Budget Agreement Provides Critical Aid to Yonkers

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NYS Legislature  June 18, 2010, Albany, NY — This year has been very difficult for the City of Yonkers and for the State of New York. In the wake of a multi-million dollar deficit crisis, Mayor Amicone has proposed layoffs and drastic cuts in services in order to close the City's budget gap. We have made a commitment to the residents of Yonkers that we would fight to try to avoid his doomsday scenario. Today we have reached a budget agreement that will make this a reality.

The agreement will make significant cuts in State spending across the board which are necessary to close the deficit and bring government spending in line with what taxpayers can afford. Equally as important, it provides an additional $21 million in non-recurring, municipal spin-up aid, which the Mayor has said will help the City manage its budget crisis, and gives him the opportunity to keep our police on the streets, our firehouses open and to provide the quality of life services that residents depend on.

"After a relentless effort by the Yonkers Delegation to secure additional funding for the City of Yonkers in the State budget agreement, the Senate, Assembly and Governor have agreed to allocate this additional $21 million in Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM) spin-up aid for Yonkers in this time of severe fiscal crisis in our City," said Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/WF-35th District). "At this time, when there is literally no 'good' news and everybody needs 'more', our Senate Conference Leader John Sampson, the Governor and the Speaker, all understood the urgency of our fight for additional funding for Yonkers, as our City literally teeters on the brink of financial disaster."

“We are amidst a budgetary crisis that we all recognize. We need to continue to work together to get through this. This is a great step in restoring what our City needs to strive and give our residents the quality of life and services they deserve,” said Assemblyman Mike Spano (D-93rd District).

"Every budget season we face tough decisions in Albany and each year I stand committed to making sure that the voices and concerns of Yonkers' residents are heard loud and clear in the Capitol. This year we successfully fought to ensure that the hard-earned tax-payer dollars of Yonkers residents were protected and secured," said State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester).

“In these difficult times, we, as a delegation, banded together to deliver additional funding for the City of Yonkers. My colleagues and I remain totally committed to the quality of life in Yonkers,” said Assemblyman Pretlow (D-87th District).

"In an extremely difficult budget year, the Delegation has continued its strong commitment to the City of Yonkers," said Assemblyman Brodsky (D-92nd District). “It has known for many months that there would be tough choices in this budget. However, the State Legislative Delegation remained committed to making sure that despite those difficult choices, the State does its utmost to provide for the City of Yonkers. Together, the Delegation has done everything humanly possible to secure every last dollar, and Yonkers will emerge from this budget process, again, as the City that received the most, because of these efforts.”

eHeziBudget Agreement Provides Critical Aid to Yonkers

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  1. maybe we can make the teachers clean up the parks and pools during the summer since they are off already. and after the garbage men frnish their route at 9am, they can go to the schools and teach home ec and pottery… If there’s no fire going on, the firemen can grab a gun and handcuffs and go lock up criminals, the cops can save cats from trees
    Just don’t make Lorraine Lopez, or davie whimpson do any actual work for their 6 figure salaries

  2. vote the bums out all this talk is look what i did now dont forget me in nov
    if the voters want change vote the bums out dont forget the fiasco that went on last yr

  3. this stupid mayor gave yonkers honda a 76 million dollar tax break..
    n-valley, ridge hill corp, sfc, new main street, yonkers baseball inc, THIS IS WHY YONKERS IS BANKRUPT.. LAND GIVEWAYS AND SWEET HEART DEAL$$$$$$..

  4. I must disagree, Check how much money went to SF,C N-Vally the waterfront, BOE and the hundreds of other stupid corrupt entities led by this clown alone, The pensions and salaries don’t even come close.

  5. taxes cannot be decreased…forgetting
    about the political hirees..even if you
    fired all of them..and just left the mayor
    to answer his own phones it wouldn’t solve
    the problem…the problem is the cost
    of the pensions and the cost of teachers
    salaries..along with all the other municipal
    services you have come to rely on including
    sanitation…you cut too much manpower
    you end up with a dirty crummy unsafe city
    so you have to cut..but then you have to
    pay for what you have left without borrowing

  6. We will have to pay and pay, But the problem still stands. If our government got themselves to cut back on all of the “friends and family” there would be plenty to go around. Taxes should be decreased not increased . Yonkers is a perfect example of our corrupt leaders spending our money on things that just don’t make sense. Until the FEDs start putting them in jail it will continue.

