MAS Supports Grand Concourse Historic District in The Bronx

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MASNYC_The Municipal Art Society of NYC  June 22, 2010, New York, NY –The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) testifies today before the Landmarks Preservation Commission to support a proposed Grand Concourse Historic District in The Bronx. This statement from MAS President Vin Cipolla is based on remarks to the Commission.

“MAS strongly supports the proposed designation of the Grand Concourse Historic District, which would ensure protection of this premiere thoroughfare, and a significant portion of the city’s highest concentration of Art Deco and Art Moderne architecture.   In fact, the 73 buildings here include some of city’s—and the nation’s—most spectacular examples of this historic residential architecture.


Completion of the Grand Concourse in the early 20th century was one of several forces that led to the total transfiguration of The Bronx.  An Historic District designation would be a great contribution to the city’s protected treasures, and would serve to highlight the Bronx borough, which has relatively few historic districts of its own.”  – Vin Cipolla, President, The Municipal Art Society of New York.

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eHeziMAS Supports Grand Concourse Historic District in The Bronx

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