Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino On the Level on WVOX-1460 AM

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Paladino_Carl WVOX_logo  New Rochelle, NY —  Western New York real estate developer and attorney Carl Paladino is expected to declare his Republican candidacy for Governor of New York on Monday, April 5 at a speech in Buffalo. On the Level co-hosts Richard Narog and Hezi Aris will open this week’s show with a telephone interview of Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. On the Level will be heard  this Tuesday, April 6, 2010, from 10 through 11 on WVOX-1460 AM on the radio dial or by way of Internet audio streaming technology worldwide at

For those who crave more news with a Yonkers perspective may which to consider listening to Hezi Aris Wednesday morning at 8:35 am when he and Bob Marrone discuss issues on the Good Morning Westchester radio program hosted by Bob Marrone. 

eHeziRepublican Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino On the Level on WVOX-1460 AM

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  1. Hezi,
    Read that article yest, didn’t know that about meniaci, he’s a spy for CH anyway, good riddence if he is gone. Did you see the other article about the develpment of the lonely old Library bld. On main st. I mean, how much more desperate can they be to pick this building and then renovate it to put retail on Main st when they in fact have been allowing retail stores to go under by the dozen in the area? What is the real deal with doing this project when there is no market for new retail or old in the downtown? Seems like a waste

  2. I hardly want the limelight..all to my
    self but i do want someone who can beat
    andy cuomo..did you know that Paladino
    was a registered democrat up until 2005
    supporting hillary clinton heavily…
    Paladino…is considered a gadfly from
    buffalo who runs his mouth and that will
    be a problem..he is also outspokenly pro
    life..and thats a loser in new york state
    lets see what the conservative party has
    to say about his lovechild with another
    woman while he was married…

  3. A e moose is such a jealous little man. He seems to feel threatened by “outsiders.” Instead of welcoming new people he throws stones. He thinks that the Repl. Pty is a private club sort of like Scull and Bones. He is just another checkered pants Repl. He wants the limelight all to himself and resents anyone else getting attention. He thinks he is far more important than he is. He thinks his Snooze 12 gig is Meet the Press.

  4. this guy cannot get a nomination and
    cannot win a primary…he shoots from
    the hip..just another very rich businessman
    trying to salve his own ego..

  5. anyone who calls it like it is in this age of pompous political bullshit has my vote.
    looking forward to hear what he has to say.

  6. John Spencer start a trend. He calls himself a Repl/Cons. and nobody seemed to get exercised about it. Shame, shame on you, anon e moose.

    Is it true that an east side firehouse may be closed under the new proposed budget???
    Arch Stanton

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