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Gronowski_Joan  May 15, 2010, Yonkers, NY —  Background: An advisory came from Dwanita Crosby, one of Chuck's staff members, merely relaying caller information to the rest of the council – something that the City Council President’s Office is often asked to do when constituents ask them to pass along their message to the rest of the City Council.  It in no way included anyone's opinion as to any budget cuts or remedies.  Yonkers City Council Minority Leader John Murtagh’s response to the relay of telephone messages was a rude and obnoxious retort to a staff member, with copies to the entire city council. [See below] So, I respond in kind.

I am extremely disheartened and sickened to say that I have just learned that you made statements at today's mayoral meeting with union representatives, referencing the fact that you sit with council members who suggest the elimination of the Veterans Service Agency from Yonkers budgetary funding. How dare you perpetuate the dissemination of false information initially originated by the mayor's office – totally distorting comments I made during the April 15th budget presentation, which were taken out of context?  I have tried for the better part of the month to right things with the veterans, at my own expense.  What you have done is unconscionable. 

Know this Mr. Murtagh.  I am not as nice as Chuck Lesnick and I do not suffer fools or hypocrites and phonies very easily.  Although I may have had issues with Chuck in the past, I have never known him to be a mean-spirited individual.  I cannot say the same for you.  Serving on the city council with hypocrites such as you has eroded much of the more genteel qualities I might have had, I am afraid.  I have been approached, of late, by several individuals who have heard that I may not seek re-election.   If I do decide not to run again for public office, it will be because of colleagues such as you.  Henceforth, I will meet any and all of your snide remarks on the council floor accordingly.

I am proud to say that there have only been about three committee meetings I have missed these past two and a half years – regardless of whether I was a member of the committee.   I wanted to learn all I could about every issue, which might possibly come before me for a vote.  I do my homework to the best of my ability.  During the past two budget voting periods, I have seen you either entirely miss departmental budget hearings, arrive late, wander around the council chambers or, even worse, leave unannounced mid-meeting like one of the Von Trapp family members at the end of their last concert before escaping over the Alps.  It actually became a running joke among the rest of the city council as to how soon you would make your getaway during those crucial meetings.  

I've also seen you arrive at those crucial departmental budget meetings you did attend, armed with nothing more than a package of Twizzlers, never even asking a question.  But, I am sure your blackberry typing speed has increased tremendously these past two years.   Yet, when I missed this year’s TAXPAYER FUNDED pilgrimage to Albany – due to a weeklong illness, your snide comments concerning my absence were reiterated to me.  This incident today, however, is the last straw.

How convenient that you have been reanimated in preparation for a run for mayor, even starting a Facebook page seeking taxpayer input as to how Yonkers can solve the budget crisis.  By any chance, did any of your feedback include questioning as to why John Murtagh blindly voted for almost every tax increase suggested by the mayor?   But, I am delighted to see that you are now piggy-backing on all of the questions I have asked during this year’s budget process – taking advantage of my hours-long research of departmental backup documentation.  I don’t mind your tailgating on my dime if it benefits the taxpayer.  At least it’s a departure from your constant giggling and insider joking across the council floor during the conduct of city council business.  Do you forget you are televised in the council chambers, Mr. Murtagh?

For the past two years, I have also seen you arrive at various community meetings, only to leave as soon as your name is announced.  I do think you set a record at this past Wednesday's HRCA meeting, however.  You are surely fleet of foot.

The 2010-2011 City Council Rules, Section 3.7 state that “No member shall be absent from the meeting, before adjournment, without leave from the Chair, for longer than five (5) minutes. How laughable and hypocritical, respectively, that you should be the only council member, during my tenure in office, to have been guilty of this activity, and that you were the one to introduce this rule change.

I think Mr. Murtagh, if and when I ever seek a how-to primer on pandering, I will take a lesson from your playbook.   


—– Original Message —–

From: john murtagh

To: John M Murtagh

Cc: chuck lesnick ; Pat McDow ; Wilson Terrero ; joan gronowski ; Dennis Shepherd ; John Larkin

Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 4:56 PM

Subject: RE: FYI-List of Phone Calls-Supporting Pre-K


       In a school system with 25,000 students (families) this list is not exactly a ringing endorsement for Pre-K is it?…and I say that as a supporter of Pre-K. More importnatly, you really don't need to remind us that Pre-K needs support, none of us want to eliminate it if we don't have to.  Unfortunately, the city is broke and we have yet to hear a single idea out of your office on how to fix things. Pandering isn't governing!


