Chaos, Business as Usual, White Rats, Robotics, Layoffs, and the “F” Word at Yonkers City Council BY HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers City Hall June 23, 2010, Yonkers, NY — The Yonkers City Council chamber windows were open. The muggy, irritating feeling from outside the normally stuffy environment within those walls had invaded the environs. Captured within were men and women who work for the Department of Public Works, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Yonkers Fire Department, among others. Slithering about the chamber were said to be three white “rats”, the four legged kind, released during the council deliberations. Upon entering the chambers, the seven council members were met by an individual telling of how the notice of over fifty terminations would affect people’s lives and the city at large.

One by one, people came to the lectern to express their personal despair over the loss of their jobs. Wanda London noted when she was called to give back she did. Dominic Savarese spoke of the suggestions SEIU Local 704 had offered councilmembers for savings that exceeded $1 million, but to no avail, as far as he was concerned. Anthony Manzo said, “The layoffs will kill is!”Michael Moriariy said, “I don’t know if I can keep my house or feed my kids.” Al Corerra said, "After 32 years in the City of Yonkers with a house, kinds, I don’t know what to do." Bruce Goldman who works at the Parking Violations Bureau said, “We bring in revenue with our jobs.” Dennis Hall said, “I though this would be my home. Your are ruining 55 lives.” Zak Altman said, "I recently purchased a house, a truck. It will soon be in foreclosure." Bill Troy said his $37,500 per annum job (city side funding… the balance gets funded by the Yonkers Board of Education)has been replaced by an outside contractor at a cost of $200,000 annually.” He promised to sue the city. Mike Holzborg said, "I bought a home. My American dream will become a nightmare. I’m crying for the people of the city.” Mr DeLucca said, “We kept our end of the bargain, now you keep yours.” Anthony Martinello said, “The question is what are you going to do when EMS can’t get to your home due to snow because you haven’t been dug out by the Sanitation workers. Those deaths will be on your heads.” 

The anger was palpable. It would not be assuaged. Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick moved forward with the City Council meeting. The meeting held those wanting to speak in abeyance. As their frustration levels soared, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by a local student, a contingent of student engineers displayed the robots that won them recognition nationally with a demonstration and the requisite picture taking.

Next the City Council delved into inquiry of the Yonkers Public Library with an assertion by their representatives advising of their need to close the facilities on Saturdays.

Next, Shawn Griffin, Esq. of Harris Beach, Yonkers bond counsel, and Dan Marsh III,  president of the Housing and Economic Development Corporation spoke to the Council over the Larkin Parking Garage Lease structure vis-a-vis its financial impact, as well as its house of cards integrations with other projects. The Larkin Parking Garage entity needs approval within the next two weeks by Westchester County as the catalyst for the beginning funding aspect of the project. Achieving this hurdle will permit, if approved, said Mssrs Griffin and Marsh to proceed on acquiring the balance of the financing for the project which carries a variance required for the funding mechanism that would be set in place in favor of the Greyston Warburton Workforce Housing Project component deemed a legal requirement to satisfy the overall definition of the SFC Yonkers Downtown Waterfront Development. Further and ancillary to approval of the Larkin Garage proposal is the release of funding to enable the daylighting of the Sawmill River. Yet these house of cards plans hinge on whether Greyston holds title to the land upon which it expects to build the Greyston Warburton Workforce Housing Project. 

The City Council voted approval pending confirmation of Greyston holding title to the property it wishes to develop. Read the Yonkers Tribune article dated June 7, 2010 entitled “Breached Covenant Pertinent to Greyston’s Affordable Housing Project May Invite Litigious Action and Denial of State Funding BY HEZI ARIS”] Mr Griffin has promised to make inquiry regarding the title claim. Yonkers Tribune is aware that the Colgate Estate has not been made aware of the covenant ever being broken.

All items on the Yonkers City Council thus voted upon and completed became the focus for more comment from the many people who sat through the late hour to be heard by the City Council membership over the crisis that has gripped the city and them personally.

A fireman rose to inquire if passage of the Larkin Parking Garage Project, confirmed by Christian DiPalermo, Democrat counsel to the Yonkers City Council with Mr Marsh must be thought of as a Capital Improvement Plan request, was indeed going to cost the city money? When Mr Lesnick said it would, the fireman was incredulous and said, “What the f**k are you guys doing?”

