Acid-tongued Blogger Reports Reopening of Yonkers Fire Engine 308

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Yonkers Fire Department_patch  YONKERS, NY, July 20, 2010 — "
Engine 308 on Warburton Avenue has been reopened as of 6 PM tonight," reported Jack Treacy. He made his report as of 5:47 PM. It took the Yonkers Tribune almost 2 hours to confirm that City Hall would no longer play Russian Roulette with the safety of Yonkersites. Yonkers will sleep more soundly tonight. A hat tip to Mr. Treacy from the editor. 

eHeziAcid-tongued Blogger Reports Reopening of Yonkers Fire Engine 308

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  1. Also you state “not too bright” firemen, apparently you didnt make the cut because you werent too bright or didnt do much until you were over the age limit and now you are frustrated you didnt apply yourself and utilize your talents and abilities. Otherwise, you wouldnt be sounding like a bitter old man full of regret for dreams that went unrealized. Wow, I’m like a psychic!

  2. Dont kid yourself, its a dangerous job no matter what city it is, how soon What a Joke forgets the fatality recently incurred by FF Pat Joyce. Why dont you call Mrs. Joyce and let her know exactly how you feel tough guy. Oh thats right, its safe here in blogosphere land where fantasy is your reality.

  3. Also, the YFD isn’t interested in being respected by the FDNY. They’re interested in being respected by the people they serve: the citizens of Yonkers. From many of the posts here it’s obvious we have some work to do.

  4. Actually, the FDNY members I’ve come into contact with have been very supportive & complimentary. We have our bad apples like everyone else (and yourself) but on the whole, we’re very respected throughout both the professional ranks AND from a union standpoint. The YFD has regained some of it’s members & a company WITHOUT budging an inch which only proves that this whole ordeal was nothing more than a personal vendetta placing the public at risk. THAT’S what a union does: stands strong. I say this with baited breath because we’re not ALL back yet but I know the ‘arrogant scumbags’ won’t roll over at the mere mention of layoffs & demotions which I’m sure the mayor expected. If the mayor can manipulate state administered tests to place his ‘patronage hires’ he has a lot more clout than we’ve been giving him credit for! Kudos to him!!! Please, with your anonymous venom.

  5. The YFD is a joke, not even close to being respected by the real firefighters in NYC…. The YFD is regarded as a bunch of arrogant scumbags and as of late, it has really just become another place for amicone to put more of his patronage hires….
    It seems to me that the other unions did what they had to do to save the jobs of their brothers but the not too bright and way to self indulged firemen just don’t seem to get it …. FOOLS !!

  6. Money Hole you would be the first inline to volunteer
    (SCAB). Sorry there are requirements like a
    written test and physical to join the YFD.
    Oh and
    how can i forget an age limit.

  7. And I know Money Hole will be the first to volunteer. We are a large city, not some small town. Elect people that know how to operate a city and not a patronage mill.

  8. all u firemen
    drank the kool aide
    I cant call you
    firefighters because
    most off you have
    not fought a real
    working fire.
    a hundred false
    alarms does not
    We should open
    closed fire houses
    with VOLUNTEERS!

  9. Lesnick the liar promissed the new fire house and company for ridge hill and surprise surprise got the YFD endorsement. Lets see how he plans to pay for it.

  10. OK, Engine 308 and Station 8 are now back open, but that is just a “drop in the bucket” We still have Tower Ladder 75 operating out of Station 14 all the way north on Central Avenue, near the Greenburgh Line, thus not only causing extremely dangerous response times but the wear and tear on that truck is tremendous. TL 75 needs to be placed back at Station 12. Ladder 70 is still not back in Service (out of Station 14). Add to that the fact that Yonkers has the Ridge Hill Project being completed and the “so called” New Additional Ladder Company (Ladder 76) that was promissed by both the developer and the City. Then you have the New Downtown Development being planned that calls for a New 6 Bay YFD Fire Headquarters (current only has 4) to be built on the corner of New Main Street and Neprahan Avenue. There even has been talk that the City of Yonkers would even bring back Engine 301 and 302 to suppliment the new Downtown Development. All of this talk of new fire companies being added to our existing fleet is a joke considering Yonkers has currently cut the “existing fleet” We would like to hear from those rubber mouths at City Haul to see what they have to say about all of these new companies that were to be funded (either fully or partially) by the developers, as part of “concessions” given to the developer by the city.

  11. Sounds more like some creative Yonkers accounting. If that the case, wait till next year when the defecit reaches $200 million and taxes will rise 20%.

  12. from the news 12 westchester website regarding teamster givebacks:
    “Under the agreement approved last night, each sanitation worker will give up about $700 every year in their social security, in exchange for the rehiring of 33 previously laid off workers and the return of normal pickup schedules.”
    will someone please explain to me what exactly was negotiated with respect to social security, because the above caption makes no sense.
    Is this supposed to mean that employees will be required to contribute an additional $700 per year to their social security tax? if so, does this mean that the City has been picking up the employee % of the tax until now?
    and does it apply to all teamsters, or just santiation workers (as noted above)? i am assuming it applies to all teamsters.
    also, there has been reference to health and benefit fund givebacks, but no details that i have seen in the local media.
    Hezi, can you clarify this for us?
    also – how many employees are giving $700 back? even all 1,950 full time city employees * $700 = $1.365 million = only 1.25% of the estimated $109 million budget gap.

  13. question…how does one go from approving a 14.97% tax increase for fiscal year 2006, as did Murtagh, and now become a fiscal conservative?

  14. How about instead of picking on Amicone and Lesnick, we do something constructive, like working on getting rid of them. They are both liars, and frauds. There must be some good legal minds out there to start proceedings to get them out of office, or someone out there with enough solid information for the feds to oust them.

  15. guys, we need to get some new material. The Large Murtagh head thing is getting old. Lets focus on the fact that Phil looks like the cartoon Chris Cringle and that Lesnick’s twin is NY Lotto’s little bit O luck.
    Lots more out there.

  16. I heard they are going to build a minor league baseball stadium, on top of retail, on top of 200 residential units, on top of Murtaghs head!

  17. I heard they opened a brand new firehouse, fully equipped with three new ladder trucks in John Murtagh’s head. It was either that or one of those super WalMarts.

  18. Interesting that there was no announcement by the Mayor. The FF did not give anything but the Mayor knew that what he did was unsafe.

  19. Roulette is still being played as 70 truck is still closed causing the remaining truck companies to travel long distance runs.The safety Battalion and all essential positions are still vacant as well.Along road still ahead.

  20. glad to hear it reopened.
    but exactly how was a $109 million budget gap avoided?
    some explanation is warranted because this whole thing seems like smoke and mirrors.

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