Editors Note:  Councilmember Gronowski asked her email be posted as her timely response to  Mr. Murtagh's distortions of her  previous comments which were made during a televised meeting with the mayor and union heads on Friday, May 14, 2010 with members of the press in attendance  without her ability to respond because she was not in attendance at that impromptu meeting. 


Joan Gronowski is the Yonkers City Councilwoman representing the 3rd District.


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  1. i don’t know what hearing poster black bart was watching but if anyone had their backside kicked it was doughnnut boy regan. first of all gronowski has been asking pertinent budget questions since she was elected to office with very few germaine answers.second it appeared to this viewer that regan was there to discuss parking authority budget. Gronowski’s question as to mayoral staff in the bldg. dept was directed to staff designated to be there by the mayor. So her question wasn’t to duck regan’s responce, which when he labored back to give it, is when the aforementioned backside whipping by gronowski was administered!

  2. Hey Black Bart, she wasn’t close to tears – tears of laughter maybe. Morever, No one has EVER had the balls to confront that women-hipped, donnut scarfing public trough feeder Bill Regan. She did. She kicked his ass and also that of our esteemed marble mouthed Finance Commissioner.

  3. Joan, pay no attention to these a–holes. You hang out with Sandy all you want. Just because she is under federal indictment doesn’y mean you can’t be her friend, even if you are a public official. And the same goes for Debbie. It’s not a crime to have organized crime members climbing all over your family tree. You hang tough Joan, and keep these two close. They need you.

  4. What a coward Gronowski is. She waited until Regan was gone and then starting attacking the administration. When Regan came back, she found she was no match for him. He spanked her right on the city council floor. Someone behind her during the onslaught by Regan said that she was shaking in her chair and close to tears. Poor Joan. Doesn’t like to be corrected. Doesn’t like to be told not to associate with criminals. Doesn’t like to be told she is a dim bulb.

  5. Joanie. I know that Sandy is your closest friend. Of course, that doesn’t say much for your judgement, but we witness other episodes of bad judgement by you almost every week in the city council. We know you miss going out clubbing with her till all hours of the morning, talking about Spencer and all your problems. She was a real BFF. But when someone is indicted on public integrity charges including conspiracy and bribe receiving for selling their votes on the city council, you must disown yourself of them. And when your secretary has a brother who has been identified by law enforcement authorities as a member of organized crime, and a close brother-in-law who was indicted with Sandy and is a mob attorney, it is not in the best interests of the people of Yonkers to have that person inside city government. You have made poor choices throughout your life. But now you have a chance to correct some of them and act in the best interests of the honest and decent people of Yonkers. You should publicly disown Annabi and fire Kayal. Period. Joan, I’m only trying to help. Otherwise, your life will come spiralling down on you. Please Joan. Save yourself. I gave the same message to Sandy a while back. She didn’t heed the message then, and now look where she is. Please Joan, save yourself.

  6. I love when Edelman chimes in. Al Pirro and Nick Spano’s suck boy. Didn’t I read on one of the other blogs that he represented mobbed up Action Redi-Mix at one time (part of the Greg DePalma and current U.S. Attorney’s investigation)? Is that true?

  7. LOL..I know!!! Regan probably barely got his fat ass back down to the the 2nd floor mayor’s office after his Parking Authority appearance before the council, when Tony G texted him to haul ass back up to the council chamber to counter Joan’s attack on mayoral positions buried throughout the city budget! It’s like an Easter Egg hunt of political hacks! Regan probably still had the remnants of his third donut in his mouth during his return engagement!

  8. to the posters above:
    you look like idiots reaching for straw….
    the power of silence works both ways
    good work Joan.

  9. She’s Wonder Woman!!
    I sure hope they don’t have a large jury pool from these rednecks in Yonkers. I thought lynchings were considered criminal.

  10. Joanie, your silence on the Annabi/Kayal question above is deafening.
    You must be reading your Archie comics. Who do you see yorself as? Betty of Veronica?

  11. Joan,
    Transparency is what we are looking for in our elected officials.If you are hesitant to do so,well,I guess that speaks for itself.I joined this on going debate considering you to be ‘innocent til proven guilty’.Indeed,I was looking to find some elected official with the integrity and honesty I had hoped you possess.Apparently I was wrong.Incidently, these are questions you will most assuredly face in the upcoming elections.You attack my sense of integrity vis a vis ‘jury duty’ would it not be ironic should I be sitting on such a panel in judgement over you,or perhaps some other public figure.Don’t worry,I would recuse myself due to my newly formed opinion of you.