Within an eyeblink Yonkers City Council Minority Leader John Murtagh (5th District) rose to his feet, prompting Councilmember John Larkin (6th District), and then Councilman Dennis Shepherd (4th District) to do likewise, and they departed the august chambers. Their collective response was based on hearing the use of the epithet.They had all departed to their respective offices situated adjacent to the chamber, yet totally out of sight. Within a minute, prompted by a cell phone communique, the aides to the “Three Republican Amigos” also departed the chambers.

The meeting closed shortly thereafter.

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eHeziChaos, Business as Usual, White Rats, Robotics, Layoffs, and the “F” Word at Yonkers City Council BY HEZI ARIS

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  1. GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT JIMBO … no listen you get your facts straight….i dont know whos blowing smoke up your arse, but you dont have to be home to call are “SUPPOSED” to be home  but noone and I mean noone checks up on you for at least 2-3 days  or until your next “round” of tours are supposed to start…and you have to call every Mon morn whether you are staying on or not.. thats why guys call in sick on a fri afternoon..have their weekend off and then call back on on Mon morning..get your facts straight….you pal are the one posting uninformed bullshit  believe me I KNOW

  2. The argument that someone has to get overtime and maybe he doesn’t have a family is an arguement that is totally specious..
    of course if there is overtime SOMEONE HAS
    TO GET IT..but if the supervisors giving
    the overtime out give it only to those
    who are using it to inflate their pensions
    then it borders on fraud…the someone is
    not randomly selected nor is it evenly is targeted only to those
    who can use it to insert in the base salaries for purposes of the pension formula
    which has resulted in many cases in pensions
    that exceed the highest base salary ever earned..this is nonsense and it will be

  3. So the “city” of Maywood, Cal. (pop. 27,000 , 97% latino only half of which pay taxes) laid off everybody and decided to jump on L.A. county’s tit ? That would be like comparing Yonkers to Brentwood L.I. . Their yearly budget probably isn’t more than 30 million and they are contracting services that will cost nearly the same and I am sure will rise accordingly every year ,but yet they will be at the whim of outside Yeah Yonkers should duplicate what hamlets choose to do with their services.

  4. I was at that Council meeting and I saw a bunch of those kids crying. I told them it was ok, that the rats were harmless but they kept pointing at that Councilman with the gigantic head.One of the little tikes said that his head was so big it was “scawy.” Real talk.

  5. Here is an interesting note:
    (June 24) — A Southern California city caught in a budget squeeze has fired its entire workforce, including police.
    The city council in Maywood voted to outsource the municipality’s jobs.
    The shapes of things to come….

  6. nor’easter give me a break…
    what “stand” have the Stepford Councilmen taken? What brainstorming does it take to suggest an across the board 5% cut, while saying nothing about the fat that still exists in this budget? The height of hypocrisy from a minority leader who has been AWOL his entire time on the city council, only to awaken like a quasi Rip Van Winkle, every election cycle.

  7. In response to YPD @ 9:52 A.M.”
    “Also, there is no accumulation of sick days with huge payouts for YPD when that member retires. Keep an eye on non Police or Fire City of Yonkers employees when they take advantage of the retirement incentive. There will be huge payouts to these members. Also keep in mind that the incentive is not available to police or fire officers”
    I am a “non Police or Fire” union member and I can tell you we are not paid for any of our sick time when we retire. If there is an accumulation of sick time a portion of it may be applied to our pensions otherwise we lose it. We are paid up to a max. of 55 vacation days anything over that we lose. We receive termation pay for 20 or more years of service just like Police and Fire unions members receive. We are not paid for the balance of our longevity like Police and Fire members are. The Police and Fire union members are not entitled to the incentive because they can retire after 20 years we can retire at age 55 with 30 years of service in order to retire with no penalty and their pensions are limited to 20% over the previous year where ours is 10%. If the City does pass the retirement incentive and our union members take it their pensions (if they are lucky) will be about $59,000.00 per year and that’s for 33 years of service. Please make sure you have the facts before you comment on another unions benefits.
    Thank you.
    P.S. This may end up being posted twice because I was not sure the first one went through.

  8. probably something to do with their plot to drill for oil on another planet. The planet….. Murtaghshead… It is said to be enormous and filled with nothing but crude oil

  9. It seems that Nick Spano was seen at the Fed Courthouse a few days ago, probably responding to the Grand Jury subpoena.
    Wonder if he ook the fifth?
    Wonder if he told the truth?
    Why would the Feds want first, Mikey, and then Nick at the Grand Jury to testify?

