New York’s Court of Appeals Upholds Columbia University’s Expansion Plan BY HEZI ARIS

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June 24, 2010, Yonkers, NY  – New York’s Court of Appeals today released its findings underscoring the rationale for the Empire State Development Corporation’s (ESDC)assertions that the 17acres in West Harlem were in fact rightly designated as “blighted” and thereby warranted Columbia University's $6.3 billion redevelopment project proposal.  

Columbia University already owns much of the land slated for redevlopment in their proposal. Nick Spreyregen, publisher of Rising Publications and owner of the Tuck-it Away Storage facility in West Harlem, is one of the participants that brought this case before the Court of Appeals to challenge the use of eminent domain in this endeavor. The claim of collusion between Columbia and ESDC, and asserting that the use of the term “blight” was inappropriately defined in this case, was not found to be credible by the Court of Appeals.

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eHeziNew York’s Court of Appeals Upholds Columbia University’s Expansion Plan BY HEZI ARIS

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  1. yeah if nick turns around and does to Yonkers what Columbia does to him then he is a Ammicone style hypocrite. Blatant shit talking looks bad in hind sight when all this gets brought back up. You have to wonder why he is here to begin with

  2. Mr Sprayregen and his investors own much of downtown Yonkers around Larkin Plaza and it’s all just sitting there, getting dangerously delapitaded as time rolls along. Just like what happened in Harlem near Colubia, when the University bought up property there and did nothing with it so it became run-down and blighted. Srayregen blames Columbia for that. Soooooo, we can blame Sprayregen and his investors for the blighted, boarded up appearance for Larkin Plaza/Downtown Yonkers? Going through the motions of “Big Plans” is not meaning something will be done. Is it a farce? I feel very bad that this is happening to Yonkers. And hiring a few people to smile, schmooze, shake hands and whet dreamers doesn’t mean anything is REALLY going to be done. Again, is it a farce?

  3. My return advice to Yonkers as given to me by a member of the planning department: Lawyer up boys – you are going to need it.

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