  12. murtaugh no rebuttal to gronowskis charges of inattentiveness or total lack of dedication to office? i conclude assertions are all true.

  13. to Joan’s conscience…are you out of your mind..the CONTROL BOARD lead to our downfall? How about the insane spending by Spencer after the control board left Yonkers as being the problem .

  14. Wow, you people are getting scary now…you are at a fever pitch, salivating over ripping apart this so-called “stupid” women. You are the fools, expecting her to fire someone because of a relative’s alleged actions. Yeah, wonder how many lawsuits against Yonkers THAT would initiate. And SHE’s the stupid one? She’s the only one asking solid questions at the budget hearings and most others just bounce off what she asks, when they open their mouths, in some instances merely asking her same question in another fashion. Yeah, she’s the stupid one. You all wouldn’t be wasting your time villifying her if she was this braindead and inconsequential. She’s dangerous because she holds the mirror up to you. OK, Murtagh needs a rectangular mirror. By the way, ask our esteemed minority leader why he hired another staff person in his office in the midst of a budget crisis. Nice going Mr. Ethics. Yeah, she’s the stupid one.

  15. “Oh my Lord. What have I gotten myself into? I’ve defended my ongoing friendship with disgraced public official Sandy Annabi, not realizing that it will probably make me a material witness at her federal trial. I’ve defending retaining my secretary Debbie Kayal, knowing her family is all mobbed up. But Sandy has convinced me that it is the right thing to do, not to give into my critics. I’ve even called for a control board in Yonkers, not realizing how that led to ruin for the city decades ago. Why don’t I think before I write? But sometimes I get so mad, and then when people blog in support of me on this site, I feel so empowered. I’m so angry at everyone, and don’t know how to deal with it. So I say and write stupid things, release personal emails, and then sit up at night wondering how I get out of the mess that I continually make for myself. Please God, help me. I’m really only a nice woman who is ill equiped and in way over her head.”

  16. Hezi Aris is no better. Knowing that Zehy Jereis was a two-time felon, then under federal investigation, he had Jereis on his radio show almost every week until Jereis was arrested by the feds. Hezi kissed his a–. He was spellbound by Zehy’s BS and charm. Another bright light.

  17. But Al Pirro and Nick Spano haven’t been indicted yet. When they are, the guilt by association tag will apply to Edelman if he is dumb enough to still tow the company line for them.
    Annabi is indicted. Kayal’s family is indicted and connected.
    Joan is silent.

  18. It’s nice to know that Joan is not just a fair weather friend who wouldn’t eliminate a friend just because of some ‘trouble????’
    Turn the lights on Joanie. It’s not just ‘trouble.’ It’s a public official, Sandy Annabi, arrested for selling out her office for money, the ultimate sin. It’s a public official, Sandy Annabi, who’s family has dealt drugs in Yonkers for years. It’s a public official, Sandy Annabi, whose parents served decades in federal prison combined for importing heroin from Jordan which was shot into the arms of American teenagers.
    It’s your secretary, Debbie Kayal, whose brother Pasquale Guarniero was indicted and named by the Queens District Attorney as an associate of the Gambino crime family. It’s your secretary, Debbie Kayal, whose brother-in-law Anthony Mangone was indicted with Annabi and named on a federal wiretap as a runner for Genovese family capo Patsy Parrello, in addition to being a mob attorney.
    Murtagh’s right. You really aren’t too bright. People obviously take advantage of your ignorance. But that’s Joanie. A loyal friend to the end.
    If the feds are reading this, I’m sure you’ll be calling Joanie up to see you in the coming weeks to ask her about her conversations with Sandy since her indictment. Please make sure you give her some time to think about your questions. As you can see, she isn’t too bright. But she’s a loyal friend.
    Only in Yonkers my friends. God help us.

  19. Mr. hubbins,
    I am not reluctant to discuss anything as pertains to my duties as a councilmember. My former and current friendship with Ms. Annabi neither had nor has an effect on my actions on the council, and no one and I repeat no one, has ever told me how to vote on any issue.
    I do find it deeply disturbing that you seem to have no sense of “innocent until proven guilty” and I pray that you are never called to jury duty.

