer.

Being a long time employer and businessman in this community I feel i have been used; not only by city officials voted in in to look out for such deceptions, [but] also used by SFC. 

I was for this project and [I} still feel it is good for the area, but at what expense? Robbing my hard-earned future and my employees’ future is not the way to go. 

Talking to experts in this kind of matter, I am told… is an old song played over and over, just in different locations.

I had trust. I spoke out for the project because i am looking out for a community. On the whole,I want to be be dealt with fairly; not with deception and lies.

David Hackett presented this opinion before a public hearing held yesterday night, December 1, 2009, in the Ceremonial Courtroom, in Yonkers City Hall, 4th Floor, to relate his experience which relate to SFC Yonkers Inc., and the imminent prospect of losing his property to eminent domain rulings that wouldbring about the acquisition of his property at valuation below their value.

Editor's Note: All comments presented at the Public Hearing, conducted under the aegis of Dennis Lynch, Esq., and Sean Griffin, Bond Counsel presented circumstances similar to those expressed by Mr. Hackett and similarly expressed by New Rochelle building owner Michael Longo in the article, LeCount Square Development Update By Michael Longo.

eHeziTrust, Honesty and Deception By David Hackett

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  1. enough BS already
    Yes businesses fail for many reasons
    In Yonkers it is because of lies and deceit.
    It’s the administration and SFC who need to leave—not the citizens who this city belongs to and pay the bills. They are all lying arrogant bastards from the top down.

  2. I think it to be hysterical when an Amicone supporter chimes in and tell us what to do or how to think…
    We pay taxes, live in this city and have to deal with the destruction and lies this mayor has caused these past 6 years and your advice whether it be a small business owner who was lied to, or a home owner, or just a regular Yonkers Joe TO MOVE TO ANOTHER LOCATION!!! You are such an ignorant, waste of life to even suggest that rather than acknowledging the chaos and lies Phil has caused du to his abuse as Mayor.
    Please, examine your opinion and stop telling people to complain… it called CARING about the city you live in and when one can see with their own eyes – and not through the eyes of an Amicone paycheck – it is crystal clear what this guy did to the downtown waterfront area and the rest of this city.
    He is a disgrace and will leave office a disgraced Mayor… and it didnt have to be that way – he made his bed and now he will sleep in it – of he can actually sleep at night.
    So may be you should really take a look at what this Mayor has doen to this city rather than just cashing your pay check that he hands you…

  3. Phil wouldn’t know how to be a Mayor without either of those two that you suggested…
    But may be u should take the above posters advice and move out of Yonkers rather than suggesting such poor advice of asking the politicians to stop abusing their power and stop being so corrupt… who do you think you are asking that of OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS.

    The businesses in The downton failed because of the lies, deceit and lack of any type of support from Phil because is on lockdown for the developers – THATS A FACT…
    Why the hell would anyone want to open a business in south yonkers otherwise.’
    Use your head Amicone disciple. But that would be asking anyone who supports Amicone way too much…idiot.

  5. the one person who is constantly complaining — give it a rest — you are starting to sound like a lunatic
    businesses fail for a number of reasons — are you ranting because your busuness failed?
    if so maybe you should truly analyze why it failed instead of balming everyone but yourself.
    if you are so obsessed with making these ridiculous comments balming veeryone but yourself –you need to start a new life –maybe moving to a new loction might help

  6. yeah Steve, Sorry to say unless you get your legal side ready to go heads up w the city when SFC starts picking the properties they need out of the way, you may get caught in the current. I think too that that the city is making every attempt to get control of the alex . st property since Mcfarland is bankrupt. Ammicone & Lesnick have signed Yonkers up for a losing proposition for a long time forward.
    Not a good mayor or Council prez, they are eself serving.

  7. Mr. Hackett – if you are asking for help from Blameicone and this city – like any normal person would do and HAS…
    You are shit out of luck. If it is not in their best interest or money in their pockets you will lose evrything as did many many many of the small businesses that invested in Blameicone’s No Plan Plan…
    He does not care about you, them nor did he ever – he cares about his bizzarre dream to have a nonsense minor league field that will never benefit this city.
    Sorry Mr. Hackett. It is reality.

