NY Gubernatorial Candidate Redlich Demands Change in Gun Cases

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Redlich_Warren  Albany, NY, June 30, 2010 —  New York State gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich today urged Governor Paterson to issue an Executive Order to address the unconstitutionality of the state’s gun laws in response to Monday’s landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision. Download Redlich Demand of Paterson for Executive Order Regarding NYS Gun Laws 6-30-10

Redlich wants the Governor to direct police not to arrest out-of-state residents for handgun possession where there is no reason for the arrest other than the lack of a New York State license. Current state law makes it impossible for out-of-state gun owners to get a New York State license. Such prohibition violates their Second Amendment rights. Download Redlich Demand of Albany County DA Soares and Albany County Sheriff Campbell Regarding Albany Airport Gun Cases 6-30-10

Redlich also demanded that the Albany County Sheriff and District Attorney stop arresting and prosecuting such cases. Copies of the letters are attached.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court held that Chicago's total ban on handguns violates the Second Amendment.

Albany Sheriff James Campbell has a practice of arresting out-of-state residents at the Albany Airport. The arrests occur after the individuals check their bags. The cases are then prosecuted by District Attorney David Soares.

The airport cases show the folly of New York's gun laws. Law-abiding citizens, following stringent FAA regulations, fly into the Albany airport and pick up their firearms and other bags at baggage claim. They enter the state with no problem. They spend time on vacation or at a conference, causing no problems. As they are leaving the state, after they no longer possess the firearms because they have been checked (following FAA regulations again), they are arrested. At this point, they pose no conceivable danger to the residents of New York State.

The only value in such arrests is to pump up statistics for law enforcement and prosecutors. They do nothing to serve the people. And, thanks to the Supreme Court, the arrests are now clearly unconstitutional.

Learn more about the Warren Redlich for Governor campaign effort at http://wredlich.com/ny

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eHeziNY Gubernatorial Candidate Redlich Demands Change in Gun Cases

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