  20. Joan,
    Please advise where I said anything about your personal life.I appreciate your polite answer to my first post,but apparently you are a tad thin skinned.I do not care a fig about your personal life,but your relationship with Sandy Annabi,and reluctance to be forthright about it is quizical.Sandy and you are/were public officials,accountable to the public you serve.

  21. Mr. St. Hubbins,
    I was polite enough to respond to your questions concerning my friendship with Sandy Annabi, although my personal life is none of yours or anyone else’s business.
    To subsequent posters, I find it bizarre that you believe one’s familial relationships are grounds for firing. You need a lesson in the first amendment.
    I am more than happy to discuss the city’s business with all.

  22. Joan, You are doing a great job!!! Keep you friends close and your enemys closer!! You must have a very crowded office.. Keep up the good work and try not to get discouraged!!

  23. To the poster above. You forgot the fact that Kayal made several trips to the federal grand jury herself. She’s very close to Sandy, you know…..

  24. Hey Joanie, thank you for being so interactive with your constituents. So while you are answering questions for the peanut gallary, answer these:
    1. Why do you continue to meet with Sandy Annabi, the shamed former city councilwoman. Obviously, you are not as independant as you would have us believe. It is apparent that she is still counselling you in Yonkers Politics 101. And don’t give us that crap about her being innocent until proven guilty.
    2. Why did you not replace Sandy’s former secretary and BFF (now your secretary) Debbie Kayal, even after you found out that she is Anthony Mangone’s sister-in-law and, from what I have read, that her family allegedly has mob ties? And don’t give us that crap that she shouldn’t be help accountable for her immediate relatives crimes.
    A city councilwoman consorting with a federally indicted public official? A city councilwoman employing someone who is directly related to one of Annabi’s indicted federal co-conspiritors?
    On my! What are you thinking Joanie dear?

  25. Joan, the question stands.What did you know and when did you know that Sandy Annabi was possibly involved with shady characters and illegal schemes.You obviously were in thrall with her and seemingly followed her lead in a few votes.having a BBF is fine and dandy,but as a lifetime employee it seems odd you needed a helping hand to guide you.I do believe in your honesty and integrity,but,this being Yonkers,many such as myself are reluctant to hitch our wagons to any star,no matter how diligent he or she appears.

  26. John Murtagh is hardly an evil person or rotten to the core. These hyperboles add nothing to real communication. Having said this, Councilmember Joan has distinguished herself as an outstanding dedicated public servant, and I continue to suggest that she be drafted for Mayor. Her independent spirit would make this a tough assignment, but the citizenry would most certainly benefit !

  27. I’m sorry, I keep reading spano for Mayor. Yet at the same time I keep reading complaints about Amicone’s “friends and family” club, and the Amackassin Club connection etc.
    If we make Mike Spano Mayor (which really means that NICK SPANO is Mayor), what do you think will be written here about the “friends and family club” then?
    I will make it really simple: Tammany Hall.

  28. and Poorassio’s performance has been bad. With only 54% pass rate he should never be getting a $256K compensation package and it should be based on performance, just like in industry. All of these superintendents are way over paid for what they actually do. Last week the post showed the top 10 superintendents getting pensions in NY. The top guy was on $309k pension.
    Hello, that is outrageous and is going to sink NY. It’s just unaffordable and it’s why NY is losing thousands of people each year to other states. Now is the time to get real, or get out and let people who can resolve these issues take power.

  29. The formula for the BOE is meaningless unless the books are opened and cuts are made. Until that happens there is no lawsuit and no asking the state for money.

  30. To Not everything…
    Thank you for those comments. I would never want to belittle or diminish anyone with sincere intentions.
    To Mr. Moose
    Sounds like a plan

  31. Joan,
    Understand one thing, you have done a lot of good things during your tenure, but I hope one thing is clear. That not everything is a conspirancy and not every organization is corrupt and doing bad things for this city. Some people on this site have personal vendattas and spend every post blasting individuals and organizations and many unjustly. I just hope that you can separate and see that there is some good being done in the community and not everyone needs to spend every minutes answering question after question.
    Everything should be on the up and up and open but too much time answering false rumours shouldn’t thwart the good work being done by people. I hope you can see through those that spend every day harassing you to go after people that are just trying to make a difference. I am sure you are a good judge of this and know when there is something wrong and when there are others pushing you to ruin people’s characters. I think the editor knows the difference also.
    What we don’t want are people being hung out to dry when they trying to do good for this city. With sincere thanks.

