Rubino Exemplifies the ‘Family and Friends Network’ Ethic BY HEZI ARIS

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YonkersCity_SealJune 25, 2010, Yonkers, NY — Yonkers awaits a salient response from the Board of Ethics who were asked to look into the conduct of Frank Rubino regarding his accepting employment with Harris Beach, Yonkers’ Bond Counsel, within weeks of stepping down from his position as Yonkers Corporation Counsel. The June meeting of the Ethics Board, shy of attendance by the hospitalized Hon. Joseph Nocca who presides as its Board Chairman, caused the meeting to be cut short. The issue of whether Frank Rubino abided by the tenets of the Board of Ethics will be reviewed by the august body in their July meeting.

The Board of Ethics is clear on how accepting employment with a City of Yonkers (CoY) vendor, still conducting business with CoY, may be accomplished. Mr Rubino chose not to ask for a waiver from the Board of Ethics. He is in violation of the tenets set by the City of Yonkers Code of Ethics.

Evidently unburdened by protocol but ascribing to exemplary family values coveted by City Hall, Frank Rubino made sure his son Chris would find a job, with daddy's help of course. Chris Rubino is now employed in the office of MIS in an unbudgeted position title – #20 on a civil service list.

In the footsteps of former Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Angelo Petrone, who found employment for his daughter’s boyfriend, Frank Rubino has found employment for his son’s girlfriend, Allicia Boss. Ms Allicia Boss, once a lowly part-time clerk paid an hourly wage, she has been elevated to legal secretary status, replacing the now deceased Agnes Serpa, who attained the salary of $56,000 per annum in her last year of employment.

It may behoove the Yonkers Board of Ethics to append next months agenda with these additional issues and concerns.

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eHeziRubino Exemplifies the ‘Family and Friends Network’ Ethic BY HEZI ARIS

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  1. Re. the ethics of the Board of Ethics: Remember September, 2007 when the Mayor was accused of violating the Ethics Code and State Constitution by using public resources to influence and advocate for his charter revisons? The Board of Ethics, Mr. Rubino and Mr. Blanchard, each failed to comply with the Ethics code section C1A-35 requirement to recuse themselves and have a Special Counsel appointed. Instead, the Corporation Council brokered a deal wherein the Mayor promised not to do it again and the penalty requirements were not applied, not to mention failure to require the restitution of public cost by the Mayor.
    Re: Revoling door of employment:
    Noting that the Mayor’s son is the Harris Beach’s senior counsel in the Public Finance & Economic Development Practice Group, not surprised about the “Rubino” story. No wonder the firm Harris Beach is consistantly rewarded with city contracts and retainers. The Mayor’s BOCS gave another $100,000 last April 10, 2010. No surprise about Mr. Blanchard’s revolving door history of employment with the city and Harris Beach and the city again, especially his promotion to fill Mr. Rubino’s shoes. Was there a “search’ for the best candidate for Corporation Council? Do we now have the best person for the job? The dynesty maintains itself. Coincidently , Mr. Rubino takes a position as soon as he takes his publiclly funded pension.
    (Do you wonder how much pension Mr. Rubino is receiving comparded to average city employee? Wonder what the BAR would say about ethical conduct noting the prior failure to comply with the Ethics Code and manner by which he now takes a job, and the law firm consistantly receiving contracts from the Mayor whose son is in their employ.)

  2. YPD is protecting the mayor and Murtagh’s homes at the expense of the rest of the city. While these cops should be patrolling our neighborhoods they are babysitting those bastards. Fire them all!

  3. How is the YPD going to provide extra drive buys after July 1? There will be less cops and the ones they have left will be tied up on other assignments.

  4. The concerned Citizen who posted at 1:45 pm should note that the YPD are patrolling around the homes of the Mayor and Murtagh ever fifteen minutes for fear of union harssment. How much is that costing the City?

  5. to Nascar Marty loves…
    light correction – Jay has been working at the dumping ground of Yonkers, the Parking Authority (with Hello Dalli)

  6. Oh how I long for the good ole days, when YFD & DPW members piled into “city haul” chambers with big smiles on their faces. Full of high spirited delight, they came by the hundreds to cheer on all the new development schemes of this mayor. Who could blame them, they were going to get a few BIG new fire house and maybe some new shiny red trucks and just think of all the O/T with all those new bldgs. and the garbage they would generate. To bad if the development would disrupt some neighborhoods. After all, the Supreme Court upheld eminent domain. Let the folks find some other place to live, Ridge Hill is more important than friends and neighbors. Folks it was always about them. They could care less about the people who they have sworn to serve.

  7. Lest we forget, Lorraine “give me the envelope” Lopez will have made over 1 MILLION during her 8 stressful years. And that doesnt include the envelopes.

  8. How does a parking violations clerk all of a sudden become the consumer protection commisioner ?
    I’ll tell you – because kerry obrian is on the bar committee here at the amackassin club and her sister kim works for MIS
    Thats right folks, I’m here at the club and posting about them right under their snobby noses !!!!