  10. The biggest shock here is the silence from the Mayor! Where is he these last few weeks as Murtagh, Shepherd and Larkin take a stand and take the brunt? Phil you should have had Pagano in your office at 9 o’clock yesterday morning and McGoey, Manzo and the rest of them up on charges by 10.

  11. Close, but no cigar CONTROL BOARD NOW.
    I have to agree with you about the control board which is coming to Yonkers before the end of July or early August at the latest and the first thing they will do is clean house at city haul getting rid of all of the do nothings that make a lot of bucks and do nothing for the city. People like Lopez, Mrjaj, Peterson, Simpson, Flemming, and all the others. Then they will clean house in the city counsel chambers and do away with the staffer, aides, lawyers, and others. Then they will review the special deals made with Struver Fideco Capelli and all the rest. If that happens, then the unions will be happy to make concessions and work with the control boards to get the city back on its feet. Unitl then, keep guessing and start emptying your useless desk on the third floor.

  12. A couple of guys made big money such as those cops but you know what, they prob worked a hell of a lota hours for that money. Someone was going to get that overtime, it just so happened that this got took alot of it and was available and willing. Maybe he has no family or kids and has nuthing but time, maybe he is a huge buff, regardless , he worked it he shiould get paid for it. This is a result of overtime. Overtime provided and ordered by the job. Dont blame the man for working it. Also while we are on the subject, what the hell happened to the Yonkers Raceway police detail, I thought the radceway had to pay for a detail of cops to direct traffic etcc…

  13. The Mayor should do his mayoral duties.
    These violations of law and rules of proper behavior are sufficient to warrant investigation and upon confirmation, suspension or dismissal of those who commited these outrages.
    Watch the gangster tone that rules the behavior some of these union members disapear when the first of them is fired for acting like thugs.
    Come on Mayor, do the right thing. Slap these offenders down. Put them in their place. Keep them in line.
    A civilized protest is their right. Conduct which is physically threatening, in any ways, merits firings or suspensions.
    BTW, why isn’t the other media, Snozzzie 12 and JN not reporting this story of incredibly outrageous behavior?

  14. REALity brandyswine johnnyboyformayor
    clearly the same individual as your avatar is the same and within 30 min of each entry. I would think it was Barry but we all know he can’t read or write, just scream and cry. Baby wanna ba ba?
    Control Board on its way and there is NOTHING you will be able to do about it. Time to actually get to work boys.
    Mabye Barry and Dennis have enough “overtime” to retire now and we can be rid of their lying a**es!
    Can’t wait till the CONTROL BOARD BREAKS YOUR UNION!
    Your rats and rodent like behavior is your downfall!

  15. It starting to look like Councilmen Murtagh will be eating his hat and explaining his way out of his enormous LIES. Way to go Johnnyboy. You should have wrapped your enormous head around these issues before you put your foot in your mouth. Hope you enjoy the taste of defeat.

  16. It wasn’t the firefighters who brought rats to the City Council meeting The stupid people in Murtaugh, Larkin, and Sheppard’s districts brought the rats to the chamber…we would be better off with two more Mcdow’s and one more Tererro than these 3 stooges. What a joke they all are!!!!

  17. Oh Yes, swurthey politicians are the ultimate primetime t.v.viewing,.and the planning to have children in chamber during a high noon council meeting,, BRILLIANT. Murrrrrtagh ,way to provoke the confrontation,numerous witnesses to your actions.You are a disgrace to this city.

  18. Bring in the Control Board
    Void the Union Contracts
    Any union that allows and condones the release of rats in a City Council meeting with children present and uses the F word on TV when families are watching DESERVE NOTHING.
    I could care less about how hard you supposedly work. When you act like thugs you deserve nothing. You are a disgrace to this city.
    You set some example for the children of Yonkers.

  19. All this money siphoned off to developers….and not a single shovel in the ground after all these years.Something stinks,and I mean to high heaven.

  20. Know what makes me sick?
    Mcgouy’s thug tactics and attempts to bully the council.
    Rats in the council chamber.. nice trick.
    Hey, how would Barry and Dennis like rats, roaches and other vermin let loose at their house while people yelled F**kyou and the like to them in front of their families.The real animals that night wore Yonkers FD shirts.
    Don’t think they would like it much.
    You all disgust me
    I PRAY for a control board to wipe out your greedy union!