  32. joan.the mayor has the formula he is
    the one making the argument…what i am
    suggesting is that you publicly ask him
    to outline what part of the formula he
    thinks is resulting in diminished per
    capita aid to yonkers..and then ask the
    senator to carry a bill that corrects it

  33. to anon e moose,
    I can certainly ask that question. I would wish that someone somewhere would actually provide me with the formula. We have asked the Board that question last year, and all we get is “it’s complicated”. We have the BoE in on Tuesday for our budget hearings. I will try again.

  34. I’ll respond to two posters at once. I support opening any and all books which involve agencies which receive taxpayer dollars. In the case of the BoE, our city charters calls for the IG to audit any such agency.
    When I first took office, Sandy Annabi helped be greatly in getting adapted to city council procedural protocol. We sat next to each other in the city council chambers and it was only logical that she was the one to whom I turned during this transition period. Even though I was a lifetime Yonkers employee, I was the only newbie on the city council, and there was a great adjustment on my part. We eventually became friends and remain friends to this day. I am not a “fair weather friend”, and not the type of person who would just eliminate a friend or family member from my life simply because trouble has arrived. One makes a choice to either have faith in someone that they have come to know, or abandon them. She will have her day in court.
    Joan Gronowski

  35. ah but you are wrong..simply because
    your cousin paid 400,000 for a home in
    yonkers doesnt mean yonkers is rich..who
    taught you how to reason..the issue is whether the formula as it is presently applied to yonkers is fair based on the
    presumptions in the formula..the fact that
    you are trying to rationalize why this issue
    should not be revisited is an indication
    of either your lack of curiosity or your
    bias..I respected ms gronowski’s positions
    on the issues and i certainly condemn any
    one who makes personal remarks about her or
    any other public of the problems with these blogs is that people can
    say what they wouldn’t say publicly and
    hide behind anonymity while they do it..
    there is another word for that..its called
    COWARDICE….but the issue of the school
    formula is a serious one…and the question
    is why doesn’t ms gronowski call upon her
    democratic collegue in the ny state senate
    to introduce a bill that would fix it regarding how much yonkers gets..that question remains unanswered….asking the
    mayor to reopen the lawsuit is a good idea
    but asking your senator to carry a bill
    is a better one…

  36. Joan,
    Everyone who disagrees with you is not necessarily carrying water for the inept at City Hall.Your credibility would increase immeasurably if you could fully explain your relationship with Sandy Annabi.I’m waiting.


  38. Joan,
    Do you support opening the BOE books and possibly the IDA’s/BID’s books also? I know a lot of people on this site do!

  39. To “sad”
    I will never sit back silently and let ANYONE deliberately corrupt my statments, before a roomful of union officials and the press – I was not present to challenge these false statements. That is usually the way cowards operate. This last act was merely a continuation of the mayor’s distortion of my remarks last month. Veterans groups throughout the city were mysteriously contacted by the administration, with tales of my desire to eliminate the Veterans Service Office from the budget. I come from a family of veterans. This was an abomination. This coming from an administration that cut last year’s Fireworks demonstration, but managed to allow every other ethnic festival under the sun to take place. I alone issued a press release at that time. I guess that makes me “insane”, as an earlier poster described me. How you look on my actions as a “personal vendetta” is beyond me. I don’t know about you, but I fight FOR what I believe is right, and AGAINST what I believe is wrong. Fortunately, I have the opportunity on sites such as the Yonkers Tribune, to present my side of the story, when I am continually under fire from the administration for doing what I think is right. I don’t have the option to present my views on the taxpayer funded Channel 78 propaganda channel – only the mayor does.
    Some posters on this site criticize me for posting on this site. I do not find it beneath me or inappropriate. I am a regular person who happened to run for office – no different than anyone else. I have taken great personal “hits” on this site, some hurtful. Similar to the Sinatra song, “That’s Life”, instead of having been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king, according to some posters on this site I’ve been a “a psycho”, “a nut-job”, “a head-case” an “air-head” “a one-trick poney, etc. etc. I have no ulterior motive but to try and do what I can to save this city money – wherever possible. I do my best every year to read not only the budget, but the departmental background documents. The devil is in the details. If this makes me insane, I guess I am guilty.
    We were already on the road to financial ruin before I took office. I support the return of the Financial Control Board, as I had last year before the world crisis hit. I didn’t get much support among my colleagues. At that time, I researched our legislation which dealt with the two previous control boards. Obviously, we have trouble watching the taxpayers’ wallets. Again, we need a Financial Control Board.
    With respect to lobbying for more state aid, I have also concurred that this should continue until success is achieved. Also, toward that end, I asked the mayor quite awhile ago about re-opening the lawsuit for more school funding, which ended a few years ago “without prejudice”. Nothing yet has happened in that regard. In the meantime, we cannot keep spending money we don’t have waiting for the formula to be changed.
    Bring back the control board.
    Joan Gronowski

