Westchester County Republican Chairman Colety States Senator Oppenheimer Should Not Seek Reelection

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Oppenheimer_SuziWhite Plains, NY, June 28, 2010  – Citing the latest Quinnipiac University poll as further proof that voters – Democrats and Republicans alike – are looking for new representation in Albany, Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Colety (left) today called on incumbent Senator Oppenheimer (D – 37th District) to step aside and let a candidate from the so-called ‘New Democratic Party’ run in her place.

“Voters have made it clear that they have had enough of the tax, borrow, and spend policies that got us into this mess – and the politicians who enacted them,” said Colety.  “The state is on the edge of financial ruin, property taxes are out-of-control, and we’re still struggling with a weakened economy, but entrenched legislators like Senator Oppenheimer continue to bury their heads in the sand.  After more than 25 years in the most dysfunctional legislature in the nation, one can see why.”

According to the poll, 76 percent of registered voters disapprove of the job performance of the state Legislature, breaking down as follows: 87 percent of independent voters, 85 percent of registered Republicans, and nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of registered Democrats.  Both the Senate and Assembly currently have Democrat majorities.  Forty percent of registered Democrats said that their state Senator should not be reelected.

The poll also found that 59 percent of voters feel all candidates should take a pledge to support the creation of an independent panel to draw legislative district lines.  To date, Senator Oppenheimer has opposed the measure and refused to take the pledge.

“Senator Oppenheimer has spent the last 25 years as a complacent, reliable vote for her party’s leadership and the special interests in the spending lobby,” said Colety.  “She has consistently blocked reform and sound fiscal policy in favor of political expediency.  Westchester residents deserve a Senator who will fight for their needs, not the wishes of party bosses and the big spenders bankrolling the Working Families Party.

“Senator Oppenheimer should step aside and let a candidate who does not have such cozy relationships with Albany lobbyists and a vehemently anti-taxpayer, anti-reform record run in her place.  It is pretty clear that is what the voters want.”

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eHeziWestchester County Republican Chairman Colety States Senator Oppenheimer Should Not Seek Reelection

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  1. He didn’t win the Cty. Ex. spot. People were pissed off at Andy Spano and Rob was a good candidate. Colty is just another club house hack like Jacono. These two never had an orignal thought in their sorry lives.

  2. doug is doing a VERY good job as chairman
    he raises a lot of money..he has won the last three elections…the problem is not
    doug colety…the problem is the state
    party ed cox is screwing up..big mistake
    supporting levy…lazio is not getting traction against cuomo and that might affect
    the down ballot races but its not colety’s
    fault..cohen will kick oppenheimer’s butt
    she is a liberal mamaroneck ditz and that won’t play this time around..cohen is
    well funded and people will respond..
    as for liam…my take is that stewart cousins is viewed as not competent..nice
    scarves but she is a lightweight..whatever
    you may say about liam..he is still an
    attorney who understands budgets and legislation…cousins will lose yonkers
    by 15,000 votes..if democrats don’t turn
    out in greenburgh which seems to be the
    trend ..liam will win…

  3. Yes Chairman, step aside, Although you recaptured the County Executive office, and won 2 special elections this year.
    Eliot Engel has 2 Republicans primarying each other to take him on, York Klienhandler, a former green beret, and Tony Mele, a hispanice buisnessman.
    Nita Lowey was originally going to get a tough challenger in Mark Rosen, but “mysteriously” was sent back on active duty to Afghanistan, now we are left with Wasserman, who will be well funded.
    Bob Cohen is a terrific canidate for Oppenhiemer, and Amicone wasted so much time thinking about his race with Cousins, that when he decided not to run we were left with a bad canidate in Mclaughlin

  4. The poster would like to know how much support and $ is Wasserman going to get? Is he going to be the usual sacrificial lamb?

  5. Colety, Oppenheimer should step aside and so should you. You are a poor excuse for a leader. We are stuck with that creepy little weasel, Eliot Engel and you give him a free ride….the same goes for the corset shop lady, Nita Lowey.

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