Orange County Executive Ed Diana’s Response to the Cuomo-Spitzer Feud

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Diana_Edward A  Goshen, NY — April 28, 2010 —  Orange County Executive Ed Diana issues the following statement regarding the attack by Eliot Spitzer on Andrew Cuomo:

"It's outrageous that Eliot Spitzer – a man synonymous with disgrace and corruption should lecture Andrew Cuomo or anyone about inappropriate behavior.  That having been said, what Eliot Spitzer said is exactly right.  Andrew Cuomo, like Eliot Spitzer, is the son of a successful, influential man.  They both suffered political defeat.  They both calculated that if they became the Attorney General they could use and abuse that office for political gain.  They both used their office to go after their enemies and raise money.  They both used their office as a bully pulpit of intimidation.  Just this morning, Andrew Cuomo was made fun of on CNBC for refusing to comment on the Goldman Sachs investigation while issuing press releases on nonsensical issues.

“Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo are exactly the same.  In fact, what Eliot Spitzer does not like about Andrew Cuomo is what he sees in the mirror. Both of them should do the people of New York a favor and leave the public arena."

Edward A. Diana is the Orange County (New York) Executive, elected on the Republican, Independence and Conservative Party lines.

eHeziOrange County Executive Ed Diana’s Response to the Cuomo-Spitzer Feud

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