  40. your problem is you are guessing at
    what is in the school aid formula…in your
    zeal to protect the democratic council
    and andrea…why don’t you take the position
    that makes more sense which is lets see
    if the formula is applied fairly to yonkers
    if yes..then the arguement is over..if no
    then carry the bill


  42. well that’s my point..if a bill cannot
    be configured because the school aid formula is correct..then we know that the
    mayor’s complaint is bogus..however what you
    conveniently left out of your statement is
    how the formula is wrong..and what the median income for yonkers is…you say
    that syracuse’s economy has faced challenges
    the same can be said for yonkers…what is
    it that prompts you to insist that the school aid formula should not be changed
    ie what part of the formula do you rely
    upon when you state that there is no
    basis for requesting a change

  43. anon e moose: you’re drinking the coolaid too with the school aid comparison?
    1. Buffalo has a CONTROL BOARD since they were virtually bankrupt and the median income for a household in the city is $24,536, and the median income for a family is $30,614.
    2. Syracuse’s economy has faced challenges over the past decades as industrial jobs have left the area. The median income for a household in the city was $25,000, and the median income for a family was $33,026.
    3. In Rochester, the median income for a city household was $27,123, and the median family income was $31,257.
    Please, please, please tell me how this argument compares? It’s an old argument without any validity.

  44. joan’s repost is well thought out and
    makes a valid point..if john Murtaugh wants
    to be taken seriously as a future mayor
    or other elected official then he cannot
    treat the job as george HW treated the debate by looking at his watch wondering
    when it would be over…he has to not only
    appear to be engaged but actually has to care..However with regard to the current
    short fall in the budget why is it that
    no elected democrat is asking their state
    senator why she is not carrying a bill that seeks to change the school aid formula for yonkers..the bill should specifically contain the reasons that the formula
    is out of should specifically contain the amounts of money per child that other cities are currently receiving
    like buffalo, syracuse, rochester and it should contain specific references to how the formula relates to income the bill should spell out just exactly why the
    formula discriminates against the city of yonkers and how a change in that formula would essentially close the budget gap…if andrea cannot at least be an advocate
    for the city in albany then what’s the point
    and on this issue joan, chuck and all the
    others are silent..the very least they can
    do is to insist that senator cousins prove
    to her collegues that yonkers is being short
    changed…even if she thinks the formula won’t be changed the case still has to be made

  45. I’ve never seen an elected official act as irresponsibly as this “last word” is.
    Personal vendettas and the paralysis becaue of silly partisanship are killing this country. This is just an example of that.

  46. I was smart enough not to come to Yonkers and the names above were too stupid to even think that it would happen.
    Donald Trump
    On behalf of the citizens of Yonkers

  47. These guys would be WAY DEAD before they reached a Fox Hole – so no worries to have to choose…
    and those of you pretending to defend Amicone by bashing Joan is typical, boring and … well … typical of the scared BLAMER.
    Phil is the worst Mayor in this citys history. Its devastating to have to sit here and watch what he has done and continues to do in such a cowardly way! He has completely destroyed small business in Yonkers… something that was what Yonkers was defined by – SMALL BUSINESS. But phil was too busy philling his pockets and sucking off these half ass Trump wannabe’s – ask Collins Ent. a few of their top Brass were fired by Trump himself. Capelli – well do we have to go there… total wannabe Trump.
    And to poster Opinionated…

  48. “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”
    Samuel Johnson
    We have two scoundrels, Murtagh and Amicone. Would you want to be in a fox hole with either one?

  49. Don’t be confused 751
    they’ll use the money for something.
    maybe they’ll daylight the river or just give it to SFC.

  50. “Hypocrisy, arrogance, pride, anger, harshness, and ignorance; these are the marks of those who are born with demonic qualities, O Arjuna.”
    I believe Bhagavad Gita wrote that for Murtagh.
    And Murtagh likes to pretend he’s a devout Catholic ditacting to women on what they can do with their bodies but supports gay marriage. If that doesn’t spell hypocrisy, I don’t know what does.