  21. Jim…your a an idiot blogger who doesn’t know how the sick policy works. You can’t call in 5 minutes before your shift, you have to be home during your shift and they call you to make sure you are, and you have to see a department doctor if you go sick for more than a day. Get your facts straight instead of posting bullshit and misinformation.

  22. Most cops in the YPD dont go sick, except for those long term injured, dont abuse sick time because of the sick incentive pay for not going out sick. The department should be more proactive in retiring long term people who will never be able to do the job again,

  23. YPD – Boy that unlimited sick is so unfair to you. The union should really be trying to get that out of the contract and give you ten sick days like the rest of the world.
    What good is a garbage man with a broken arm? I guess you think they should get unlimited sick time also.

  24. There is one point people are missing.
    Forget the council and unions at the meeting. Lesnick should have evacuated that building as soon as he found out rats were let out. THERE WERE CHILDREN INVITED TO BE PART OF THE MEETING, ONE POOR KID WAS TRYING TO RECITE THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. What a poor bunch of role models for these kids. Nothing but animalsm, what if someone got bit?
    Lesnick should have stopped the meeting for the safety of these kids. What an absolute embarrassment to our city. I supported the unions causes until they do this. You lost most of the taxpayers, homeowners and parent in this city by your animalistic actions.

  25. I hate to disappoint the folks who think that unlimited sick is such a drain on taxpayers but on average, Yonkers Police Officers use 3.3 sick days per year. If you don’t believe it, FOIL it. This is due to a strict sick policy that was enacted with THE UNION’S consent. Yonkers Police Officers have to be home when they are out sick and they are checked on regularly. If they are out for more than a few days they MUST see the police physician.
    Also, there is no accumulation of sick days with huge payouts for YPD when that member retires. Keep an eye on non Police or Fire City of Yonkers employees when they take advantage of the retirement incentive. There will be huge payouts to these members. Also keep in mind that the incentive is not available to police or fire officers.
    Unlimited sick was agreed upon years ago by union and management, and signed off on by the Mayor and Council because as a police officer you cannot perform your duties as police officer when you are sick. What good is a police officer with a broken arm
    or serious illness?
    I would guess that the average of 3.3 days sick is better or comparable to most private sector jobs. I believe if an employer gives you ten days sick they will be taken or accumulated so that one can receive a fat payout upon retirement.
    That’s my 2 cents.

  26. In no way do I excuse the outrageous conduct of these unions. However, the mayor is the one responsible for this. He is the chief operating officer of this city and has shown absolutely NO leadership. He has had enough experience dealing with these unions over the years to know that things can easily escalate out of control. On more than one occasion, he has had demonstrations in front of his home. He should have prepared himself two yrs. ago when everyone knew we were going into a deep recession. Instead he went into his usual mode of blaming the education formula. Had he made cuts to the bloated,unproductive staff he has assembled, he could have then called in the union reps. and explained the severity of the situation. Instead, he has caused a Mexican standoff with no foreseeable winners.

  27. Alan Smith,
    Wake up. You are appealing to Scmuck Lesnick who in the midst of the biggest financial crisis in recent memory gave a staff member, who we don’t need and lives in Connecticut, a 21% raise.
    Patterson did the same, recently trying to give several of his own staffers raises. At least he had the decency to repeal them, Schmuck Lesnick did not!
    John Murtagh who tries to act like a fiscally responsible republican hired a new staff member in the middle of this crisis.
    Last but not least, DiNapoli can tell you that overtime counts toward police and fire pensions and that the P & F Fund is doing remarkably well posting a 26% return last year, growing to $133 Billion. As a result of the success of this fund the contribution rate from local municipalities will go down.
    Get the facts before you get angry Alan.

  28. When you take away a person’s livelyhood, and continue to give away our tax dollars to developers, there is bound to be trouble.
    Let’s see, 77 million dollars in tax breaks for 100 jobs equals $770,000. per job at our expense. That is ludicrous folks!
    That’s $77,000,000.00 that will not be filling the coffers. Who will make up the difference?? The taxpayer of course.
    How do you expect the unions to negotiate downward when they are doing the job they contracted to do and this Mayor and Council are STILL giving corporate welfare.
    If the crisis is real, (and I think we all know it is) mortgage recording fees and sales taxes are down, then it is time for all, and I do mean ALL businesses and corporations to pay their fair share of the tax burden we all face in this City and State.