  9. The biggest friend and family network branch has to be the Peterson/Mcglyn family.
    Marty Peterson – works for the mayor
    Claire Peterson – nascar marty’s wife is a yonkers teacher
    Jay Mcglyn – claires son – dpw supervisor
    brian Mcglyn – claire’s other son is a yonkers fire fighter
    What a Joke this city is

  10. I live across the street from the mayors house and there seems to be a lot more police cars in the area lately, does anyone know why ? Should I be worried ?

  11. The Mayor has set the tone for any negotiations. He has done nothing to eliminate waste in City Hall. The unrepresented City Hall workers, who average more than $100,000/ year in salary and pay nothing for their health care have been untouched.
    How can you expect any of these unions workers who have legally binding contracts to be blackmailed by this Mayor who refuses to cut in his own backyard? ALL of their contracts have been negotiated in good faith with the Mayor and signed off on by the City Council but the 150 or so unrepresented can be adjusted at will. However the Mayor will not touch them because this is where the “friends and family” roam.
    In terms of salary, here are the ramifications of keeping these people;
    Lorraine Lopez= 2 Police Officers
    David Simpson= 3 DPW workers
    John Fleming= 2 Firefighters
    The Council has been no better. CCP Chuck Lesnick in the midst of this crisis gave a staff member a 21% raise and that hypocrite Murtagh hired a new person to the Council staff.
    There will be no civil discourse because our “leaders” have screwed up the whole process.

  12. I have to admitt that I always wanted to be a police officer but could not pass the physical. I would not be able to deal with the criminals. I may piss in my pants if I had to actually confront someone face to face and not hide behind my computer screen.

  13. leave grOnowski out of your ravings. she’s the only one who is asking questions and has asked them for the past two budgets.

  14. What would City Hall TV be without Amanda Moooodugno? But then, what would the whole City be without that Million Dollar woman, Lorraine “Give me the envelope” Lopez?

  15. How about Amanda in the Mayor’s office who failed her civil service test and still holds her job. Is Victor, the king of title changers changing her title????

  16. its funny that some here keep harping on rats and an F word when the real focus is the do nothing rubber stamping city council who will use this event as a distraction of the real issues – just as the above poster is doing.
    besides these “poor kids” learned an important lesson in civic rights, responsibilities and free speech against an incompetent and inept city council.
    I also want to know what the f*ck the mayor and council are thinking because if they think the drama of a few mice is enough to shutdown a city meeting or delay a solution: they are far more stupid and immature than anything else that happened at that meeting.
    Fed up is right: nice words haven’t helped. you should be more concerned about our “leaders” inaction. they are the ones who led us all by the nose to edge of this cliff.
    if the unions burnt the place to the ground, I’d hold a barbecue.

  17. Hiding the fact most of those on the podium are corrupt to the children is so much better than telling the truth and useing curses? I don’t condone the foul language, When is enough enough? Nice words have clearly not helped.

  18. Unfortunately the bad behavior of the YFD took the spotlight away from the real rats and king rat, Amicone. They fell into the rat’s trap.


  20. AND the F word and other actions are exactly why some of the unions in the city have lost credibility with the taxpayers.
    Cursing, rats, near children, agressive behavior. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to frame your argument. As bad as things are, the embarrassing behavior of those at the council meeting the other night, made this city look even worse AND done in front of children. Keep spinning and the taxpayers will keep spinning it right back.

  21. This is so Amiconeeeeees Yonkers. Funny how Muratugh mentioned irony about the YFD. Here’s and irony, Murtaugh voted over and over in favor of contracts to give YFD and YPD outrageous raises and benefits but now calls them greedy for not giving back increases. The difference is Murtaugh does not need them now to get re-elected. When he did the vault was open to anything unions wanted.
    Amiocne has, and you can verify this by the recent numbers he showed of management people that they wanted to pay for the health insurance, about 200 people that are all appointees, friends & patronage. Yes, every manager is a friend because you can’t get to be a manager at city hall unless the Godfather, Amiconeeee says yes. It’s the Ammacassin Club roster.
    So do the math 200 x $200,000 (salary & benefits) = $40 million per year in patronage jobs. Lopez, Peterson, Mclynn, a dozen Blanchards and so on. Now multiply the 40 MM x 8 years = $320 million. Imagine what we could have done with that money. Now double it to take into account Spencer’s years.
    I don’t think that fireman used enough vulgarity at City Hall.
    Amiclown has bankrupted this city with patronage and waste and now wants to fire the people who protect us to keep Lopez, Peterson, Mclynn and a dozen Blanchards. These people will walk away millionaires and have $150,000 pensions for life.
    F word wasn’t strong enough.

  22. This is an important matter for the Ethics Board and the Mayor. If the lawyer for the Board gets a free pass, then the Board is a joke. It would be a complete whitewash and coverup. The Board has the power to exact fines for Ethics Code violations. This case cries out for a large one. Mr. Rubino can’t claim ignorance of the law. He helped interpret it for many years. What’s going on? Has Rubino given a statement on this? How about Amicone? They need to be on the record.

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