  51. I am quite confused about how Yonkers could be eliminating prek. I looked on line myeself:
    And, N.Y.S. is not eliminating the funding for this (Other individual aid categories would also be continued at the same level in 2010-11 as is currently being provided, including Universal Prekindergarten. Funding for Universal Prekindergarten has grown by 35 percent since 2006-07.) So, Yonkers won’t accept the money for it? Someone please clarify.

  52. We can no longer afford pre-k. It ends up being a baby-sitter for the lazy parents. It’s the parents who should prepare their own children for kindergarten. Not the taxpayer at very high prices.


  54. Joan is insane
    Murtagh is pompous
    Lesnick is spineless
    Terrero is clueless
    Shepherd is a puppet
    Larkin is a shadow
    McDow is useless
    What a crew
    The 7 wonders of Yonkers!

  55. unfortunately, some of you are missing the point..maybe intentionally, maybe not. Only the first paragraph of her letter deals with his rude treatment of a staffer. The main thrust of the letter deals with his reiteration of her supposed desire to eliminate the Veterans Service Agency from the Budget – a point she clarified several seeks ago, on this site actually. She merely asked the mayor, when he presented the budget to the city council, why he was only eliminating the Human Rights Commission if, as HE CLAIMED, he was eliminating redundant county-performed functions. She mentioned the Veterans Agency and one other agency, don’t remember which (Consumer Protection)? merely as other examples of this redundancy. Draft dodger and flag waver that he is, he chose to jump down her throat and accuse her of WANTING HIM TO ELIMINATE THE VETERANS SERVICE AGENCY. PS – he never even answered her challenge, just pandered, as he is ever so good at doing. Murtagh took up this mantra at the mayor’s meeting with union heads Friday morning, starting the whole episode all over again. That, in case you are too obtuse to even read, is the main thrust of her letter. No more no less. I guess she did also take the opportunity to also go after him for two-years of his posturing on the city council – the Rip Van Winkle of District Five – who has been reborn and participating in meetings, once again, now that he sees mayoral stars in his eyes. It was overkill, but she writes a damn good letter.

  56. Joan,
    keep shining that spotlight.
    the taxpayers are upgrading to a virtual flamethrower right about now.
    and we are standing right next to you.

  57. Gronowski in John Kerry speak, was for the Veterans Agency, before she was against the Veterans Agency.And now she wants to pick up her marbles and go home.I think she has lost her marbles.

  58. Joan has demonstrated true leadership and one of the few honest elected officials left. murtagh is a evil person and is rotten to the core. murtagh’s day will come eventually. Keep up the Great Job..Joan G

  59. If “Saint” Joan loses her temper and resorts to this childish diatribe over Murtagh’s very inoccuous email, in my opinion she does not shown the probidity and character to be a City Councilman, no less anyting of a higher office, in what whill soon hopefully be the third largest city in the state.
    Politics in Yonkers is tough, regardless of which side you are on, but this ranting and raving like a ten year old is simply unacceptable.
    That is besides the fact that the email is true! Lesnick as usual shows zero leadership on anything, so for John to call him out is entirely appropriate. If Joan cannot understand that by now she is a very poor student of politics and she needs to go…now.
    The democrats in Yonkers and Albany are piling on the pander because that is ALL they have.

  60. Hilarious how Joan gets beat up by Amicone for his insane “jump down her throat” about veterans nonsense… butCANCELS 4TH OF JULY AND MEMORIAL DAY PARADES!!!
    A tribute would have been nice. A flag raising – ANYTHING!
    This deuchebag can not stay in office long enough!
    But I do love watching how he quivers when Joan enters a room!
    Go Get em Joan! We love you.
    And I’m a veteran who can’t be fooled by this disgraceful Mayor.

  61. Murtagh actually thinks that Amicone’s endorsement will help not only secure the Repl. nomination, but lead him to victory. What a DUFUS!

  62. OMG. First Gronowski calls for eliminating the Veteran Services, and now she posts this endless diatribe? This woman has clearly cracked her egg.

  63. Joan should be Mayor. Murtagh is like all of the others in the jerry mandered districts that are yonkers, westchester and the state. It’s always 2 to 1 republican in murtaghs district. You could have put up a cartoon character, called them republican and the idiots will vote for it. There are no elections here, just selections.
    I would personally do anything to make Joan Mayor, whatever help she needs. As for the rest of the characters in the so-called race, I wouldn’t vote for any of them in a million years. St. Joan.