  29. June 22, 2010
    New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli
    110 State Street
    Albany, NY 12236
    Dear Comptroller DiNapoli,
    I congratulate you on the good work you have been doing for the residents of New York State.
    I live in Yonkers and am infuriated by the pension ‘mess’ in this city.
    The Yonkers Schools has adopted a retirement incentive for employees. From what I understand by reading the Yonkers Tribune, the Yonkers City Council will adopt a retirement incentive for city employees shortly.
    I read recent articles where it stated that pensions are based on salary and not to include special payments, overtime, summer work, etc. and that Yonkers was calculating pensions including all of these payments.
    I think it is important for your office to review what is going on in Yonkers to make sure that pension calculations for the potential new retirees are based on salary and not including the overtime and other special payments City and schools employees receive.
    Someone has to enforce the law. We pray you will to save the taxpayers.
    I have confidence in your integrity protecting the public. God Bless you and your advisors.
    Alan Smith
    cc: City Council President Mr. Lesnick
    Governor Patterson

  30. Since this is the only language they understand, here we go…
    Hey Mcgouy you piece of sh*t shut the f**k up! Hey Lawler instead of throwing a lit cigarette at council members (isn’t that against fire laws?) why don’t you do what you told council members to do and go F**k your …….

  31. Are we sure there were 3 rats let loose in the meeting, or could it have been the Murtagh, Sheperd and Larking (the 3 blind mice) running around like crazy cause someone dropped the F-bomb. Gimme a break, Sam the Eagle is a lawyer. Lawyers scre people out of their life savings, and he’s offended by the “F-word”?? Do you jobs you bums!

  32. sick pay?
    the F word?
    you’re all nuts.
    You’re all playing around to protect your do nothing asses as distraction of the inevitable.
    damage done
    time to move on.
    the mayor, council and the unions are delusional and irresponsible if they even think there is an argument in any of this.
    you’re even more nuts if you think the taxpayer is going to shell out a single nickel for this bullshit.
    Yonkers needs to be dismantled.

  33. and BTW it would be hard to negotiate the sick away since police and fire cannot strike due to Taylor Law preventing unions that have public safety in mind from striking….they can have a under the table job action of having “x amount” of men per shift go sick..just teetering on an obvious strike/job action

  34. FRAT HOUSE..the sick leave may very well be the problem..but the bigger problem is IT IS PART OF A CONTRACT..CONTRACTS are supposed to mean cannot just take it needs to be be negotiated away..HOW ? not sure have some ideas..but in the mean time making it harder would help at least a little…

  35. Jim- Why do we need to make it harder to abuse sick time? If the sick time was not unlimited the abuse would stop.
    Anyone injured in the line of duty is entitled to workmens compensation. The YFD and YPD should not be entiltled to unlimited sick if they break their leg while skiing in Colorado! As their contract is now, if they are on vacation and they fall sick or injured they are removed from holiday pay and put on unlimited sick. This is insane! Their contracts need to be adjusted to the real world!

  36. BURN THE HOUSE DOWN…the Cops have two men in “medical control” the FD has one !and these people are on long term medical leave for legitimate reasons so at least they are earning their money by doing something and not just collecting a check.. it will hardly mean a difference if they man a post..and the guys “minding the store” are friend/coworkers or whatever of the respective organizations…On the Police and Fire You DO need unlimited sick for the few unfortunate guys that do seriously get injured in the line of duty…wether it be a cop in a car accident or FD guys getting really hurt at a is the other guys that abuse it…Unlimited sick is alot of the OT budget but not 100 percent of it….like I said..MAke it HARDER for the guy to just call out with a case of the “runs” make them accountable to an unbiased 3rd party….

  37. Jim- If you eliminate the unlimited sick time you can eliminate the cops and fire in medical control and they can man a post. Unlimited sick for fire and police is the biggest cause of the OT run rampant. How come YFD and YPD are over budget each and every year in OT? Who is minding the store???

