What Makes the Mainstream Media Fear Gerald Celente?

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Celente_Gerald May 19, 2010, Kingston, NY — Why is Gerald Celente, the most accurate trend forecaster in the world, not a prime time feature in the mainstream news? 

Why does the mainstream media deprive its audience of insight into the developing trends that will affect their country, business, profession and their personal lives?

What are they afraid of?  Accurate trend forecasts?

As early as 2004, Celente sounded the alarm predicting the “Great Recession” that would hit America and the world in 2007.  Other accurate forecasts that would have provided viewers and readers with critical advance intelligence include: 

* The 1987 Stock Market Crash

* The Dot-com implosion

* The Real Estate bubble bust

* The Gold Bull Run

* Pakistani-based Terrorism

* Tax Revolts

Click here for dates and details of these and other notable forecasts

Can it be that the mainstream media is afraid advertisers might not like what Gerald Celente predicts?

Celente’s 2009 against-the-grain forecast for the “The Crash of 2010” is still being ignored – even as equity markets swoon, gold soars and the Eurozone meltdown makes panicked headlines prefiguring worse to come. 

For the past year, while the mainstream media’s panels of familiar economists, pundits and political “experts” were promoting “Recovery,” Celente was marshalling facts to show it was a “Cover up.”  (See Trend Alert®, “Cover up, not Recovery,” 15 September 2009)

Or could it be that Celente is sidelined because he’s not a member of “The Club” – any club.   A political atheist, he follows the facts wherever they lead, regardless of who likes them or who doesn’t. 

The incontrovertible fact is that Celente’s street savvy, take-no-prisoners approach has generated a large and ever-growing loyal fan base.  For the many national and international TV and radio shows that are gutsy enough to have him on, he quickly becomes a regular guest. 

When Celente’s on, ratings soar!

In one 11-minute interview on Russia Today this past January, Gerald Celente delivered more correct, crucial forecasts – economic and social – than any other forecaster made all year.  For a sample of both the Celente style and the Celente substance, click here for the Russia Today interview.

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eHeziWhat Makes the Mainstream Media Fear Gerald Celente?

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  1. well now we know that despite the former
    press releases containing snippits of
    celente appearing on tv..that he is not
    regarded as a credible trend forecaster and
    that the mainstream media doesn’t actually
    fear him..they simply discount what he says
    and if you buy gold at 1200 plus dollars an
    ounce, an historical high you are making
    a huge mistake

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