  7. lets face it..as long as people were getting government largess and the value
    of their houses and their investments were
    going up, they didn’t care…no one understood that eventually the piper would
    have to be paid…and that you cannot deficit spend your way to growth and prosperity..but government grew and grew
    under both republicans and democrats and
    they expanded without paying for it…two
    wars not paid for..unfunded medicare drug bill not paid for..bailouts of major financial institutions .not paid for..750
    billion in stimulus not paid for..from the
    federal government down to the states the
    game was always how much pork did your
    congressman, senator, assemblyman and state
    senator “deliver to you”..it didnt’ matter
    where they got the money from just that it
    wound up benefiting you..now people are finally understanding that what you spend
    you must take it…but i believe its way
    too late because no politician will make
    the hard choices..they fear for their poltical careers.who is going to suggest
    raising income taxes…who is going to suggest cutting social security benefits
    and raising the retirement age..and means
    testing for medicare…no one will…but
    everyone with half a brain knows the real
    answer…..its time to re order priorities to cut spending and programs and to raise
    taxes to pay for what we owe..sorry about
    that..I’ll pay my share will you pay yours?

  8. Had Enough: Well said, there is a big anti-incumbent movement in this country on all levels of Government. specially towards Democrats, who only know how to spend. remember in this election & next, we need politicians, who will listen to their constituents. and not vote along party lines. politicians who have the balls to make cuts in programs if need to be….family’s had to make adjustments in the household spending,politicians must do the same.NY state can’t pass a budget and all the politicians do is post how great of a job they are doing for their community.We need to vote everyone out of state government. I second you cry, “VOTE THEM ALL OUT”

  9. Unfortunately, our state and local governments are in similar situations. They are caught in a web of federal funding, federal mandates, and the realities of not being able to borrow money, or even worse, not be able to create it, like our federal government would do.
    We have become a country of unending entitlement programs and a standard of living based on borrowing against the lives and efforts of future generations.
    We must hold EVERY elected official at the local, state, and federal levels accountable for every single dime that is spent as well.
    Get involved in your town and school budget processes. Monitor your state and federal budgets and say no to any unnecessary spending, even if it benefits you.
    and then,

  10. Actually,I take that back. I’m relieved that Lopez, Fleming, Spinson, Modugno, the 5 people in the TV studio, the IG’s campaign manager, and all the other special assistants to the Mayor will be able to continue their invaluable service to the people of Yonkers.
    God bless them.
    And a special blessing to Billy Raygun, the Dep. Failure, for doing SOOOOO much, for SOOOO few.

    JUNE 18, 2010
    Appearing before a standing room only crowd of former Yonkers police officers and firefighters who never actually thought they’d be laid off, State Senator Andrea Cousins today proudly took credit for accomplishing essentially nothing. “After weeks of tirelessly playing solitaire on my office computer I am please to report that I have delivered my beloved City of Yonkers even less than it had been told it would receive just a few short months ago” Cousins remarked. “When I was first elected I promised change on day one…well I admit it took three years but I have made good on that promise. I have brought change to Yonkers” the Senator concluded while handing one young unemployed policeman 75 cents for a small coffee.
    Cousins was joined by Assemblymen Mike Spano and Richard Brodsky. Spano, a sixteen year Albany veteran said “I am please today knowing I have delivered far less for Yonkers than any member of my family has delivered in the nearly four decades we have been in Albany. It has been my honor to do so little for the taxpayers as their Assemblyman and I look forward to the day eighteen short months from now when I can do even less as their next Mayor”. Spano spoke surrounded by one hundred and fifty-seven brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and in-laws all of whom have government jobs and/or pensions. Spano’s wife, news anchor Mary Calvi was relieved that CBS employee policy prevented her from attending.
    Assemblymen Brodsky, who is alone among New York Democrats in thinking he will ever be Attorney General, said that his failure to secure fair state aid for Yonkers only proved that in the end, arrogance and utter disdain for both the voters and his own colleagues was the secret to legislative failure. “I will sleep soundly tonight knowing that when the Control Board comes back to Yonkers it will be because of what I have failed to do” Brodsky concluded.
    Senator Jeff Klein, who could not attend today’s press conference due to a prior appointment at a North Bronx tanning salon, responded by e-mail today saying: “Is Nita Lowey dead yet? No??? Dammit”!
    Assemblyman Gary Pretlow who has for over a decade failed to represent South west Yonkers in the Assembly, closed today’s press conference by simply reminding everyone” I told them I didn’t want to hear about f**king Syracuse. I guess they didn’t believe me”.