  38. Hey BURN DOWN THE FRAT there sick leave abuse in fire and police..Im sure there probably is….but instead of taking it away..WHY DOESN”T THE MAYOR AND HIS CREW make it harder to go go sick for the FD /PD all you have to do is make 2 phone calls.. 2 calls .you dont have to show up anywhere or report to any city can just call the dispatch center…you can call from your bed, you can call from your boat, you can call from a golf course, you can call from Yankee Stadium you can call 5 minutes before you are scheduled to work.FD and PD each have an individual doctor, which is their respective second job in comparison to their regular obviously it is times a call into one of the department doctors goes unanswered or unreturned for days…. BOTTOM LINE make it harder for the person to go sick it would cost less to have a team of ten people monitor the situation and make sure their is no abuse than to pay the OT when the members go sick…

  39. I can’t stand the city council or the mayor but let me say this, The protesters looked like a BUNCH OF WHITE TRASH last night !!!!!
    You guys blocking nepperhan avenue was helping who ? NOT YOU … all you did was turn public opinion away from you and the rats in the chamber ??? Come on guys grow up…. we know how bad it will be and we are all mad at the city but there are ways to go about things…
    The moron using the cone as a bull horn is a fool and he did that in city hall with his city uniform shirt on…
    The first thing you guys need to do is GET RID OF MANZO…. his father was a crook and so is he and his kid is a jerkoff too !!!
    Second is to not let that piece of garbage economico attend any more meetings where there may be cameras or other humans beings present.
    You guys have a lot of good members who get lost in the trashy mix, wake up guys !!!
    P.S. Hey Manzo …. nice earring you wannabe

  40. Jim – The Fire and Police unions think they are being taken advantage of? Unlimited sick days? Pensions of 175K a year. Making 250K a year? The ones being taken advantage of are the taxpayers. Did you know that Fire and police get 15 minutes OT every time they show up for work? Unlimited sick time and they get paid extra if they do not abuse the unlimited sick time. How about 10 sick days like everyone else and HEY GUESS WHAT if you do not get sick we do not pay you ten days pay because you never got sick! The unlimited sick time is the biggest scam that leads to the out of control OT.
    BTW please increase my taxes so that drunken idiots can release rodents in public buildings and curse at Council members.

  41. Jim I think you hit the nail squarely on the head. This mayor has never dealt in good faith with anyone much less the unions. Just within the past 2 weeks it was anounced a 77 million tax break to benefit about a 100 employees some of whom maybe YONKERS RESIDENTS and we wonder about closing gaps. When the unions are told to take cuts and the mayor refuses to cut city hall what does that tell them about leadership. There is none

  42. As for Concerned Taxpayer……I think the biggest fear of the fire and police opening contracts is that they feel they are being used..books are never opened to verify what is being said…they think they are being taken advantage of…..and that they open contracts and potentially give back in good faith and then some of the money will be used more bullshit jobs/funding for unnecessary things and as favors to his friends..AMICONE is not from YONKERS origianlly he does not CARE about YONKERS..when he leaves..he will probably never step foot back in Yonkers..F HIM

  43. Why doesn’t the mayor put an objective “civilian” in charge of distributing the OT for the police and fire, thereby not allowing all buddies to take care of their friends in whichever capacity. and while at could honestly get rid of half the “administrative” jobs that are handed out by the mayor….all the “deputies” of that and “secretaries” of this and associate this and associate that….

  44. Dont kid yourselves, almost every person on the city council is there to take care of themselves and their interests. Mayor too. Maybe we ought to look into the benefits that the city council members get for their part time “B” jobs. Maybe we should make use of full time council members, lest there be a “conflict of interest” Looking at the the three amigos up there, you can just smell the arrogance and self-righteousness. God knows what kind of deals they lined up with the developers but unlike Sandi just didnt get caught. Time for another regime change, they all start out clean but become tarnished quickly

  45. Amicone has done nothing but screw this town up worse than when he took it over. Thats not what most people aspire for but when there is millions upon millions to syphon to developers that you are cosy with it becomes easy to turn you back on everyone in you home town.
    Good job Phil & the council. Lesnick we see you too!

  46. There is no doubt about the fact that the current mayor and the previous one killed this city with all the giveaways to unions and select businesses. The national recession didnt help either. But since we cant do anything about it, and it appears that the state and the feds wont then its time for all partys to get together a negotiate a settlement that will save the city the money it needs, and keeps the jobs of those layed off. If both sides are not willing to negotiate, then there is no choice but to have the layoffs.

    GO UNIONS!!!

