Paladino and Stewart-Cousins On the Level on WVOX-1460 AM

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WVOX_logo New Rochelle, NYNew York State Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladin is Richard Narog and Hezi Aris’ guest Tuesday, June 22nd, on the On the Level radio show heard on WVOX-1460 AM on your radio dial and worldwide on, from 10:00 through 11:00 am. at a quarter to the hour New York State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins will speak to the negotiations and agreements concluded  in Albany over funding allocations to the City of Yonkers pertinent to the respective  municipal and education budgets.

NYS Assemblyman candidate Michael Ramondelli is our guest June 29th.

For those who crave more news with a Yonkers perspective consider listening to Hezi Aris Wednesday mornings at 8:35 am when he and Bob Marrone discuss hyper local issues on the Good Morning Westchester radio program hosted by Bob Marrone. 

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eHeziPaladino and Stewart-Cousins On the Level on WVOX-1460 AM

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  1. Our Senator needs to be in Albany donig the job she never did for us. You were change the worst ever. You are a disgrace. Yonkers is without any leaders in Albany/ More important to be on the radio trying to save herself for November. Should have thought about that a long time ago. Shame on you you have let us down!

  2. There has also been speculation that the
    publisher of the guardian has decided to
    tone it down considering his won lost record
    in the elections that the guardian has taken
    a position on
    amicone…they opposed he won
    castro in the dem primary..they supported
    he lost
    difiore in the general..they opposed she won
    clinton young they opposed he won
    not very sterling

  3. The guardian got rid of richard blassberg
    he was the incendiary editor who just
    the other day broached that he had information that could sink andrew cuomo
    but you are right the delivery of the guardian has been disrupted…it should
    go out of business shortly since it no
    longer has any political juice

  4. Is that Westchester Guardian still in business?The distribution box in front of the store I frequent is empty with garbage in it and I don’t see any postings on this blog.
    Editor’s Note: Yes, they are still in business and publish weekly. They have a new editor, Sam Abady. Here is the link to the June 24th edition:
    Kindly, Hezi

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