  8. To all that responded to the article “Trust, Honesty and Deception”
    I would like to thank you for your support and helpful words.
    My building has well over 300 Ft of river frontage that is so beautiful, the sound of the river running the beauty during the summer with the trees and wildlife is fantastic, the winter when snow falls is even better, like a winter wonder land.
    This is what I purchased and love about the property. My wife and I invested everything we have and than some purchasing this property and building my business. What I expect is a fair shake so I can relocate with ease. This should not be stressful like it has been for such a long time living in limbo lets make it an easy transition.
    Give me access to my property from another road and let me stay right here.
    I am the only property being purchased on this side of the river anyway.
    Once again thank you for your support
    David Hackett

  9. Goldman should be on the BID board but he’s not because he had the guts to buck the takeover schemes of SFC who is. How screwed up is that? Goldman pays taxes, runs a business and hires local people but he’s not represented on the BID while SFC, who does none of these things, is. Something is very wrong here!

  10. Goldman, you are a part of the BID… why not ask Sansone for his help and support…

  11. Yes they will.
    I saw Amicone tossing the baseball around inside with Regan just yesterday…
    What a bunch of dillusional idiots.
    2 years will come and go and and Blameicone will be long gone… it will only take 1 day for Yonkers to forget him BUT an entire lifetime for those he f@cked over, lied to, turned his back on, stabbed in the back, screwed and suckered to forget…
    You are A disgraced and shamed man Phil – Karma is a bitch mother F@cker…your time will come – scumbag.

  12. There will be more lawsuits to follow Eminent Domain is just not exceptable. The city will still not let us use the old McCrorry space(18000sq ft on New Main).


  14. Good for goldman but when you are made promises you expect them to be had…
    Blameicone did just the oposite… no on in the downtown should have to fight or threaten anyone especially the politicians…
    But again this is what happens when you have Phil Blameicone as Mayor.
    Yonkers becomes the joke and punchline of everything.
    Thanks Phil. LIAR.

  15. did you see how horribly BALD Pinto is…I mean comb over heaven. hey you bald prick, get a Wig and stop being such a lacky to your other comb over prick cousin!

  16. The one person who showed a great deal of wisdom and business smarts in all of this is Goldman. He threatened to sue from the get-go and got to keep his building and his business. What a smart guy! Too bad he’s the only one who’s not going to get screwed by SFC, the BID and the City.

  17. Why is ther a waterfront development director:??? aka Jim Pinto??? when there is no nor has there evr been in over 5 years any development on the waterfront???
    Why is there a BID and why are we as tax payers paying Steve Sansone to head this “BID” up when there is no representing the BUSINESSES on any level… on Steve’s defense they either closed, are closing and/or do not have any business to “improve”… so the only people making money are obviously not the businesses or people like Mr. Hacket BUT …
    The useless people like Jim Pinto and Steve Sansone???
    Hezi please ask Jim Pinot where and what he is doing to develop the waterfront – if that is why we the people of Yonker spay him… and same goes for Sansone.
    Phil. What are you doing??? Get your head out of your ass. You have lost the support of 98% of this city and continue to clobber the one group that makes the city of Yonkers a great city… THE SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS!
    You’re not that smart Blameicone…

  18. Sorry Mr. Hackett… you are officially now in the: “Phil Amicone screwed me too” Club.
    Welcome… you and the rest of the city of Yonkers. WELCOME.
    Thanks Phil. Keep on screwing us!
    Keep up the great ethical work as Mayor of this disaster of a city you have created

  19. What a sick display of greed and political corruption…
    The entire Collins Enterprise is a scam and now its blowing up in their face…
    Keep screwing the little guy – only in Yonkers!
    No smart entrepreneur will go near that space and/or those buildings and so be it.
    But I’m sure Scamicone will sucker someone else to believing that his glorious No Plan Plan will happen… scumbags. or find the money for someone to build it out again so he “looks good”.
    This entire city has gone to shit under BLAMEICONE’S watch… Stop the NONSENSE Phil. It’s over. DO THE RIGHT THING!

  20. Are you serious? They are “angry” because the Joyces want nothing to do with this project after Pats untimely death! Is this place amazing or just insane!!! Whisky Rio is there paying their rent and they have been driven to the brink and becasue Collins got a hard on to toss them out, then Pat passes away, now they feel slighted…well all I have to say is fuck THEM! I could care less if their building end up in forclosure and get taken from these Greedy bastards who build ugly shit box buildings anyway. Collins knows there is no plan B here. No one wants anything to do with the waterfront becasue of Phil Ammicone, their close friend. Well, they will have to wait now, less than 2 year until Mike Spano gets the nod.