  12. It is a travesty how the city decided who & where to cut. They eliminated positions to get rid of certain people. Some of these people have 25+ years of service and were just trying to hang on a few more years to get a decent pension. People with families, children, mortgages. When a municipal worker (aside from police or fire) leaves with less than 30 years he/she is penalized about 7% for each year under 30. It’s not bad enough that they must be at least 55 years of age with at least 25 years of service to even qualify, they are salaried (no OT) and work extended hours and nights and weekends when necessary with no additional compensation, but now they are being forced into retirement with a pension barely the equivalent of what unemployment offers! Not everyone is making 6 figures, contrary to what their counterparts in other unions are crying. These are hard working unrepresented public employees who have put in the time only to be told we don’t need you anymore! True, there are some who are overpaid and unproductive, but they are the minority. Most of them were left unscathed, because they ‘supported’ the administration, not because they are an invaluable asset to the citizens that pay their salaries. If you weren’t on the ‘inside’ so to speak, you are now on the outside signing up for unemployment.

  13. Just because the Mayor had put money into his budget did not mean the city was to recieve it. Lets give credit when credit to do. These are tough fiscal times and they came through not easy. especially as this mayor continues to buy lincolns and cell phones and gas and lopez and keep all his 100k plus people in his office.

  14. What a bunch of CRAP.
    This $21 million was already in the Mayors budget (actually he had $22 mil but who is counting). The Assembly had already approved it, now the Senate has. Thats great. But that still leaves us with a $90 million +/- budget gap.
    But I cannot believe the pandercrap that I read above, from Cousins, Spano and especially Pretlow. These people did nothing for Yonkers, they treated the Yonkers delegation who traveled to Albany like crap. It was Pretlow who was the verbally abusive one if I recall reading.
    I suppose it is not surprising that they all line up and pat themselves on the back, thats politics. But to portray themselves as “heroes” is insulting to the Citizens of Yonkers.
    The only person who could play the angel on a white horse riding into town with bags of money to save the City was Nick Spano. These clowns are a joke.
    They all need to go and be replaced by people who watch out for your money instead of spending it like drunken whores.

  15. With all of this “news” why did the clown and crew give another 77million in tax breaks? Has Acipella paid back his loan? does the mayors son still have a job at a law firm that the BOE is spending its money on (with no RFP)? The influx is a joke this city hall should be fumigated!!

  16. when are you people gonna realize higher pensions do not affect the city’s budget .understaffing and creating overtime does..because the city’s contribution’s are put in at a hire rate.It does not matter who works the overtime if the are retiring or not the contribution is made at the overtime rate.Once that said contribution is made ,the city is out of the picture .

  17. article 78 can be brought also to prevent the city from agreeing to make pension formulas dependent on overtime in the last
    year of work…taxpayers unite we have nothing to lose but our chains

  18. How is this going to solve Yonkers budget problems? Didnt the above post say the city still faces a huge defecit? Who is going to make up the difference, the taxpayers?

  19. “Early retirement incentive”–Meaning more high cost pensions, we cant afford. Adding more retirees to the “over $100,100 club” We need to revamp the pension system, so the pension is base solely on “Base Pay”. starting with all workers on payroll now. Overtime shouldn’t be computed into pensions.and the new system should NOT be “grandfathered” to protect senior workers on payroll now.

  20. This is awesome news! I am quite happy that we have these guys in albany working for yonkers without them we wouldn’t be reading this- “…Yonkers will emerge from this budget process, again, as the City that received the most, because of these efforts.”

  21. What do you mean (without Joan)? Joan is the hardest working councilperson on the city council. If she didn’t go to Albany, I am sure she had a good reason. Unlike Mr. Potato Head, Murtagh, she attends every meeting and does not wait for an opportunity to sneak out the back door. The guy disappears faster than Bridie Murphy.

  22. Is the city out of the woods? Isnt the current defecit $134 million dollars? That still leaves $103 million dollar defecit. Maybe im crazy or cant add, or it might be creative budgeting which is always going on in yonkers.

  23. Isn’t Brodsky the one who told the Yonkers City Council (without Joan) to go F themselves in Albany earlier this year.
    Can’t believe a work from him.
    This was already promissed $ and now these losers want to take credit for it.
    How about cutting useless state agencies?
    State Control Board Needed
    City Control Board needed

  24. How is the city out of the woods with a 21million dollar gift from the state, I was under the impression the city was in the hole for $109 million? Who is making up the difference?

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