  48. Stand Strong
    You are WRONG
    The only way to solve the crisis is to act responsibly.
    That means negotiating in good faith, sharing the pain across the board, Unio and non Union alike in ALL levels of government.
    Civil actions breed civil responses.
    Not all FIre should be branded by the conduct of Lawl** and McG*** but they will be if they don’t pipe down.

  49. Several unions opened up their contracts and gave back (i believe at the end of 08/begining of 09). How many times are we suppossed to give back?…until we have nothing to give?…It’s bullshit politics and bullshit politicians blaming blue collar workers for all the city and state woes when in reality they are the ones who created all the problems.

  50. Murtagh walked out of another meeting? How unusual! What were his excuses for all the other meetings he walked out on? What inappropriate word or words were used then? Wait I know, Mr Murtagh, what have you done lately?

  51. So let me get this right next time I see sandy anabi. I should be all nice to her because she fleeced this city like all the other council members. Just because 1 union rep chooses the wrong words don’t get steered away from the big picture. Our elected officials gave away all the candy in the store and now they want to blame the blue collar union workers who helped build this city.

  52. Both sides seem to ne incompetant. How about the unions post here just exactly what they propose to save the money needed to keep their jobs. That way the taxpayer can see exactly who is blowing smoke at us, the unions, or the city council or mayor.

  53. I don’t speak for anyone’s behavior but since when does the use of word stop important city business dead in its tracks?
    This only points to the union and public anger at the city counsel’s ineptitude to address important issues and rise above immaturity.
    Obviously they can’t and they deserve every bit of anger they get.
    there is a lot of it out there.
    Beyond any doubt counsel have proven themselves incompetent and in some cases likely corrupt.
    What do you expect hugs and kisses?

  54. I think it’s great. City Hall and the City Council don’t understand civil conversation. A few rats and middle fingers might just be what these sewer dwelling politicians understand. U dirtbag bloggers can bad mouth union men and women all you want but wait until the garbage piles up, the roads don’t get plowed, violence surges, and fires rage… you’ll all be pissing in your hater pants.
    And I’m not sure where the perception of fat union contracts and greedy union employees came into being but I sure as hell don’t know any city union member living in Scarsdale and feasting on steak and lobster at the country club. Union members are blue collar folks fighting for their jobs tooth and nail the way any private sector employee would. The only difference is that we are in the public eye and private sector employees are not.

  55. As a 35 Year Union member born and raires in Yonkers I have had the opportunity on more then one occasion to address the City Counsel to use profanity is disrespectful to the City Counsel,all Fire fighters as well as ALL UNIONS.I have two questions 1-Was this MORON chosen as a spokesperson? 2- What is his name and rank?

  56. Right keep deflecting from the issue.You want to argue your point do it like a human. Throwing rats around city hall, cursing and flipping the finger, well you did a injustice to all the good union workers and those that spoke up with heart.
    They lost more support than ever last night and the council people were right to walk out. We argue and fight in Yonkers, but we don’t act like animals.

  57. So what you to posters are saying, It is alright to screw the people be corrupt steal millions but if someone curses then they are the bad guys??

  58. Once again the thugs were out in force. Vulgarity, vermin, whatever it takes? The citizens of Yonkers, although excluded from the council chamber by the thugs who hog all the seats, see everything on TV. The “perfomance” is offensive.
    It is unfortunate that anyone has to lose their job. The impact on your home, kids, credit etc is terrible. But it does not make you special. There are millions of people out of work, and you dont see them whining, cursing and engaging in thug tactics. You people act like you are something special, better than the average joe who has lost their job. They suffer the same issues with home and family as you do. You are NO better then they are.
    As the weeks go by the Citizens of Yonkers hate the unions more, not for what they are, but the infantile and selfish methods they are employing. When so many people are unemployed, do not expect sympathy about your fat cat union contracts and outrageous work rules that drain money from the residents who pay the bills.
    The fact is the unions are SELFISH, becuase they will not give up anything meaningful, but instead whine and cry like babies.
    Take your pay cut like everyone else, keep your jobs and shut your mouths.

  59. As a union member of almost 40, I was truly appalled by what I saw from the Firefighters representative last night. Not only did he curse during his speech, but continued to do so as he left the room. It looked like he evan flashed his two middle fingers at the council on his way out the door. It is no wonder council members left, after all,weren’t young children there to recite the pledge of alegiance.As a union member I understand your frustration but the public will never understand that type of display.I mean come on, was he drunk or just stupid. Stay strong, Stay smart.

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