  64. At least Larkin has finally showed some independence in joining the Democrats in fighting for Pre-K. As a teacher he recognizes the value of Pre-K in educating children. Hopefully the Assembly will heed those concerns and fully fund Pre-K.

  65. The Average New Yorker is correct in that Murtagh’s response in this letter was rather mild for John but it and the gratuitous comment about Joan’s lack of commitment to veterans was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Joan. Murtagh started playing partisan games in the reorganization meeting in January and continued them later that month in Albany when he got up to walk out of a meeting between the City Council and the State Legislature. He and his shadow Dennis Shepherd have tried to blame the state for everything since then – including their grandstanding at the last council meeting complaining that they have to vote to receive member items from Mike Spano for the Animal Shelter and various little league groups. It hurts them to have to acknowledge that Mike is doing a good job while they are trying to help the deli guy unseat him.

  66. Joan needs to grow up.
    Murtagh’s email to Lesnick was rather mild and totally appropriate.
    Her response was way over the top.
    Is she in a bad place right now? Got up on the wrong side of the bed? Her response is just not that of a rational person.

  67. Joan, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Murtagh is an elitist jerk who prances around Bronxville like he ownes the place. The reason he leaves meetings is because he can’t stomach being on the west side of town. If he runs and wins, he will move “city haul” over to Bronxville.

  68. And speaking of ‘personal incentive”, isn’t that the only reason Murtagh ran for office so that he could put his kids thru college.

  69. Paterson recently said that his lame duck staus is “freeing” him to do whats right for the state(i know, Bull shit)
    Ammicone, should take that idea and run with it for the city’s sake….(i know, no shot)
    With all of these policos we need to flush them down the toilet with new standards. Murtagh is ‘one of them’ with no standards just ‘personal incentive”

  70. Councilwoman Gronowski, you are my new hero! I also find it very unfortunate that you even had to write such a letter. Murtagh is completely pompous and that was proven when Andrea Stewart-Cousins crushed him 70,811 to 43,940 in 2008. The general public is already privy to his arrogance and general rude demeanor and he doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in Hell to win city-wide office.

  71. Look, all veterans issues should be handled by the federal government, and not the local government, after all they were fighting for America and not Yonkers. But no. The local politicians love this nationalist crap, so they can flag wave and appeal to the lowest common denominator, and what’s best none of these politicians pretending to be patriotic with the flag wrapped round them have never served in the military. So who’s pandering now Mr. Dirtbag?
    Joan is still the only one who’s been on the same page since day one. Actually should should be given the employee of the year award on the council as the rest are asleep.
    As for Amicone, well he is not able to fight for Yonkers so it’s better for us that he never fought for America, but he’ll do all of the nationalistic pandering crap, when he has nothing else to offer. You were out gunned, pun intended yesterday by the DEM’s Amicone, it’s time for recall methods to get rid of all of these political leeches.
    It’s also time for yes you got it. CONTROL BOARD.

    I think its great that our strongest and most STAND-UP politician in Yonkers is a woman! The rest are COWARDS!
    Too bad McDumb didnt have a backbone like Granowski – she may have actually accomlished something.
    Can we get another countdown of “Days left” for the BLAMER???

  73. New Council Rule, if you don’t attend a meeting, then you don’t get paid. Pretty simple and will save us more money, which is a totally novel concept for most on the silly council and that crazy tax and spend liberal Amicone.

  74. To Boomed,
    I wanted to post this on this site, since Mr. Murtagh’s comments were before a televised meeting with the mayor and union representatives. I was not present and had no way of addressing inaccuracies he may have attributed to me. Unfortunately, he shares the mayor’s bully pulpit and I do not.
    Joan Gronowski

  75. Joan, you’re too good of a representative for this peice of shit city…
    BUT – we dont want you to go and no matter what IDIOT… tries to run against you – you will WIN!
    You have proved yourself as a pioneer in being a truthfull,hardworking leader in the city of Yonkers. We thank You.
    F*ck Murtagh and F*ck Phil…
    2 insecure babies who are afaid of strong women…
    Its these bumbling idiots who have destroyed this city,. DESTROYED IT.

  76. There’s no way around it, that Murtagh is a dick.
    But this typical back and forth between our elected officials just goes to show you how truly effed we really are.
    Welcome to Romper Room!

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