  21. Collins has always felt entitled because they were the “first” developers on the waterfront. And yes, update, the buildings are falling apart already which is why they want to co-op/condo them – so they’ll be off the hook to fix them up. Didn’t Pat McDow’s ceilings fall in during a rainstorm? In a 5 year old building? More cheapskate construction shortcuts and inferior products. SFC wants to tear down the old buildings along New Main and elsewhere in the downtown to replace structures that stood for a 100 years with new crap that won’t last 10, like Collins. Great deal for Yonkers.

  22. NEWS: Hudson Park/Collins are furious that that due to Pat Joyce’s untimely death (may he rest in peace)they will not be moving forward with the new restaurant where Pierview once stood…
    So let me see… Collins Ent. the corrupt liars that they are who entice these residents to their buildings/apts. then double up on rent, sur-charges, storage, parking and electric bills ARE ANGRY??? As their apartments fall apart on their residents…
    This Fire Fighter passed away… you should be ashamed Hudson Park! You stepped in shit the minute Pat even thought about doing something in that god forsaken waterfront mess…
    God Bless Pat!
    Collins and the rest of these developers and politicians better start remebering the word morality, integrity, values and ETHICS.


  24. Where is the BID in all this? The downtown property owners like David Hackett have been paying assessments on their properties for years so the BID would advocate for them. Instead the BID is in cahoots with the developers with an SFC rep (who owns nothing and pays no assessment) on their board. This is representation without taxation! The whole BID should be legislated out of existence just like it was legislated into existence. There has to be more for that money than tree lightings, cutesy poo movies in the street and bad music on the waterfront. What happened to the Main Street grant? Where is NYS on this?

  25. If you bother to read the LDA
    Chuck would have you believe there are 5 people in downtown who matter.
    He’s going to be surprised.
    The Mayor presented a pile of crap
    And Chuck approved a pile of crap.
    McDow thinks she has escaped by her silence.
    We’ve got news for you Pat.

  26. Everyone in downtown agrees this is a bloody mess.
    it’s no wonder city hall never show their faces downtown any more.
    Marty: Nice Mercedes
    be careful of who you try to run over downtown. And for god sake don’t curse people out who are trying to cross the street.

  27. Thanks Mayor Betrayal… way to screw the good people and continue to get the backs of the lying theives of SFC…
    BLAMEICONE You are a disgrace – A DISGRACE!!!

    This guy is a sick f@ck! He used and disrupted the lives and careers of so many hard working entrepreneurs and small business men and woman.
    Yes they were used, you were used and he desrves to be evicted from his position as Mayor… his decisions are obviously for his personal glory and not for this city.
    Phil you are disgusting and thins is just 1 of the many many stories in your horrible chapter asd Mayor of Yonkers.
    You have bankrupted people on so many levels and no one is fooled by your deciet.
    Forget about being Blameicone you are just flat out PHIL THE LIAR!
    Yonkers does not deserve this nor
    does Mr. Hackett and the rest you suckered and screwed.

  29. How could they cancel a signed contract? Was there a time limit??
    Dave, my advice is to fight this tooth and nail. Do not let them get away with stealing your future and the future of your employees.

  30. Anon, The city Blights your property, You can not sell you can not rent You do not put money onto repairing it (it is now blighted) The market value is less then 25% in most cases…The city has F….. you. Now you go to court and get the nill. How do you fight? Can we go to your house and pat you .25 on the dollar???? Blight and Eminent Domain were created for Roads, Schools, Transit stations and other such public use, Not for the city to decide that there friend the “Developer” will get them more tax money, MAYBE…Yet here we are.

  31. “and the imminent prospect of losing his property to eminent domain rulings that wouldbring about the acquisition of his property at valuation below their value.”
    Eminent domain does not permit any such thing. The government would have to pay the actual market value of the property. That is the law. If you feel the property is undervalued, a court will make an official determination for you.

  32. Dave
    You 110% correct. Everyone who actually invested into the downtown was a pawn in this schemey game that was orchestrated amongst the top-top echelon of our government. Its not sour grapes, like they would say, its the truth. This mother fucker of a Mayour that we have find our some peoples money expendable and other wise not as valueable as others. Sorry to hear your plight and the game that they played on you. Its messed up

  33. Yonkers is a scam from top to bottom. Sorry you trusted, but you should never, never, trust a politician, especially one in westchester and Yonkers.
    Deception now you got that right!!!!

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